Defending Breezepelt by Foxtail

Foxtail backs up a severely debated character. 

Artwork by Vialir

Hey, it’s Foxtail here! This is my first article and I am nervous if it is good or not.

As everyone probably knows, he is the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud. He is a bully to some cats, trained in the Dark Forest, and hates his half-littermates. He was a bully to others because his mother never let him think bad about himself (well, I’d think he did at some points) and never let him forget that Crowfeather “hated” him.
Lots of people hate him, others love him, and some just don’t care. Now Breezepelt made his own decisions of course, but Nightcloud fretted over him constantly because Crowfeather really wasn’t there for him or her and made Breezepelt want to be better than other cats because of it. Also, Nightcloud didn’t like Leafpool since Crowfeather loves her most which is probably why Breezepelt went to attack Jayfeather since he is Leafpool’s kit and Nightcloud was hurt that he didn’t love her very much which is probably why she encouraged her son that Crowfeather hated him because, well, he never really hung out with them or paid attention to them. All he did was lick them, but not in a really affectionate way. And Breezepelt is protective of his mother. So yes, influences do change a cat.
There are many people who hate him because he had his own mind and it’s all his fault. And yes, he did make his own decisions. But he had a tough life and had to deal with his neglecting father and his mother who fretted over him a lot (it’s like Aunt Petunia and Dudly in Harry Potter) and he later had to deal with the fact that his father mated with another cat who he actually loved and barely payed attention to him or his mother. Crowfeather at first didn’t even like his other kits with Leafpool, but later actually defended Lionblaze from Breezepelt and mourned Hollyleaf’s death (no! RIP Hollyleaf). I bet Breezepelt would think that Crowfeather wouldn’t care if he died or not, or maybe that Crowfeather barely noticed he was there that he wouldn’t care if he was in the Dark Forest. Maybe because it was where he felt he belonged (in the Dark Forest) where his father wasn’t there to ignore him and point out his faults and his mother fussing over him and making big deals out of everything. And it’s also where cats have gone through his pain too (some)! And he thought he could get his revenge there. Yes, influences really do things and make cats make bad decisions, think things that mess with their brain, etc. Breezepelt had hormones let’s say, and he was really stressed out and angry. His father never really loved him, and didn’t really love Nightcloud either, hated his half-siblings because they seemed to get the better love and two of them had awesome powers. He didn’t care if Jayfeather was blind or not. He just hated them because he wanted what they had (maybe. Idk if this is entirely true) and felt as if his birth was by accident. So he wanted his half siblings to die because he didn’t want to see them all the time and remember how Crowfeather loved Leafpool and didn’t truly love him or his mom. Okay so you may compare this to Crookedstar, Tallstar, etc. and of course they didn’t turn bad. But why not? Well, Crookedstar still had a father who loved him. He had a brother who loved him and a mate later. Tallstar, well I don’t know much about him but I do know he had some neglecting. But Breezepelt had a father who was, well, Crowfeather. His mother worried about him too much and never let him prove himself which made him all snobby and rude and horrible to other cats. Nightcloud probably was just insecure and tried her best to make Breezepelt always feel good about himself when at times she didn’t (idk) and felt that Crowfeather hated her. This made Breezepelt insecure too and poof, evil! Both his parents were really both bad because of course they too have gone through some overwhelming stuff (Nightcloud, well she just feels what she feels). Every cat is different and each cat handles things differently than another. People with bad abusing, fussing, neglecting parents make them “scared,” insecure, rude, etc. I wonder if Breezepelt would have been a good cat if his father hung out with him more and had some father-son talks about life (like if when he would find out about his half-littermates. Crowfeather would be “angry” too and they can talk about it. Sort some things out). But Crowfeather is Crowfeather. His son is actually like him too in ways, but more….Breezepelt. I’m glad that he took a mate later. He needed some redeeming and since I haven’t read the next series, I hope that he is a better cat. Maybe not, but it takes a while (come on, his mother and father were like what I said, he was battling in the Dark Forest, and now he’s a father. Twists in life I’d say). Breezepelt is a complicated cat to understand, and takes a bit of digging deep and sympathy to actually see who he is and what he could have been.

Thanks for reading! Hope this article was good and enjoyed by BlogClan.

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  • We could give every single cat in Warriors “sympathy,” and I think we’d all make defense articles about them.

    The problem is is that Breezepelt truly wanted to murder cats, unlike Blossomfall and Birchfall. He also didn’t have a good reason to want to. Will it make Crowfeather proud? No. Will is please Nightcloud? Maybe, but not the way she’d want. Will it do him any good? Not at all.

