Onestar, once disliked now respected by Sapphireheart

Sapphirheart shares their unpopular opinion on Onestar.

Artwork by Evi1Wo1f

Onestar, once disliked now respected

Hello everyone! This is Sapphie! This is my second article! Before we continue if you haven’t read up to Shattered Sky turn back and read something else. This is my final warning! Let’s get to it!

Today I will talk about Onestar who has have gotten a bad rep lately. I will show you he should be a respected character in the Warriors series. *dodges flying objects* Hold on let me explain! Let’s start from the beginning.

Onestar first appeared as Onewhisker in Fire and Ice. He became buddies with Fireheart(Star) when Windclan was brought back. We can all say he was a decent character at this time. Now let’s skip ahead.

Onestar was a last minute choice when Tallstar was dying *sniff* Onestar had to prove he was the leader. A tree fell on the former deputy rip, proving he was their new leader. When he became an official leader he started cutting ties with Firestar and Thunderclan. Even getting to the point where they attacked Thunderclan through the tunnels. We were all slightly annoyed of him at this point now let’s skip ahead to TVOS.

Onestar was getting really crazy at this point he was like “Those Shadowclan cats turned rogues are the enemy!” Etc, etc, etc. Then he and his clan retreated at the first battle to defeat Darktail and Kin. I was indeed raging at this point the same as you have BUT he explained himself later.

He told that when he was Onewhisker he took a mate outside of the clans. His mate brought her kit hoping to be accepted into the clan. Onewhisker turned them away. His mate taught little Darktail to strongly dislike the clans. Darktail scared Onestar in the battle making Onestar worried if he killed Darktail cause Onestar was on his last life. In the end they had the second battle against Darktail and Kin. Onestar fought Darktail in the lake and Drowned rip.

I hoped this showed you that Onestar is a cat to be respected. Comment below what you think of him and my article. This is Sapphie and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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    • Well I don’t think Smoke made him evil, per say, but was probably just upset and filled little Darktail’s head with bad stuff about the Clans and he didn’t have anyone to contradict that, so he grew up hating them and it made him evil. I doubt Smoke would have wanted him to do what he did, especially to cats and Clans who were completely innocent of what Onestar did. (I mean SkyClan?? Really????? They didn’t even know Onestar existed until they moved to the lake, which was a result of what Darktail did to them!)

    • Smoke is not the villain in this, while yes she prolly fed hatred into Darktails heart, I doubt she had any paw in his actions that caused the clans so much grief.
      Smoke was lied to by Onewhisker, when she risked everything to be with Onewhisker when she was pregnant with HIS kits he turned her away. He made a pregnant queen, who he claimed to love go back to her twolegs. He knew she was pregnant and he knew she couldn’t handle the wild (or he thought that at least) and yet he abandoned her, thus resulting in her kitting when she was all alone.
      Smoke could’ve just given up on him completely she had her only son, but she wanted her son to have a chance to know hi father to be a part of the clan life. So despite the heartbreak, despite the agony of giving birth alone and losing all but one kit as a result, she tries ONE MORE time tohave Onewhisker be the father he should’ve been and was shot down AGAIN.
      After that, of course the clans and a Onewhisker would be mud to her, and she’d make sure Darktail knew that as well. Darktail was the one who decided to act on that hate.