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Snowyfoot purposes a solution to a long standing problem.

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Hello! It’s Snowyfoot back again with a new article!

As you most of you may know, Squirrelflight dropped the bomb when she told Ashfur her greatest secret.
When reading this I thought to myself:
Squirrelflight, there is a HUGE problem solver you could use right now.
So for today’s article, I am bringing you that problem solver.

So you know that Squirrelflight told Ashfur that the Three were NOT her kits
But here’s how she could have saved Hollyleaf, her relationship with Brambleclaw, her sister, and the stress of having Ashfur on her back.
It’s actually quite a simple thing.

Ashfur had told Squirrelflight that it was HE who had set Firestar up and that he was trying to kill her kits.
Squirrelflight said they weren’t hers.
So he decides to reveal it at a gathering.
But at that gathering, she could have said…
“I lied so I could protect them from you! You were going to murder them Ashfur! You said so yourself… along with the fact that YOU set my father up, plus caused Brambleclaw to lose his brother, even though I am not fond of him, he is my family now!”
This would have saved a lot of cats the despair of such a huge lie and Leafpool!
And it also would have given us a new plot.
Hollyleaf wouldn’t have a reason to kill him because Squirrelflight would most likely tell them her plan.
So he would live as a rogue and maybe team up with the dark forest, giving them bigger issues to deal with, and maybe he becomes the spy for them and watches every move, every weakness!
Maybe even an almost reason to kill Squirrelflight but I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!!!!!
Or quite possibly Brambleclaw!

Some people think he is misunderstood but have you looked at THRUSHPELT?!?! I am sorry all of you Ashfur lovers but please remember this is my opinion!

So some of you may have thought that it would just be boring if this happened… but look at the opportunity of a new storyline and a Mager plot twist!

Snowyfoot signing out till later!

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  • I’ve actually thought of that idea, though I was unsure of writing a blog post about it.

    It’s actually quite logical and practical, and I’m sure that it would have worked.


    The reason why that shouldn’t have happened is that I HATE, HATE, HATE the possible plots afterward.

  • Nice article!

    (” Squirrelflight dropped the bomb” is that a Blixemi reference i see


    ok then)

  • While that could’ve been a good way to turn the Ashfur thing around, you have to really think about the characters involved.
    This was a humongous secret for Squirrelflight, and admitting it to save the three was hard enough I think. While yes, she could’ve maybe turned it around with a plot like this, but did Ashfur plan to expose them at a gathering or to Firestar? The reality is, it wasn’t something she made up it was the truth. Eventually the truth would come out, and given how Hollyleaf reacted to the truth, it would’ve been sooner rather than later.
    If Ashfur had come out and told the secret at a gathering like Hollyleaf I don’t think it would’ve carried quite the same weight, also undoubtedly what he’d done to discover the secret would’ve been brought to light and since the secret could’ve been considered something Squirrelflight as you said was said under duress, it lacks the same impact as Ashfur’s admissions.
    Truthfully, Ashfur was better off keeping the secret as long as possible, it was a weapon in his arsenal to make Squirrelflight and her adopted kits squirm, and there were a number of ways he could’ve used it against them. But him keeping the pressure and the threat of him having that secret was what made Hollyleaf crack. Would Ashfur have been able to really hurt them with the secret, he could’ve yes, but I think he didn’t want his own actions to come to light either and I think he’d come up with a way to slip the secret out more quietly than Hollyleaf did, slowly but surely keep applying pressure until something has to break. Which was Hollyleaf killing him.
    Ashfur had more power playing head games by holding the secret than simply sharing the secret. Imagine someone holding your deepest darkest secret, or something you’d feel really embarassed about being revealed. The threat they pose while having it is extremely intense, and the longer they hold it over your head the worse it gets.
    It’s like a bandaid, it’s better to just rip it off than pull on it slowly. While Leafpool lost her position as medicine cat, Squirrelflight lost Brambleclaw and Hollyleaf split, I think at least the first two would definitely have happened in some way once the truth got out.
    The reality is nothing stays secret forever, but the reason why Ashfur knowing the secret was just, Squirrelflight and Leafpool’s kits had completely lost control on how that secret could be revealed, and losing that sliver of control on top of the dark secret you’re desperately trying to keep from breaking free makes everything so much worse before leading up to the final moment when it’s inevitably spilled.
    It’s why even when Ashfur was killed, the secret ripped Hollyleaf apart, and why she had to reveal it because it was just too much to keep hidden.
    Now, what if Squirrelflight had taken the three aside and told them everything? Explained everything. Well, maybe something could’ve been worked out. Maybe they could’ve taken away Ashfur’s weapon all together and just came out to the whole clan with the truth. By Squirrelflight and Leafpool admitting what they’d done themselves Ashfur not only loses his weapon, but he becomes exposed for the crimes he committed. Plus it allows the clan to work past this issue. Somewhat. I can still see tensions being definitely high after this revelation, and Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw experiencing some hardship and a few other things, but perhaps this could’ve softened the blow to Hollyleaf’s psyche.
    Or perhaps Hollyleaf would feel like Tawnypelt did back int he original series and feel like a stranger in her clan until it drove her away and into the tunnels, or feel a need to leave. I think if it went down this way, Hollyleaf would probably run away rather than burst out at the gathering, I think inevitably clan gossip would reach the other clans because a loose lips in ThunderClan couldn’t keep it to themselves, but Hollyleaf wouldn’t have an outburst but may still leave or at the very least separate herself from the clan to cope.
    I kinda like this idea actually, but ultimately I don’t think Squirrelflight could pull off a ‘I just told you what you wanted to hear’, not only do I think that’d still get the same ending eventually, it just, it makes the secret so much worse. Because now you’ve lied about what was true, and when the truth finally comes out, then it’s going to be even messier than it was in the books.
    But that’s just my thoughts on it.

    • I highly agree with you, Jetclaw! Lying, then telling the truth, then pretending it was a lie is not very good. I mean why tell the truth, then automatically lie afterwards? The truth needed to be out and would have been sooner or later. Anyhow, I don’t really see Squirrelflight like that. She would tell the truth and let it stay out because it was the truth and no one can deny it. You can’t hide from it forever. Besides, it makes Hollyleaf awesome. Idk why but when she came back from the tunnels, I just loved her (always have).

      “The truth is the only thing that matters, ever.”

      “If we start ignoring the code, then we are no longer warriors.”

      “We need to let the warrior code rule our hearts. The death of a warrior does not mean victory.”

      ~ Hollyleaf

      But great article, Snowyfoot! 👍🏽

    • Good point. That’s why, while that would be logical, it’s only holding back the truth.

      And, think of Squirrelflight’s personality. I’ll bet that she doesn’t like telling huge lies.

  • Eep. Nice article, Snowyfoot, but I don’t think it’d ever work.

    Squirrelflight wanted to protect her kits from Ashfur. Telling him what you wrote in the article could further fuel Ashfur’s anger, which would not be a good ide

  • Honestly I love Ashfur and I think that he could’ve killed Brambleclaw (but no one would know) and Squirrel would maybe fall in love with him.

    • I agree but Jayfeather was going to find out about Leafpool anyway so this would just make everyone see that Squirrelflight lied not only about the kits but also at the Gathering. Plus, Hollyleaf probably would still have killed Ashfur because of the sheer anger still burning inside her.

  • But, what if she would have said that Ashfur was the father, because in Warriors they don’t pay attention if they actually-um…..took part in creating the kits. Then, as soon as he let them out, she should have said; “You know what? All of that was a lie! Good day!”

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