Blossomfall: Misunderstood? by Foxtail

Foxtail takes a closer look at Blossomfall’s character and evolution throughout the books.

Art by Snowy-Owl-Of-Dawn

Hey Foxtail again! This is my second article and I think it is better than my other one about Breezepelt (it hasn’t shown up yet but by the time this pops up, it probably will be there) because lots of people defend him and hate him. But other than that, I hope this article will be better or just as good!

Blossomfall is quite the character. She may be a jealous, snarky she-cat but she does have her strengths/weaknesses. She was rude to Ivypool and wanted Dovewing because if no one had noticed, Dovewing was a very good hunter due to her powers and probably wanted to catch as much prey as possible for her Clan and for herself so that she could feel proud of herself (Bumblestripe was really good I’m guessing so she wanted to prove that she could hunt well too with a partner).

Also, Ivypool did turn down her and her siblings friendship because she was just jealous of her sister. Blossomfall then built up a rivalry with her because she was only trying to be nice. Because of this, she hinted how Ivypool’s a bad hunter and how she wants Dovewing which makes Ivypool angry and Blossomfall at least wanted to pass her assessment and didn’t want Ivypool getting in the way because they actually both seemed to not like each other anyway. She was rude and everyone knows that. But how about other cats who have been rude? Swiftpaw, Cloudtail, Berrynose,Jayfeather, etc. She’s not the only one (who has been rude to other cats). Maybe Blossomfall wanted Dovewing because she went to save the Clans from the beavers and had more experience. She compared that to Ivypool and jeered at her. Everyone was saying Dovewing was awesome so Blossomfall couldn’t be the only one. Thornclaw too. She probably didn’t want her because Ivypool turned down her friendship a while ago because she was very jealous of her sister and it seemed that was almost all she cared about and being better than her, so Blossomfall decided to rub it in as if her jealousy mattered more than trying to make friends and being the best that you CAN be. Besides, no cat knew about Dovewing’s powers so she had a great advantage and everyone was in awe of her.

In the books, it actually seems that Millie yells at her the most. Why? Because she gets into trouble. Sometimes Blossomfall gets into trouble without meaning to or she just wants to play around for once. How many other cats have done that? Many. Influences and things that have happened in life do change a cat. Blaming Millie is not the answer because most have seen that Graystripe doesn’t either pay much attention to his kits. Then why is Bumblestripe all nice and happy while Blossomfall is rude? Because she gets yelled at most of all. Blossomfall does not act like a kit in all the books. She does mature. Blossomfall is seeking attention only because she doesn’t get any from her mom anymore. She tries her best at everything and tries to make Millie proud of her again, which she probably is, but Blossomfall doesn’t know that. She wants her mom to notice her again. She knows her mom is stressed out with Briarlight, but Millie doesn’t even hint she still loves her (maybe later but I haven’t read A Vision of Shadows).

Blossomfall does not hate her sister (she is seen many times going into the medicine den to see her and talk/play with her). She hates that she is injured and so does Millie. Millie wishes Briarlight weren’t injured so that she could spend more time with her other kits. But Blossomfall doesn’t know that. She thinks that her mother is actually neglecting her and on top of that, her brother is always teasing her about how horribly she hunts, how she’s slow, and how her battle moves aren’t that great and that he could use a kit move on her and he would win (this could be another reason she jeered at Ivypool as an apprentice. Sometimes you have to make someone feel bad about themself in order to feel good about yourself. She wanted to be better than Ivypool – and would blame her if she failed (her assessment) – in hopes that she would feel good about herself. She was just very insecure and you can’t blame her for that. There are many cats who feel like this. She just wanted friends and wanted to be her best). She then feels jealous of Briarlight BUT she actually hated feeling that way and that’s why she thought she deserved to be in the Dark Forest because she believed a littermate wouldn’t be jealous of another littermate.

Another thing, Blossomfall disliked Dovewing for Bumblestripe because she always found Dovewing odd, which she was because of her powers, and Bumblestripe always mooned over her when Dovewing didn’t really like him (can’t blame her for that). And there was a point where Bumblestripe was pointing out all of Dovewing’s mistakes, though he was trying to help. Maybe Blossomfall was as well that time but said it in a mean way because Bumblestripe never cheered her on (forgive me if I am wrong). Blossomfall was rude because she felt neglected, first by trying to make friends and sometime by her brother maybe, then by her mom (Millie was very stressed out and fussed a lot over Briarlight even when Briarlight said she didn’t need to though I understand how scared Millie must feel), then Bumblestripe hung out with Dovewing more when Dovewing didn’t really like him (as more than a friend), and Briarlight was cooped up in the medicine den working on her exercises or helping Jayfeather and Blossomfall didn’t know what else to do. So she joined the Dark Forest because she knew she was a bad cat for feeling that way and she also wanted to get better training because she seemed to not be very good (her mother and brother wouldn’t be there either and she could receive the attention and praise that her brother and mom suddenly began to lack). She also wanted to perfect her warrior skills in hopes that Millie would notice her (kind of the same reason Ivypool joined because she wanted to prove to Dovewing that she was as good as her). It’s hard for Millie because Briarlight could die any minute, but Briarlight always says she’s fine and Jayfeather promises Millie that she’d be okay. Millie needs to pay attention to ALL her kits needs. She loves all her kits, but sometimes she needs to show it. She doesn’t have to yell at Blossomfall all the time when it’s not always her fault. It’s not Millie’s fault that Blossomfall ended up in the Dark Forest, but she put an influence on her daughter to think that she was being neglected so she joined in order for her mother to notice her more. It’s not fair and Millie knows it, but she’s too stressed out to realize what she’s doing and I get that. But she doesn’t have to put all her anger and stress out on Blossomfall.