  • Very good article Foxtail!! 🙂 😀

    I myself am neutral on the subject of Breezepelt, so I’ll refrain from sharing my opinion because it would be very boring 😛

  • Oops yeah forgot to mention that. But I feel as if of what he’d been through made him want revenge on cats and sided with the DF in hopes of ruining cats’ lives because they ruined his kind of. Idk though. But I’m glad he has a mate now that will hopefully redeem him but I haven’t read the new series so I have no idea yet. But anyway, yeah I don’t LOVE Breezepelt. But I don’t hate him either. He’s just…..kinda there, haha!

    But OMST it’s finally published!!! I’ve been waiting! Yay!

  • I have to disagree. Breezepelt did terrible things, and that’s inexcusable. He attempted to murder a queen and two medicine cats just because his father didn’t pay attention to him much, which makes no sense since fathers aren’t usually as close to their kits as mothers. He was perfectly fine with Whitetail, Nightcloud, and Heathertail.
    But he did get spoiled by Nightcloud, which is one reason I don’t like Nightcloud. Still doesn’t excuse how he made an alliance with the Dark Forest.

    • He was only spoiled by Nightcloud because she was trying to play mom AND dad. And also because later Nightcloud hated Leafpool and that Crowfeather loved her so she became much more loyal to her son. Breezepelt probably felt that his birth was by total disgust, accident, etc. so he attacked a pregnant queen because he didn’t want ThunderClan to have more awesome loved kits (I have no idea). He’s probably sided with Onestar on how ThunderClan needs to stop being all awesome. Oh well. Breezepelt was just very angry and was blinded by rage and hated StarClan probably for letting this happen so by killing a queen at the Moonpool will show them his anger and how frustrated he is. He became more desperate when Jayfeather was there too so he decided to try to kill both of them to prove to StarClan that what has happened is stupid and wrong and that Jayfeather and his littermates shouldn’t have been born. He also probably didn’t care if it wouldn’t make Crowfeather or Nightcloud proud. He just hated all Clan cats by then I guess (especially ThunderClan and he hated his father in general because of him and Leafpool and all that drama). Breezepelt was just very insecure, blinded by hatred which made him want to kill cats as well as destroy the Clans and StarClan so that’s why he sided with the Dark Forest. In my opinion, no parent should neglect a child, no matter what. We are called to love. This quote from a song is very inspirational/touching to me, “I will love you for you, not for what you have done or what you will become.”

      Wow I really should have put this in my article, haha!
      I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind. But that’s just what I believe. There are those who hate him, those who love him, those who are just “I don’t care” or “I’m neutral with him”………I’m sorry if you disagree, but everyone has their own opinions (however, was my article in general okay? 😛 It was my first one! I’m just really happy that it’s published now! 😝)

      • Oh well there are some people who do stupid things!! Nightcloud and Crowfeather AND Breezepelt made Breezepelt who he is and blah blah. There will always be cats like him. Besides, kids who are neglected, or spoiled, and hated are most likely to be snobby and rude and commit suicide or kill people than those who are loved (obviously). I don’t like offending people so I’m sorry once again for those who disagree.

  • I have to say something:
    Not being loved by ur dad DOES NOT give you any excuses of killing cats. He tried to kill Jayfeather because he was his half brother an he was jealous, I can understand. But killing a pregnant queen who had nothing to do with him? Nothing can justify that. He basically just killed her for no reason at all. He was spoiled by his mom and stuff, but he is an individual cat. As Crowfeather had said, he had made his choices. He is not a kit anymore and he has to deal with the consequences himself. Also he joined the Dark Forest and stayed on their side at the great battle. No one ever told him to do it, he did it himself. He knew their plans, and he was happy to do it. I still hate Breezepelt after I read your article but I admit that you did a good job.

      • Oops I should have worded it “trying to kill”

        Bad English here 😛

    • Oh thanks! I’m glad the article was good in general. 🙂 But like I said, Breezepelt probably hated StarClan too because he was angry with them for letting all that drama happen SO he tried to kill a pregnant queen AND a medicine cat to show them how he feels and that he will always seek for more revenge, even if it means destroying the Clans with the Dark Forest. There will always be stupid cats like Breezepelt anyway. He was blinded by anger and rage so that’s why he did what he did. Idk that probably wasn’t that convincing either which is ok.

      I’m still psyched about it though – it’s published!! 😛🙃

  • I do not like or sympathize with Breezepelt. He tried to kill a pregnant queen and a blind medicine cat! Other cats who have come from bad backgrounds, like Tallstar haven’t been evil.

