Tracing Minor Characters By Sorrelpaw and Sizzlepaw

Sorrelpaw and Sizzlepaw track the appearances of minor characters throughout the series. 

Artwork by Lithestep

Sorrelpaw: Hi, I’m Sorrelpaw, but you can call me Sorzi. Anyway, today I’ve invited my friend Sizzlepaw to write this article with me!

Sizzlepaw: Hi!

Sorrelpaw: So today we’re going to trace the pawsteps three minor characters through the series.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, minor characters who get no attention. We thought it’d be fun to write an article on minor characters instead of major characters!

Sorrelpaw: So the cats we’re going to trace today are Shadepelt (not the AVoS one), Featherpelt and Mallowfur!!

Sizzlepaw: Let’s start with Shadepelt.

Sorrelpaw: There are two different cats named Shadepelt! One appears in AVoS, but the Shadepelt we’re talking about came from the original series.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, the Shadepelt we’re going to discuss didn’t even see the new territories!

Sorrelpaw: So the first sighting we get of Shadepelt is when she was an apprentice.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, Shadepaw. She was on a RiverClan border patrol.

Sorrelpaw: Firestar, or Fireheart as he was called back then saw her patrolling with Stonefur and Silverstream!

Sizzlepaw: And then Fireheart nearly gets sniffed out by Stonefur!

Sorrelpaw: Please, Sizzle, we’re talking about Shadepelt and not Fireheart.

Sizzlepaw: Alrighty. So the next time we see Shadepelt, she’s sending out patrols before the BloodClan battle on word of Leopardstar…

Sorrelpaw: Yup. And that’s all?

Sizzlepaw: No.

Sorrelpaw: I meant is that all for the original series?

Sizzlepaw: I don’t think so. Later on Mistyfoot and Shadepelt touch noses.

Sorrelpaw: They do? Okay.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, and then we’re done with little old Shady for The Prophecies Begin.

Sorrelpaw: AY! Do not call her ‘little old Shady’!!

Sizzlepaw: Well why not?

Sorrelpaw: Respect your elders!!

Sizzlepaw: This doesn’t even seem like an article!

Sorrelpaw: It is an article. Just a strange one.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, we can’t really help it, can we?

Sorrelpaw: When the two of us are writing it, then no. Anyway back to Shadepelt.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah. So in The New Prophecy: Dawn when the Clans are getting ready to leave their old territories, Shadepelt and Loudbelly are introduced by Leopardstar saying that they’ll stay in camp and sit vigil for Shadepelt.

Sorrelpaw: So that’s Shadepelt!

Sizzlepaw: And onto Featherpelt!

Sorrelpaw: Shadepelt, Featherpelt, all the same suffix.

Sizzlepaw: All pelts.

Sorrelpaw: You’re disrespecting your elders again!

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, whatever. So Featherpelt was born in WindClan.

Sorrelpaw: Exactly. The first time we see her is through Bramblestar’s eyes when she’s an apprentice patrolling with Crowfeather and two other cats.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, the two other cats were Furzepelt and Gorsetail.

Sorrelpaw: Cool. And then the next time we see her?

Sizzlepaw: I hate to break it to you, Sorzi, but Featherpelt appeared only once. After that she was in the allegiances for the A Vision of Shadows books but didn’t appear in them.

Sorrelpaw: You haven’t read Shattered Sky, have you? I think Featherpelt appeared in Shattered Sky.

Sizzlepaw: Oh wait really? I didn’t read Shattered Sky. It’s published already?

Sorrelpaw: Great StarClan!! It was published ages ago!

Sizzlepaw: Oh.

Sorrelpaw: So if I’m not mistaken Featherpelt appeared in Shattered Sky. When Bramblestar was leading his patrol into WindClan, Featherpelt, Oatclaw and Gorsetail go with Bramblestar’s patrol into WindClan camp.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah.

Sorrelpaw: And now let’s move onto Mallowfur!

Sizzlepaw: So Mallowfur appeared only in Yellowfang’s Secret.

Sorrelpaw: True! In the Prologue.

Sizzlepaw: Yeah, Mallowfur and Featherwhisker, or Featherpaw as he was called then, meet in StarClan.

Sorrelpaw: Mhm. Mallowfur said that hopefully they would meet later on!

Sizzlepaw: And then she walks away.

Sorrelpaw: And that’s all we see of Mallowfur! I told you, Sizzle, we should have done Fish Leap instead of Mallowfur!

Sizzlepaw: As long as we got over 350 words. I thought that was the requirement?

Sorrelpaw: True. There are 650 words total. A bit too long, but whatever.

Sizzlepaw: Then I don’t see that there’s a problem!

Sorrelpaw: Okay, okay, okay… Anyway, that’s the end of our article!

Sizzlepaw: Bye!

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