Top Ten of my Most Hated Couples by Lionessheart

Lionessheart explains their dislike for couples in Warriors.

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Hi ! I’m Lionnessheart, and that’s my first article. For this one, I’m going to talk about my least favorite couples in the Warriors Series. Please, be aware that I’ve not read DotC yet, and most of the novellas. Ah, and excuse me if I make some English errors, I’m not English 🙂
Here we go!

Runner up 1: Appledusk x Mapleshade: In my opinion, this couple just should never have happened. Appledusk treated her horribly and I think everyone can agree on that. And…Mapleshade was a psychopath who way over-reacted. I’m sorry to say this but well, it’s true. Even if she kinda has her reasons, she shouldn’t have done all the things has done. I understand her madness, but…It’s kinda her fault if her kits drown. We can’t blame anyone for that except her. If you don’t agree with it, it’s entirely okay, but that’s just my opinion.

Runner up 2: Pinestar x Leopardfoot: Ahem, this couple is creepy since…He’s older than both of her parents. Plus the couple wasn’t really developed, it kinda happened just like this without any development. The Erins never really get the time of developing the couple a little bit more.

10) Bumblestripe x Dovewing
Guys, just, come on. Dovewing never loved him. We all know she was in love with Tigerheart and still is. I will not say she used him…But I seriously think that she thought that she loved Bumblestripe, but never really does. Tigerheart was her true love, no matter how much their relationship was childish. Not Bumblestripe. He was just a friend for her.

9) Feathertail x Crowfeather
(I will probably get a lot of hate for this one. Please, don’t get mad at me for that. Just respect my opinion…and read why I don’t like this couple.)
Well, this couple is way too overrated in my opinion. It has 0 development, they look boring together, Feathertail is so overrated and annoying in my opinion, I dislike both of the cats, Feathertail most likely only like him like a school crush, or maybe even just like a little brother. And…SHE’S FREAKING DEAD FOR STARCLAN’S SAKE !!! Plus I hate how the relation begin…
“Crow: I’m grumpy, I hate everyone, don’t talk to me, you’re all so stupid!
Feather: Oh my little Crowy, you’re so cute, don’t worry, I’m here!
Crow: Eh…OMG, SHE’S SO PRETTY AND PERFECT AND OMGGGG I LOVE HER I WANT TO SPEND ALL MY LIFE WITH HER!!!! PLZ BE WITH MEEEE YOU’RE THE ONLY CAT I WILL EVER LOVE !!” Seriously ? Is that what you call a developed relationship? And the drama of the young apprentice that randomly fell in love with a full-grown warrior has been way too much repetition in the series. Seriously it’s almost a copy of the FirexSpotted ship, in less annoying.

8) Spiderleg x Daisy
Um, Is there actually anyone that likes this one? This couple is just the description of the bad couple. And the way they both behave is inappropriate for a couple in love! Spiderleg was really a bad mate and Daisy was REALLY annoying around him.

7) Heathertail x Breezepelt
This couple is cute, to be fair. But I dislike both of the cats so much that I can’t really like it. And Heathertail is so annoying…No, I just can’t like the couple. I don’t know why.

6) Shellheart x Rainflower
Well…Shellheart just deserves better in my opinion. He seems to be a nice cat, and Rainflower is just a complete jerk. And there are a few things that bother me with this couple. As you know, Rainflower is a really hated character and I think that you can all guess why. So, kinda everyone hates her, but no one seems to notice how much the ShellxRain couple is horribly bad and abusive. Why ? Just…why ? Shellheart loved her, with all his heart, and her too, probably. But just remember. When he breaks up with her, it’s obvious that he was sad, logical if you love your mate. Rainflower, on the other hand, doesn’t even seem to care about that! Actually, this bothers me a lot because I mean…It was kind of abusive. But oh well.

5) Bramblestar x Squirrelflight
Yeah, I know pretty much everyone loves this couple because of so many reasons. But in my opinion, this couple is horrible. Both of these cats are annoying in my opinion: Bramblestar’s whole personality is just based on the fact he’s Tigerstar’s son, who isn’t evil. And Squirrelflight…I just can’t stand her. Plus I don’t like the couple development for some reason. And making her deputy just because he trusts her again is an awful decision. She might be a good deputy, but I’m not sure she would make a great leader! Honestly, I hate everything about this couple.

4) Millie x Graystripe
In my opinion…They should have stayed friends. Even at first, I didn’t like Millie because she was kind of a Mary-Sue and well, she was just annoying. And in my opinion, she kinda “ruined” Graytripe’s character,  he was such a good character at first, and now, he’s just plain and useless! I seriously think he should have stayed single, it would have more fit his undeniable love for Silverstream. And Millie should just have stayed Graystripe’s friend, or become mates with Diesel or anyone but Graystripe. They show no real chemistry together, except maybe in the manga (even if it was more friendship rather than love to me), and Millie…Let’s just say it, she’s an awful mother, as well for Briarlight as her other kits.

3) Firestar x Spottedleaf
I freaking hate this couple! This couple is super undeveloped. He just falls in love with her after he sees her for five seconds! And it has a creepy age gap: he was just six months/moons when he first meets her, and she was like…25 ? 30 months? Come on, it’s like a 12-years-old teen falls in love with a 30-years-old nurse! And they just talk to each other 5 minutes in the whole series! I know she visits her dreams, but it was still strange to me. Sorry if you like it, by the way.

2) Heathertail x Lionblaze
I really hate this couple. It was really undeveloped, they meet at a Gathering and boom, the next time they see each other, they are in love. And honestly, it wasn’t even a love relationship! They just played together in the tunnels like kits, how do you call this a couple? And again I hate Heathertail. Plus the majority of the “couple” is focused on Lionblaze’s dreams when he kills her… Honestly, I wouldn’t even call that a couple. I would call it friendship, young love maybe, but not a couple.

1) Crowfeather x Nightcloud
This couple is the worse thing that ever happens in the whole series. He just used her and Breezepelt to prove his loyalty! He acts like a sociopathic jerk, his actions as a mate are horribly abusive…And UGH. Everyone blames Nightcloud for all the bad things, but was it her fault? No ! Do she asked to be manipulated? No ! People call her jealous, but hey, wouldn’t you be jealous if you discover your mate have loved another she-cat for the whole time? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t. And same for her harsh personality, she was just terribly hurt and it was entirely Crow fault if she is! I feel so bad for her. All she wanted was love. She thought she have find it with Crowy’. But he ignored her feelings, played with it and used her to prove to the Clan he was loyal. Crowfeather, don’t you have other ways to prove you’re loyal other than playing with a she-cat heart and feelings ? Seriously, they could have been happy if he doesn’t have been so arrogant. The couple have no chemistry, none of the cats really love each other, so for me, this is the worst couple.

So that’s it! I hope you liked it! And remember, this is just my opinion. If you don’t agree with it, it’s totally okay, but I was just stating my opinion 🙂 Bye!

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