Onestar, once disliked now respected by Sapphireheart

Sapphirheart shares their unpopular opinion on Onestar.

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Onestar, once disliked now respected

Hello everyone! This is Sapphie! This is my second article! Before we continue if you haven’t read up to Shattered Sky turn back and read something else. This is my final warning! Let’s get to it!

Today I will talk about Onestar who has have gotten a bad rep lately. I will show you he should be a respected character in the Warriors series. *dodges flying objects* Hold on let me explain! Let’s start from the beginning.

Onestar first appeared as Onewhisker in Fire and Ice. He became buddies with Fireheart(Star) when Windclan was brought back. We can all say he was a decent character at this time. Now let’s skip ahead.

Onestar was a last minute choice when Tallstar was dying *sniff* Onestar had to prove he was the leader. A tree fell on the former deputy rip, proving he was their new leader. When he became an official leader he started cutting ties with Firestar and Thunderclan. Even getting to the point where they attacked Thunderclan through the tunnels. We were all slightly annoyed of him at this point now let’s skip ahead to TVOS.

Onestar was getting really crazy at this point he was like “Those Shadowclan cats turned rogues are the enemy!” Etc, etc, etc. Then he and his clan retreated at the first battle to defeat Darktail and Kin. I was indeed raging at this point the same as you have BUT he explained himself later.

He told that when he was Onewhisker he took a mate outside of the clans. His mate brought her kit hoping to be accepted into the clan. Onewhisker turned them away. His mate taught little Darktail to strongly dislike the clans. Darktail scared Onestar in the battle making Onestar worried if he killed Darktail cause Onestar was on his last life. In the end they had the second battle against Darktail and Kin. Onestar fought Darktail in the lake and Drowned rip.

I hoped this showed you that Onestar is a cat to be respected. Comment below what you think of him and my article. This is Sapphie and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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  • Nice. Onestar killing Darktail is like Firestar killing Tigerstar- they both killed their nemesis, which they are related to. Obviously, since basically all cats in a clan are related.

  • Great article! I totally agree with you- Onestar isn’t my favorite cat, but he deserves some respect for killing Darktail and (trying) to fix things after he caused the giant mistake that was the Darktail mess 😛

  • He’s meh… It seems like dead cats get way more honor than they should. Omg it’s modded and I’m editing omg sunny XD

  • I disagree with Onestar deserving respect. IF anything the reveal about Darktail showed what he was really about. Mostly bluster.
    Onewhisker started off as a friend, a friend who often times was Fireheart’s and ThunderClan’s tie to WindClan. We never really got an indepth and up close and personal look into Onewhisker but he came off initially as a noble cat. Tallstar naming him as leader made sense he had the makings of another Firestar it seemed….
    Except when push came to shove. Whereas Firestar embraced his compassionate side, and wasn’t afraid to pursue peace before fighting, Onestar shoved it aside to put on the appearance of a tough leader who didn’t need anyone, much less ThunderClan for anything. He cut ties with Firestar and ThunderClan and we went from seeing a Onewhisker who was uncertain about his new position as leader, a bit of an underdog you can root for… to a cat who’s response to the other clans could be likened as an icy gale.
    He tried to emulate the cold, distant and fearsome leader that Leopardstar and Blackstar seemed to have going on. Whereas Leopardstar and Blackstar had reasons for such a mask to cover who they were (both having made a great deal of mistakes, meaning it could make sense they’d want a degree of distance between themselves their clans and the other clans) but for Onewhisker who had once been the friendly face of WindClan to have such a turn to emulate these two leaders who had such a laundry list of issues, rather than emulate the likes of Firestar who there had been a great deal of similarities at the time.
    Onestar led a number of attacks against ThunderClan for the most tiny of claims, (it has been a while since I read PoT, OOTS) but even just taking into Vision of Shadows where Onestar just kept getting worse and worse. Abandoning ShadowClan to die because of sickness when they had the herb on their territory, fleeing the fight because of what Darktail said.
    Firestar found a way to turn his compassion and care into his greatest strength, Onestar tossed it aside all together for the appearance of strength by being cold and fierce.
    He did something similar with Smoke, talked up about WindClan to her and oversold his life and his abilities. Then when she came to him pregnant and seeking to join the clan he spoke about. He tossed her aside, abandoning her and their unborn kits. And that’s where he loses all my respect. Put aside his crap job as a leader, put aside how he put on a mask of coldness and acted in a way that endangered innocent cats. The fact that he turned away the she cat who was PREGNANT with his kits, and tossing aside her secure and comfortable lifestyle so she and her kits could be with him. Which resulted in her having to suffer through birthing those kits all ALONE, and away from any semblance of home. That is when he goes from there being any glimmer of respectable to just scum.
    Not even Leafpool, could handle birthing on her own, Yellowfang could barely handle kitting alone, and Silverstream DIED from kitting. Those were clan cats all three of which either had knowledge of herbs and healing or gained access to a healer. Smoke had NONE of that and she had to struggle through the birth and then have only Darktail survive. I can’t blame her for raising Darktail to go against his father.
    While yes Onestar had a great death, it doesn’t make him any more respectable. He was just dealing with the problem he made, one that could’ve been avoided had he just owned up to what he’d done with Smoke. Or at the very least not just ABANDONING HER!
    I also had forgotten that Smoke, on top of you know suffering through being abandoned and losing all but one kit what does she do? She goes to Onestar with Darktail old enough to leave her and BEGS Onestar to take their son to WindClan.
    Even after he’d thrown Smoke aside and forced her to suffer birthing alone, Smoke still wanted Darktail to have a chance at the life his father lived. She GAVE Onestar a second chance and he denied her again.
    Onestar is not respectable, is he evil? No. But respectable. No. A respectable cat does not abandon his pregnant mate, a respectable cat does not abandon their young son when their mate gives them one last chance to try and be a father.
    I am glad that Onestar’s time is over, let’s see what WindClan can be now that they don’t have a cat hiding behind bluster.

