My Top Ten Favorite Warriors Couples! By Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares their reasoning for supporting their favorite couples.

Artwork by Vialir

What’s up, bloggers? Sparktooth here! For this article, I’m going to be listing my top ten favorite couples in Warriors! Once again this is my opinion so please respect that. 😀

Runner-ups: (I love these couples as well :D)
Sorreltail and Brackenfur
Crowfeather and Feathertail
Bluestar and Oakheart
Jayfeather and Halfmoon
Berrynose and Honeyfern
Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves
Heatherpaw(tail) and Lionpaw(blaze)
Sharpclaw and Cherrytail
Stormfur and Brook

#10: Dustpelt and Ferncloud!
A lot of people don’t like Ferncloud claiming she ‘had too many kits.’ But she’s a lot tougher than she gets credit for. Maybe that’s why Dustpelt fell in love with her. Dustpelt was always considerate of Ferncloud, especially when she gave birth to her first litter. They care for each other, which is one reason I like them.

#9: Leafstar and Billystorm!
The leader of Skyclan and a former daylight warrior. Leafstar and Billystorm always grabbed my attention in the books. They always worked together and also had kits! Sure, they fought a little & even separated for a little bit, but they stayed together in the end. I liked when Billystorm decided to quit being a daylight warrior to stay with them more.

#8: Snowfur and Thistleclaw!
An ambitious, arrogant tom, and a nice, but tough, she-cat. The main reason I liked Snowfur and Thistleclaw was because she was the only cat Thistleclaw wasn’t aggressive around (besides Spottedleaf). They were such a good couple, especially when Whitestorm was born. Even though Bluestar hated it, I liked it.

#7: Sasha and Tigerstar!
I always loved this couple because it showed Tigerstar had a little good in him. Him falling in love with a former kittypet? This is something I never expected would happen to Tigerstar! But that is why this couple always had my interest and fascinated me! Plus, I just thought they were a cute couple in general. XD

#6: Yellowfang and Raggedstar!
A lot of people say Raggedstar was always angry and tried to force Yellowfang not to be a medicine cat. But Firestar and Sandstorm always fought before they fell in love. Plus, Yellowfang and Raggedstar were so sweet together! Although I have to admit I wish Raggedstar had also loved Yellowfang for who she was, not for what he wanted her to be.

#5: Firestar and Sandstorm!
A couple who fought when they met, but ended up falling in love. Firestar and Sandstorm are one of my favorite couples. I always love couples in any story where it takes time and needs effort into build the relationship. We really see this with Firestar and Sandstorm in Firestar’s Quest. A whole book of them traveling together to build Skyclan.

#4: Crookedstar and Willowbreeze!
Willowbreeze still wanted to be with Crookedstar, even with his jaw. I hated it when Mapleshade tried to take Willowbreeze out of the clan so Crookedstar wouldn’t pay attention to her and focus on his clan. But he chose feelings over glory, which was a wise decision. He stood by Willowbreeze until the end.

#3: Squirrelflight and Bramblestar!
Much like Firestar and Sandstorm, these two also fought before they were a couple. Firestar forbid them to see each other at one point because of a prophecy that worried him. But I think it brought them closer. The two also traveled to find a new home for the clans. Plus, I just think Bramblestar and Squirrelflight know each other well.

#2: Cloudtail and Brightheart!
If there was a prize for the cutest couple, these two would definitely win! Cloudtail stood by Brightheart and made her feel happy after the dog attack when she lost her eye. He taught her to hunt and fight with one eye, and convinced Firestar to change her name. (It was originally Lostface.) CloudXBright is one of my favorites!

And number 1…
Graystripe and Millie!
Honestly, I’ve always favored this couple over GrayXSilver. Like I said before, this couple took time to build the relationship. If it weren’t for Millie, Graystripe would’ve never returned to Thunderclan. They were always so cute together. This couple needs more attention. (I’m not gonna get into that ‘cause I wrote an article on it).