As for Ivypool, Blossomfall wasn’t horrible to her all the time. They made amends and fought together many times.
It was wrong that she went in the tunnels but probably she just wanted to explore (doesn’t every cat? She’s not the only one) and also get away from her mom. She was wondering if Millie would miss her if she died and Ivypool comforted her by saying Millie loves her (that part made me sad). Ivypool and Blossomfall had a rough start, but they made amends and became good friends. Cats can always start with disliking one another at first, but then they (can) come to be friends. Sometimes you have to have a rough start in order to appreciate when it runs smoothly.

When the final battle came, she hid with the others because they didn’t know what to do since they couldn’t fight for the Clans. Ivypool convinced them they didn’t have to and they fought as fiercely as ever for the Clans. Blossomfall and the other Dark Forest cats who fought for the Clans felt ashamed for what they’ve done and of course they would. They knew they betrayed their Clans. Blossomfall and others will find it hard to forgive themselves, but at least she became a friendlier playful cat later and is now mother to Thornclaw’s kits I believe. Forgive how rude she was. She was just very insecure and didn’t know what to think.

Thank you for reading! Don’t worry, I do not hate Millie! She is not my fav cat but I don’t have a passionate hatred for her like some others do. As for Blossomfall, all I can say is that I believe she is misunderstood and only wishes to see into Millie’s mind and wants to know what she can do to make her notice her and feel proud of her again.

“I’m sorry I’m not all the things that you want
All things that you thought I should be.
I guess I’m not like you;
Not something you’re used to;
Maybe something brand new
You’ve never seen!

Wish I could read your mind;
Come on let me inside.
I’ll never waste your time –
Wish you could somehow see
That I will always be
All that you want from me!”
— Misunderstood by AJ Michalka (from the movie “Grace Unplugged.” Look it up or watch it if you want to know what I mean)

Thanks for reading again! Sorry for Blossomfall haters. She is not my fav cat either but I don’t hate her. However I love her name!

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  • Love this article and agree. She and Ivypool are pretty similar.

    Plus…. Bumblestripe paid more attention to Dovewing than her! He never gave her tips nor did he cheer her on.

  • OMST it’s published!!!!!! Russet said that it’d be published on October 2nd but yay it’s early! 😍😀😛

    Thanks I’m glad you liked it (see? This article seemed way better to me than my other one……yay)!
    I think this was my 900 word one….(idk I forgot but I know it was/is long)

  • Disagreed, she knew very well the Dark Forest was evil, yet decided to stay there because “she gets more attention” (Even though she gets beat up there all the time). She also insulted Briarlight and her injury and stated she hated her because she was injured. If anything, she should’ve made some friends instead of training with the Dark Forest without thinking of the consequences.

    • *no comment*……………Well of course she knew they were evil! That’s why she stayed cause she thought SHE was evil and that she DESERVED to be since she felt so horrible for being “mean” to her sister and being jealous. Also, she went to the DF to feel good about herself, not just attention. And Millie and Bumblestripe made her feel like she was being neglected. She wanted attention from her family, not just from the Clan (it hurts when your family doesn’t pay attention to you. There are lots of people here who probably feel like that). Everyone wants attention at some point (*coughs* Berrynose *coughs* um, let’s see Ivypool. Don’t get me wrong I love Ivypool!). She thought she wasn’t loved, so she joined the DF cause she thought she was a bad cat and thought she deserved it and also wanted to get better at her warrior skills. I’m sorry that you disagree (I was expecting people to anyways) but this is just my opinion. I don’t LOVE her. I just think she needs a bit more “love.” Sorry I don’t any to argue with you (I don’t like making people upset either. It makes me feel bad. But hey, we all have our own opinions which is totally fine). 🙂

  • Beautiful article, Foxie 🙂
    This is really long and detailed and is among my favorites

    However there is one part I disagree with even this I sympathize with Blossomfall in general, and that is the part where you said she’s ruse to Ivypool and wanted to hunt with Dovewing instead. You wrote: “She was rude and everyone knows that. But how about other cats who have been rude? Swiftpaw, Cloudtail, Berrynose,Jayfeather, etc. She’s not the only one (who has been rude to other cats).”

    Think about Jayfeather’s rudeness. He never openly rejected someone, and even though he was grumpyish, his intention in the end was to heal. And take Cloudtail. Yes, he was rude, but in a friendly way. But what about Blossomfall? She rejected Ivypool in front of her face! (And she made Ivypool even more jealous of Dovewing even though she didn’t know it.)

    So as I mentioned, I agree with you and I like Blossomfall, but just one thing I didn’t completely agree on 🙂

    • Oops yeah I’m not the best at getting details in. I guess it’s only Berrynose. What about Thistleclaw? Wasn’t he rude (sorry I haven’t read Bluestar’s Prophecy)? Yeah I know that wasn’t really good, but overall, I’m glad you liked it! 😀I don’t want to argue cause I already know that it wasn’t good but I’m glad you pointed it out. 🙂

      • It’s okay Foxie 🙂 Your article was really good

        Thistleclaw wasn’t exactly rude to many cats but he was a meanie to Bluestar and cats outside ThunderClan 🙂

  • She seems like a Brave, loyal, sweet, witty, spirited cat, and l feel like she’s really misunderstood!! I hate Millie for neglecting/ screaming at her!please don’t kill me