    • Good point. Your right that he probably shouldn’t be respected for abandoning his mate. Him trying to redeem himself may not have made up for it but at least he tried I suppose. (This article would be more interesting if you probably written it. I like how you backed yourself with facts.) We shall see what the next leader is like together.
      (Geez I made this article so long ago now 😛 )

      • His death definitely was good, and a decent effort to redeem himself, but I don’t think that makes up for the poor decisions he made, especially with regards to Smoke and Darktail.
        You have to remember I’m old as dirt and when you write more english essays and college essays and reports facts matter a lot so you use them. IT’s a learning process, and you brought up an idea that makes it thought provoking and you get to rehash things from past books. (I’d forgotten that Smoke brought Darktail when he was old enough to leave her to Onewhisker, which was kinda made me even more sure Onestar didn’t deserve respect)
        Yeah articles take a long time to go up, I’m still waiting on an Ashfur one I wrote.

  • Honestly I liked Onestar better as Onewhisker, the kind tom we meet in Fire and Ice. As Onestar he got snotty and mean, then the whole Darktail reveal. I liked him better as Fireheart/star’s friend who we didn’t know much about but could trust.
    There’s something to be said about ignorance in some situations. “Ignorance is bliss.”

  • Sorry, but I still hate him. While his death was really noble and I can really relate to his feelings in Shattered Sky, I feel like the fact that he hid it and justified terrible actions by another terrible action makes him even less worthy of my respect. He really could have handled things much better. I did respect him as Onewhisker, but we all have to agree that he’s a completely different cat now, like him or not, and that his Onewhisker days are long gone.

    So let’s just look at AVOS, to make it simple.

    In Thunder and Shadow, he did terrible things and was really rude to other cats, including his own Clanmates. It caused unrest with the Clans and his actions caused many cats to die. It got to the point where his own deputy and medicine cat went against the rule that he continued to lay down even under dire circumstances for not one but two Clans to save the cats that were left to save. At the beginning of Shattered Sky, his call for retreat caused the Clans to lose the battle, which gave them unnecessary injuries, another battle to fight, and the problem not solved at all. And if Darktail had been driven out then and there, then there would’ve been no takeover of RiverClan, Needletail would’ve survived, and more. Yes, this was caused by something Darktail said to him, but he could’ve handled it differently. He could’ve put the Clans first, like he apparently did for Smoke, and continued the battle.

    In Shattered Sky, he justifies this by being scared of the truth. That’s reasonable.

    But this “truth” was even worse. And he wasn’t just scared of the truth. He was scared for his afterlife. He was only scared for himself.

    All these actions, he did for himself. He bragged to the kittypets because it made himself feel better. He sent Smoke and Darktail away to save his reputation (protecting Smoke was a bonus that came along with it). He pushed Firestar away and became a tough leader because of what his Clanmates thought about him. He lied and pushed the truth away because he was scared for himself. You could even take it a step farther and say that the main reason he confessed was because he was trying to make up. So it would look better when he died, which he knew would be soon. For himself

    When he was Onewhisker, he acted for his Clan, for Firestar, for the good of all the Clans. He was able to see past himself and his own reputation (and yes, he still was Onewhisker when he was chatting up those kittypets, but that was one thing out of many things that he did for others compared to many things being done for himself afterward). That’s why most people liked him, and that change is why most people dislike him now.

    Every one of his big actions after he became Onestar was always for himself.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why I hate Onestar in a nutshell.

  • I agree with this Onestar Fan Club!!!!!!!’
    I did prefer onewhisker but I think that onestar was a good leader