Well, that’s my opinion. What did you think? Did you agree with any of them? Comment below who your favorite couples are.

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  • I agree with most of them! Not crow x feather, jay x half moon, snow x thistle, or heather x lion, though.
    Cool article! 😀

  • I agree with all of these except for Ragged X Yellow and Snow X Thistle. I’m neutral on Tiger X Sasha, but I always liked the idea of Tigerstar falling in love with a kittypet.

  • I agree with all of them except Sasha and Tigerstar and Graystripe and Millie. I prefer Silverstream because Millie forgot Blossomfall and Bumblestripe after Briarlight ‘ s accident. Good article Sparktooth!

  • I agree with EVERY. SINGLE. COUPLE, EXCEPT…..(most wouldn’t have made it on my tops tho)



    FireXSand(a meh ship)

    I love SilverXGray, BerryXHoney, JayXHalf, HollyXFallen, and many more.

  • My favorite couples:
    CROOKEDxWILLOW <3 <3 <3

    All of these couples are on your list! Great article and reasons!

  • Yaas I agree with you! I don’t have much of an opinion on MilliexGray or LeafxBilly (haven’t read SkyClan’s Destiny or Firestar’s Quest). HeatherxLion and FeatherxCrow are fine. 🙂 But I LOVE DustxFern, SquirrelxBramble, HollyxFallen, and CloudxBright! 😍 Nice article!

  • I love that you mentioned Leafstar and Billystorm. I adore them together, and I wish Billystorm could’ve made it with SkyClan to the lake with the other four clans. Plus I also like that he gave up his kittypet life for good to be with her and their kits after all the chaos Sol caused. I hope Harrybrook gets to have some kits with another cat so their line can live on. Otherwise I will be so sad, that she had to lose her mate, and kits and never got to have any grandkits. Firestar has so many descendants its not even funny. Forget more thunderClan kits I want SkyClan kits specificially Harrybrook and Bellaleaf maybe?

    Onto your other picks I like a lot of the picks you mentioned, and I also liked that Firestar’s quest we got to see Firestar and Sandstorm work so closely together. Sandstorm was integral to the success of Firestar’s quest and it was nice to see their relationship put in the spotlight. It also admittedly addressed the Spottedleaf issue to where it was confirmed that Sandstorm was always who Firestar would pick. I also like how Sandstorm went with Alderpaw to the quest and thanked him for allowing her to relive that memory she shared with Firestar. I hope we see her with Firestar in StarClan at some point, that’d be cool.

    As for my favorite couples:

    Firestar x Sandstorm – FirexSand forever 😀

    Bramblestar x Squirrelflight – I will admit that Bramblestar was a mousebrain when Jessy showed up in Bramblestar’s storm but I still love these two together.

    Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves – These two need to show up again in the books, just even just an image of them in StarClan happy and together!

    Jayfeather x Half Moon – THE FEELS! My heart hurts when Jayfeather had to push Half Moon to be the Stoneteller and not live in a time when he WOULDN’T be blind and could have kits and be happy and ahhhhhhhhh. At times that whole reincarnation from the past thing was a bit too much but this gives me the feels so much

    Leafstar x Billystorm – I just really like them. I’ve liked Leafstar and I like how she was the first female leader to say ‘I am having kits and I’d like to see any of you toms tell me otherwise!’ Also again loved that Billystorm put everything else aside to be with his family and clan

    Tallstar x Jake – This is the best example of love in warriors and you can’t tell me otherwise! Like seriously they both realize that for the other to be happy they have to give each other up, and that is just love in the purest sense. I just aghhhhh.

    Cloudtail x Brightheart – THE PURITY! AHH! This made me like Cloudtail, because he loved Brightheart and made sure she knew she beautiful no matter what. They’re just wonderful

    And those are the ones that immediately pop to mind. I can appreciate the ones you mentioned for sure though 😀

  • Oh yay I was excited for this one to come out! 😀 Except Leafpool and Crowfeather should be in the runner-ups. Oops. :l