Defending Breezepelt by Foxtail

Foxtail backs up a severely debated character. 

Artwork by Vialir

Hey, it’s Foxtail here! This is my first article and I am nervous if it is good or not.

As everyone probably knows, he is the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud. He is a bully to some cats, trained in the Dark Forest, and hates his half-littermates. He was a bully to others because his mother never let him think bad about himself (well, I’d think he did at some points) and never let him forget that Crowfeather “hated” him.
Lots of people hate him, others love him, and some just don’t care. Now Breezepelt made his own decisions of course, but Nightcloud fretted over him constantly because Crowfeather really wasn’t there for him or her and made Breezepelt want to be better than other cats because of it. Also, Nightcloud didn’t like Leafpool since Crowfeather loves her most which is probably why Breezepelt went to attack Jayfeather since he is Leafpool’s kit and Nightcloud was hurt that he didn’t love her very much which is probably why she encouraged her son that Crowfeather hated him because, well, he never really hung out with them or paid attention to them. All he did was lick them, but not in a really affectionate way. And Breezepelt is protective of his mother. So yes, influences do change a cat.
There are many people who hate him because he had his own mind and it’s all his fault. And yes, he did make his own decisions. But he had a tough life and had to deal with his neglecting father and his mother who fretted over him a lot (it’s like Aunt Petunia and Dudly in Harry Potter) and he later had to deal with the fact that his father mated with another cat who he actually loved and barely payed attention to him or his mother. Crowfeather at first didn’t even like his other kits with Leafpool, but later actually defended Lionblaze from Breezepelt and mourned Hollyleaf’s death (no! RIP Hollyleaf). I bet Breezepelt would think that Crowfeather wouldn’t care if he died or not, or maybe that Crowfeather barely noticed he was there that he wouldn’t care if he was in the Dark Forest. Maybe because it was where he felt he belonged (in the Dark Forest) where his father wasn’t there to ignore him and point out his faults and his mother fussing over him and making big deals out of everything. And it’s also where cats have gone through his pain too (some)! And he thought he could get his revenge there. Yes, influences really do things and make cats make bad decisions, think things that mess with their brain, etc. Breezepelt had hormones let’s say, and he was really stressed out and angry. His father never really loved him, and didn’t really love Nightcloud either, hated his half-siblings because they seemed to get the better love and two of them had awesome powers. He didn’t care if Jayfeather was blind or not. He just hated them because he wanted what they had (maybe. Idk if this is entirely true) and felt as if his birth was by accident. So he wanted his half siblings to die because he didn’t want to see them all the time and remember how Crowfeather loved Leafpool and didn’t truly love him or his mom. Okay so you may compare this to Crookedstar, Tallstar, etc. and of course they didn’t turn bad. But why not? Well, Crookedstar still had a father who loved him. He had a brother who loved him and a mate later. Tallstar, well I don’t know much about him but I do know he had some neglecting. But Breezepelt had a father who was, well, Crowfeather. His mother worried about him too much and never let him prove himself which made him all snobby and rude and horrible to other cats. Nightcloud probably was just insecure and tried her best to make Breezepelt always feel good about himself when at times she didn’t (idk) and felt that Crowfeather hated her. This made Breezepelt insecure too and poof, evil! Both his parents were really both bad because of course they too have gone through some overwhelming stuff (Nightcloud, well she just feels what she feels). Every cat is different and each cat handles things differently than another. People with bad abusing, fussing, neglecting parents make them “scared,” insecure, rude, etc. I wonder if Breezepelt would have been a good cat if his father hung out with him more and had some father-son talks about life (like if when he would find out about his half-littermates. Crowfeather would be “angry” too and they can talk about it. Sort some things out). But Crowfeather is Crowfeather. His son is actually like him too in ways, but more….Breezepelt. I’m glad that he took a mate later. He needed some redeeming and since I haven’t read the next series, I hope that he is a better cat. Maybe not, but it takes a while (come on, his mother and father were like what I said, he was battling in the Dark Forest, and now he’s a father. Twists in life I’d say). Breezepelt is a complicated cat to understand, and takes a bit of digging deep and sympathy to actually see who he is and what he could have been.

Thanks for reading! Hope this article was good and enjoyed by BlogClan.

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  • Hello, Foxtail! I certainly think what you’ve written here is a work of art! I think it’s important to the fandom because it’s all opinion based, and though we almost never agree on things, it’s cool that you kind of analysed Breezepelt’s character. Honestly, I’ve never liked him much, due to his spoiled attitude, and his envious decisions, that were nearly all just out of jealousy, so right now I’m on his bad side, but I heard in A Vision of Shadows, that the Erins might, just might be able to redeem him. If he does, I usually have a thing for accepting characters that redeem themselves, though not all characters I do so with. Thank you!

    • Each cat handles each situation differently! Tallstar and Crookedstar just somehow managed to cope with neglecting parents. BUT, Breezepelt had to ALSO deal with the fact that his mother actually loved someone else and that he had half-kin in ThunderClan who were both medicine cats. Rainflower neglected Crookedstar just because of his looks. Breezepelt was neglected just because of how Crowfeather didn’t really love him. He was also spoiled whereas Crookedstar wasn’t. There are many differences between these two characters. The similarities are just that they had neglection in one way or another (sorry if I’m excluding Tallstar here. I really don’t know much about him so….).
      Yeah I’m defending him again because obviously that was my article. But I do not like him.

      The weak cannot forgive because forgiveness is the attribute to the strong

  • Finally! I always liked breezepelt, and it’s finally good to see some defence for him, I think that there’s really no one person to blame in breezepelt’s case

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