Why Mapleshade is Overrated! By Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares their opinion about Mapleshade.

Art by Moon-feather

What sup bloggers? Sparktooth is back! It probably wasn’t the best decision criticising Mapleshade as my second article (because I made one about defending Millie as my first lol). But I’m gonna do it anyways. Today I’m gonna state three reasons why I think Mapleshade is an overrated character. This is my opinion so please respect it. 🙂

Contains spoilers for Mapleshade’s Vengeance.

The first reason I don’t like her is because of how she acts in the start of Mapleshade’s Vengeance. In the beginning, Mapleshade and Appledusk were in love. A classic Thunderclan and Riverclan romance. When Mapleshade had kits, she decided to keep it a secret that they’re half-Clan.

“‘Are these Birchface’s kits?’ Frecklewish whispered. ‘Is my brother going to live on through you?’ The air in the den was suddenly so thick that Mapleshade couldn’t catch her breath…. ‘I’m right, aren’t I? Oh, thank you Starclan! And thank you, Mapleshade! You will never know how much this means to me. I…I thought I would never be happy after Birchface was killed…’” —Mapleshade’s Vengeance, pgs. 16-17
This scene made me furious at Mapleshade. She knew she couldn’t lie, she even thought it herself. Mapleshade’s just willing to sit back and let people believe Birchface was her kits’ father. Frecklewish was so happy when she thought her brother’s kits would live on in the clan. I just find it cruel that Mapleshade broke her heart when the truth was revealed. It was her fault she lied to Thunderclan about who her mate was. Then she just expects them to act as though nothing happened and let her stay. The thing that really triggers me is that Mapleshade thinks just because these kits were half-Clan, the two clans were going to magically get along. When has that ever happened in the series?

My second reason: how she blames the loss of her kits on other cats. I will admit Oakstar could’ve waited to exile them until after the storm. When he does exile them, Mapleshade lead her kits to the Riverclan border. It like she expects all of Riverclan will bow at her paws and welcome her and her kits with no questions. Then she mindlessly makes her kits try to swim across during a storm! It was obviously dangerous! I do feel bad for her when her kits die, though. But it was her fault they died! A mother should always do what’s right for her kits and what keeps them safe. Let me ask you this: What is safe about swimming across a flowing river in a storm!? I don’t blame Appledusk for leaving her. What would you do if your so-called ‘mate’ killed your kids? Plus, Appledusk and Reedfeather’s grand-kits are important in the series. At least Appledusk was honest with Darkstar and told her the truth. That was most likely one of the reasons why Darkstar allowed him to stay.

“Mapleshade opened her mouth to explain but Appledusk spoke first. ‘Mapleshade’s Clanmates learned the truth and she had to leave. The river flooded and the kits were too young to swim across.’ His voice faltered. Mapleshade stared at him. You’re making this sound like this is my fault!” —Mapleshade’s Vengeance, pg. 51.
*scowls* That’s because it was your fault, Mapleshade! She caused pain for both Frecklewish and Appledusk.

The third and final reason: how blaming cats and the whole of Thunderclan is supposed to be an excuse for her murder spree. I truly believe Mapleshade is more evil than Tigerstar! She went around killing cats to avenge her kits. Starting with the three she deemed responsible: Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk. This plot made me confused. This was supposed to make the reader think Mapleshade wasn’t as evil as she seemed? The death of her kits is no excuse for her to kill Frecklewish and say, “I hope you die in agony!” I feel the same way for how she killed Ravenwing and Appledusk. She was the one to betray them! She died from a massive injury in a barn, mad and alone. Soon after death, she started to visit the dreams of several cats (such as Crookedstar, Goosefeather, etc.) and trying to turn them into aggressive cats. She even taught cats to fight brutally in the dark forest! Not to mention she almost killed Sandstorm because of jealousy!!! Someone please tell me how that’s supposed to work.