  • Nice Article. I have no opinion on Breezepelt (As I do with most characters because I know everything that happens because of spoilers). But even so, his terrible parents do not give him an excuse. I hope you know that.

    • Same!!! I spoil everything for me so much (which is probably why PoT wasn’t my fav cause I already knew so much sadly. Ugh)

  • I actually agree with you. Breezepelt is a misunderstood character. He actually just wanted someone who cared about him and he just went about it the wrong way

    • Yes! Thank you Icepaw! I believe that everyone deserves forgiveness.
      “The weak cannot forgive because forgiveness is the attribute to the strong.”

    • Hey Icepaw, I found out that you and I are two extremes 😛
      (Winterwatcher and Moonbli, Breezepelt or not 😛 )

  • Again. “Sympathy” is nothing, really. You could give every cat sympathy in warriors, and then everyone would be making, “Defending Brokenstar” and “Defending Darktail” articles. Also consider the fact that there are plenty of good leaders(Crookedstar, Bluestar, Tallstar, etc.) who had at least one bad parent. Did they go bonkers and join the DF? No.

    The difference between Breezepelt and other DF recruits is that Breezepelt sincerely wanted to murder. The others didn’t want to murder.

    I dislike BreezeXHeather because to me, it’s like CrowXNight. A ship for redemption that really doesn’t mean anything.

    • Breezeplets not bad anymore! Yes he did do some bad things and 4 a while I didn’t like him that much either but he wasn’t exiled or executed by his clan for siding with the rainforest because the erins wanted 2 redeem him and so Onestar I’m sure did punish him for sidong with the rainforest but allowed him to remain in wind clan since he didn’t turn agaisbt them. I know he tried to commit fractureside (murder of your own siblings) but eventually I’m sure he felt had 4 what he did as he redeemed himself.

    • Be quiet. Breezepelt didn’t want to murder EVERY cat… In THE POWER OF THREE, he wasn’t all that bad, and he and Hollypaw and Lionpaw had a not-so-fun adventure together. I support you, Foxtail, and I love Jayfeather too, and Heathertail, so HA! Who said I had to follow the rules?

  • I believe this is a good article. You have good points.

    But you have to admit that Breezepelt is not the best cat. You can give Breezepelt sympathy, but can you give that sympathy to Tigerstar? Brokenstar? Scourge? Hawkfrost? No, right? You might say that Breezepelt did nothing like what Tigerstar and them did. In my opinion, Breezepelt is as bad as Ashfur. He attempted to kill a queen that had nothing to do with him at all. At least Ashfur had a reason. A terrible reason, but still a reason.

    • Actually there are people who like Hawkfrost AND Scourge and defend them.
      Anyway yeah I was preparing myself for disagreements. But that’s ok. Idk why I even made this one cause so many defend him and so many hate him. But it’s published and it’s out there. I never said I loved Breezepelt, nor did I say I hate him. I simply just don’t like him but understand his character. He wasn’t loved at all by his father (he never showed it that is) but was like loved to much by his mother and it’s just all so crazy! The Dark Forest seemed like more to home than anything due to what his life has been like so obviously he’d join.
      #PsychopathicBreezepelt 😛

  • You have some good points here, Foxtail 😀 As for Breezepelt, I hated him once, a long time ago, after I read a book from the Power of Three arc (don’t remember which one). But that hate lasted maybe two weeks. I’m neutral on him because Breezepelt has good reasons for being the way he is, and it isn’t his fault. He has a few bad reasons for his actions, however, and that makes him not one of my favorite cats. I don’t have a real opinion on him, though, and I don’t usually debate whether he is good or bad.

    • Yay thanks Brightkit!
      Yeah sorry I’m not the best debater but I did my best to explain my article. Breezepelt was pretty stupid but everyone deserves some love in their lives (those who are suffering, those who are angry, those who are lonely, those who are damaged, even those who have gone mad. Breezepelt was an insecure, neglected, spoiled little brat who just really needed some light and hope in his life. Be he never would have gotten it from the DF, no matter how much he was hurting/thirsting. He would kill any cat to show how much hatred he had. He stopped trying to prove himself when he realized that he would never make Crowfeather proud of him. He didn’t care that he would kill cats because it didn’t matter to him anymore. He stopping trying – no hope or happiness or determination was left in him – and his mother made it even worse. Every cat is different! Some may just handle things harder/different than others. We must stop comparing cats and remember that their minds and lives are different. We can’t expect every cat to come out perfect even with bad parents)
      I do not wish to argue with anyone since I know I will never be able to change their minds.

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