Top 17 Saddest Warrior Deaths by Shimmerflame

Shimmerflame shares their opinion on the saddest deaths of the series. 

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Warning!!! This article contains spoilers from many Warriors books. This number is completely random.

1. Firestar- He died ridding the Clans of Tigerstar- or at least after Tigerstar was killed, Firestar died. For the Clans.
2. Stonefur- As Oakheart and Bluestar’s son, he was half-clan- and you know what that meant, since Tigerstar despises half- clan cats. Stonefur died was killed unfairly with Darkstripe holding him down and Blackfoot delivering the killing blow.
3. Micah- He died attemting to get some bark for Moth Flight for Slate , but Clear Sky sent Red Claw up to stop him, and while fighting him, the branch gave in and Micah’s spine was crushed.
4. Bluestar- She dies leading the vicious pack of dogs that Tigerstar led to the ThunderClan camp over the gorge. When she is pulled to shore, Bluestar sees her kits one last time before she dies.
5. Yellowfang- Her cause of death was inhalation of too much smoke, which is really sad because I thought it would be more likely for old age to kill her.
6. Silverstream- She died from blood loss while giving birth. Silverstream really deserved to live since she was kitting.
7. Sandstorm- She died leading Alderpaw, Sparkpaw, Cherryfall and Molewhisker. I know she was an elder, but it was sad when her infected shoulder killed her.
8. Feathertail- She dies breaking a rock free while with the Tribe of Rushing Water. Feathertail fulfilled their prophecy by killing Shaptooth with the rock.
9. Longtail- He was killed with the same tree that crippled Briarlight.
10. Tallstar- He dies right after the Clans finish the Great Journey, naming Onewhisker deputy instead of Mudclaw.
11. Hollyleaf- She takes Hawkfrost’s deathblow that was meant for Ivypool, saving her life.
12. Flametail- When playing with his clanmates on the ice, the ice broke and Flametail drowned, Jayfeather attempting to save him.
13. Spottedleaf- She had a very sad death. She was murdered by Clawface, and she was so young! Then she dies a second time, giving her life in the stars to save Sandstorm’s.
14. Snowfur- She dies when a monster trampled her.
15. Brokenstar- He was truly cruel. I know, but Yellowfang is the cause of his death, since she fed him deathberries. I mean, your own mother feeding you deathberries.
16. Mapleshade- I don’t exactly like this cat, but her kits got swept downriver. Who can blame her? Coming across Appledusk and Reedshine, Mapleshade attemps to kill Reedshine but Appledusk slashes her throat, killing her.
17. Mosskit- She dies when Bluefur takes her and her littermates to Oakheart, freezing to death.

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  • I think Stonefur and Silverstream’s death were the most sad on this list. But Whitestorm and Runningwind’s death weren’t on the list and they were both my favorite characters.

  • I’m on book Long shadows, third series, 5th book. ( Read my comment if want a spoiler for it) A fire starts, and Ashfur goes deeper into the fire. Squirrelflight blames Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze for it. Then Hollyleaf gets furious and kills Ashfur for her mother’s sake. But Squirrelflight misses Ashfur then noticed he started the fire to catnap Squirrelflight and tries to kill her. I cried. But before that Ashfur confesses he loves❤ her, but she realizes her heart belongs to Brambleclaw. That’s my spolier! Please like! – Cloudheart.

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