I honestly don’t understand why Mapleshade is such a popular character. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s my opinion for you. Even if you are still a fan of Mapleshade, I hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂

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  • I don’t really agree with you on Mapleshde being more evil than Tigerstar.
    I’m Tigerstar ha ha ha I will destroy a Clan with a pack of dogs!Ha ha ha I will bring a “Clan” called Bloodclan into the forest!! (Seriously, think about it, BLOODclan) I will rule the entire forest!!!!! I will also destroy all half-Clan cats!!! (I’m pretty sure if you go back far enough NO ONE is pure Clan) So Tigerstar wants to kill everyone! Including himself!

  • The reason I like reading your articles, Sparktooth, is because your opinions are so different from mine. It’s really nice to look at things from a new perspective, and usually not a popular one. I am a Mapleshade lover, but you do have some very good points. I like how you take common arguments against your opinion, and then give a strong counter argument. I felt the same way after I read your Millie article. I still think that Appledusk treated Mapleshade horribly, though. 😒

  • I personally like Mapleshade before, well, I don’t like her too much now , but I can understand why she wants to revenge, she just lost too much.

  • Mapleshade had a very good reason for killing 3 cats! I mean, lets face it, that bad of punishment NEVER happened to any other cat who broke the code! Her heart was broken again, right after her kits died, which she was blamed for!!!!!! By Appledusk, who had gotten Reedshine PREGNANT when he told Mapleshade she was the only one he loved. So he had been cheating on her for a while, and he had it coming when Mapleshade killed him. I think he should have gone to the dark forest.
    -And Mapleshade is my fav dark forest character

    (this is not very well written but I had to rush it)

    • No, she didn’t. I respect that you’re defending her, so respect my opinion Stormi please don’t take this personally.
      Think about Crookedstar! He lost the love of his mother, Rainflower, Shellheart, Oakheart, Willowbreeze, Minnowkit, Willowkit, Silverstream, Feathertail, Hailstar, and that Mapleshade kept killing off his kin! He faced so much because of her, but he stayed good. She’s a great villain, but an overrated not-so great character.
      My opinion, by the way. You can still like her!

  • Hi, Sparktooth. Even though we have different opinions, I still enjoy your articles. 🙂
    I personally defend Mapleshade. People’s reasons for hating her are always the same…
    “It’s her fault her kits died!”
    Actually, it’s NOT. The river had a really strong current.
    If Mapleshade carried her kits across one by one, she would have to swim across that river six times.

    She could drown. Her kits would be helpless without her. So, you see, it was not foolish to have her kits cross the river at the same time as her.
    “She expected RiverClan to welcome her!”
    Well, technically she expected Appledusk to welcome her. And how is that bad?
    Appledusk was her mate. Mapleshade didn’t know about Reedshine, so obviously it makes sense that she would expect her own mate to welcome her.

    “Her victims were innocent!”

    Actually, they weren’t…
    • Ravenwing stood by and did nothing as Mapleshade and her kits were banished. When he first discovered the MapleXApple thing, he didn’t even consider helping his own Clanmate.
    • Frecklewish was really mean to Mapleshade and her kits when the truth about them came out. And she stood by and watched kits drown.
    • Appledusk cheated on Mapleshade, and acted like he did not care when his own kits died.

    So yeah, I defend Mapleshade. This is a really well written article, though! 😉
    Play To Win

  • I agree.
    Lying about a dead cat? Being your father’s cats? Mapleshade has no brains! Thrushpelt WANTED and AGREED to be Bluestar’s kits’ “father”. It makes sense why Frecklewish hates Mapleshade (Maple fans, a blind cat will get him/herself killed trying to save kits). Mapleshade is overrated. She’s a selfish, dumb cat who can’t accept it was her fault her kits died, and blamed it on others. Did she have to kill cats, even when dead? She killed cats, like WillowKIT and MinnowKIT, kits! It’s her fault her kits died, anyway! I could go on, but I need to go share my opinions with other people! Mapleshade is the 3rd worst cat ever. Great article!