Leafpool vs Feathertail by Snowyfoot

Snowyfoot wonders who Crowfeather will choose in StarClan.

Art by Holiiewood

Hey it’s Snowy!
And I know A LOT of you are wondering who Crowfeather will be with in StarClan!
So today I will be giving pro and cons to both sides!
So Feather Followers, and Leaf Lovers, hold on to your hats!

So let’s start with his first love Feathertail:
So she actually started to ship or made the first move with the encouragment of Tawnypelt.
So she was the more confident stand up she-cat and that’s a good quality to posses!
Now another thing that makes them a great couple is the fact that she was willing to die in order for her love to live on!
This is putting each other first!
That is what every strong relationship needs!
Now it would have never worked though because she would have only been with him for the remainder of the journey plus the Great Journey.
I’m not saying that they wouldn’t have been able to meet but they would most likely forget.
Have you ever moved before and in the rush of packing settling in and going to a new school, you forget a lot?
Plus, don’t you think each would meet new toms or she-cats they like in their new homes?
But what about this?
Maybe once they settled into their new homes they would forget about it once they settled in like I said earlier.

Now it’s time for the pros and cons of Leafpool:
Leafpool was slow to anger, and was very gentle.
It was even said she always seemed to k ow what was around every corner!
Cool, huh?
Also, she never sneered or was rude to Crowfeather.
She took to his personality right away!
Remember when they first moved into the lake and Barkface needed Leafpool assistance?
Crowfeather was forced to work with, but when he acted rude and like a total foxheart, she just kept calm and patient.
And when she was falling from the cliff, Crowfeather returned the favor, and admit his feelings.
She sets a perfect example of a little kindness goes a long way!
Because it does!
And a bonus point for her is… SHE ACTUALLY HAD HIS KITS!!!!!!
Well it really couldn’t have worked either.
She had to become with full medicine cat and kinda let Nightclouds make her move.
She also did kinda lie to him about it.
And not just to him… EVERYONE!
This is a kind of trait not one person wants from their partner.
But after this she was very hated, but it was revealed in that clash at the border that Leafpool and Crowfeather may still muster a few feelings for each other.

That’s it for my article!
I hope you liked it and stay toned for more!

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