What could have been- Discussing what could’ve happened and what did happen by Prowlclaw

Prowlclaw shares what they wished had happened in the series. 

Artwork by Lithestep

Hello! Prowlclaw here with another article regarding what happened in the series that made me think of what could’ve happened. I know it sounds confusing, but you’ll know what I mean when I start, so without further a due, let’s begin!

1. Mousewhisker and Cinderheart- Yes, this is a ship I have, because I saw so much potential with these two. I shipped them because he was practically best friends with Cinderheart ever since he was little. You may have thought, “It’s only because she saved him!” But it was much more than that. I shipped them more after Cinderheart saved Mousewhisker, because he was so concerned for her and always tried to be by her side. Lionblaze didn’t even really acknowledge her until they were warriors, but by then she had become a bit of a drama queen. Cinderheart was always one of my favorites because of her role as Hollyleaf’s supportive friend, and that is how I will always remember her.

Shrewpaw and Squirrelflight- Another ship, sorry, I promise this is the last ship. Shrewpaw was very close to Squirrelpaw when they were apprentices, that was obvious. Even though he wasn’t with her for long, you could tell his understanding and somewhat rowdy personality mingled with Squirrelflight’s. I ship this mostly because Brambleclaw fights with Squirrelflight so much, and we all know deep down that is not a healthy relationship. Ashfur was too controlling and he had anger issues as well, which could have led to a very unhappy life with Squirrelflight. But Shrewpaw understood Squirrelflight was a flame that never died and there was a compromise between him and her. He understood her because he was in her shoes as an apprentice, that is why I ship them.

Nightcloud- Finally over with the ships. Now we get to the main attraction. I found someone who finally understood how I felt about Nightcloud. I quote from Amaterasu, “Her character got such a bad rep: she was written as a concerned mother in The Sight but was transformed into the wicked witch of WindClan because the Erins wanted to make you feel bad for Leafpool. Ironically it me feels bad for Nightcloud instead.” Nightcloud was a sweet mother who cared deeply for a lot of people in the sight. One scene from the sight show just how good of a mother she was. After almost being buried alive, Lionpaw and Breezepaw are taken to Thunderclan camp to be treated. Nightcloud is concerned for BOTH of the apprentices and proceeds to cuddle up next to them lovingly. This scene almost made me cry from sheer respect of Nightcloud.

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    • I wouldn’t say they come out happy all the time. Brambleclaw throws a mini tantrum after he finds out his kits aren’t his and instead of working it out like a sensible adult, he just ignores her. Like Ashfur.

        • What if spottedleaf was a warrior, what if scorge had won,what if cinderpelt had been a warrior, silverstream never meet greystripe , if rusty had never came to the forest, if smudge had calmed with him, if cloudtail had never been given to the clans,if all princesses kits had been given to the clans, sandstorm and greystripe sounds weird but you never know, if firestar had never been chosen as leader, if feather tail had not died, if ravenpaw had not left , and if sandstorm and firestar had never been together.

      • ???

        So he was supposed to be sensible when his loved one who had been through so much with him lied about one of the biggest aspects of being a cat?

        He was betrayed, confused about his feelings, lost, and heartbroken. He yelled at her – wouldn’t you?

        And then he ignored her because he was trying to sort out his own feelings – do you think he would have just gotten over it? He even carried out deputy duties, organized attacks, and was perfectly responsible. He didn’t plot to murder nor did he steam forever and gossip about it, like Ashfur.

        • You’re misunderstanding. I’m saying he ignored her like Ashfur, not that he wanted to do everything Ashfur did.

          Also did Squirrelflight run away when she knew Brambleclaw had been training in the Dark Forest? Or after he killed his half brother? Most people wonder why she didn’t suspect Brambleclaw of being a murder or traitor, but here is what I say to that. Squirrelflight knew that Brambleclaw wouldn’t do something like that without a good reason and she put her heart and soul into loving him.
          But when it is reveled she took in Leafpool’s kits and said they were her own, he didn’t stop and question her like she had done with him. Brambleclaw ran away, unlike what Squirrelflight had done. He couldn’t understand her side of the story. That is why Brambleclaw was childish and didn’t think of all she’d done for him.

          • You missed the part that it was KITS. He thought they were his blood. The next generation. What he did is nothing compared to lying about your KIDS.

            • What are you saying? Brambleclaw trained with Tigerstar, the one who could’ve KILLED the next generation. And even after he killed Hawkfrost and saying the Dark Forest was behind him, he still trained with Tigerstar. He lied TWICE to her. And after all that she still FORGAVE HIM.
              Also what Squirrelflight did was the will of Starclan, so it wasn’t even Squirrelflight’s fault! She tried to be loyal and argue with Starclan about taking them in as her own, but Brambleclaw didn’t even try to argue or stand up for what he thought was right, other than the time he killed Hawkfrost of course. It just disgusted me the about of pure anger he showed toward her, even though she’d treated him with respect.

              • Exactly. I remember at least a time or two when Brambleclaw abused his power to scold Squirrelflight like she was an apprentice. Then outside of calling patrols for his sons to go on, Brambleclaw just completely ignored the kits he raised with the she-cat he claimed to love. Oh, and if he really loved her he’d see things from her side instead of wallowing in self pity. And at the end of it all, despite Squirrelflight respecting him and apologizing for what she did, Brambleclaw doesn’t apologize once. The closest he gets to apologizing to the she-cat he claimed he loved is that he understands why she did what she did.

                And when you think about, what if Squirrelflight did tell her mate the truth? How would the Clan react when they found out their trusted deputy, who’s also the son of Tigerstar who was also a traitorous liar, kept a secret like this from them? What would happen to him? I mean, if Brambleclaw knew the secret of his kits true origins and kept it from the Clan, how would that affect him? Honestly, it seems to me Squirrelflight was trying to protect her mate, the tom she truly loved, so that if the secret did ever come out, he wouldn’t be affected by it.

                • Yes, I very much agree with your statement Amberstorm223. She only did it to protect him from further harm, and this is the thanks she gets?

  • I agree with Sky. Brambleclaw just needed time to sort out his feelings, and in the end, they became mates again. He understands why she did what she did, he just didn’t believe that she could have kept such a huge secret from him the entire time. He truly loves her, just as much as she loves him. He turned down that charming kittypet, Jessy, because he realized that Squirrelflight was the one and only cat he could ever be mates with. And think about it this way: Tons of she-cats would have been eligible for mating with Brambleclaw while he wasn’t talking to Squirrelflight. But he didn’t hook up with anyone else, did he? He knew his heart belonged with Squirrelflight, no matter how many secrets she kept. He’s not a traitorous liar, or a murderer. It was either kill EVIL Hawkfrost, or kill his Clan leader. So what would you choose if you were loyal? It’s pretty obvious. I don’t agree with anything Amberstorm said, and some of the things Prowlclaw did. And it’s a healthy relationship because Brambleclaw keeps Squirrelflight in line, and even if they argue sometimes, it’s only because they love each other enough to.

    Thanks for reading all of that 😀 you deserve a cookie! *hands cookie*