BlogClan Summer Gathering Results

The long awaited Gathering results are out! Congratulations to everyone who participated.

Hullo everyone! The Gathering is over and we all sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Apologies for the 2 month wait, but hey, better late than never, right? Anyways, let’s get on with the results, shall we?

We started off our day with our usual contests: Name that Bok, Name that Character, Name Matchup, Anagrams, and of course, NTA.

In Name that Book, the Dark Forest gained a slight lead, with 12 points compared to StarClan’s 8.

StarClan caught up quickly during Name that Character, leaving both teams tied 22-22.

Name Matchup led the Dark Forest to fall behind, gaining 1 point compared to 9 points by StarClan.

After a brief round of NTA, some Warriors anagrams, and Russetfeather and Emberdawn’s Murder Mystery, this is what the scores looked like:

Dark Forest: 31

StarClan: 49

Day 2 of the Gathering featured the Guest-Hosted contests!

Willowpaw hosted Name that Book, in which the Dark Forest gained 3 points while StarClan gained 1.

Sapphireheart hosted some BlogClan Trivia, giving StarClan 17 points and the Dark Forest 2.

Robinpaw hosted Guess That BlogClanner and the Dark Forest got 9 points and StarClan got 18 points.

Hazelpaw and Stoatpaw hosted the final two Guest-hosted contests of the day.

Thanks to all of you for hosting the contests! We hope you all enjoyed them 🙂

After the Guest-Hosted contests, the scores were left like this:

Dark Forest: 62

StarClan: 93

And finally!


First place goes to Jetclaw, Winterpaw was second, Kinkpaw a close third.

You can read all the entries here.

Awesome writing, BlogClan!


Swanpaw was the winner…

Snowlight came second…

Sundance and Goldenfawn won third place…



Thanks, everyone, for taking part! Next stop, Christmas!



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