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The Favorite Cats of Two Warrior Cats by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares who they think are the favourite cats of two characters in the series.

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Hi, Sorrelpaw here, with my fourth article!

So today I’m going to figure out the possible favorite cats of two warrior cats. Sound confusing? Well, I mean that I’ll tell you which cats are the top three favorite cats of certain characters in the books.

Let’s start with Bluestar. Her favorite cat would probably be Snowfur. Snowfur was her sister, after all, and that in itself is an incredible bond. Bluestar was devastated when Snowfur died.

Her second favorite cat might be Oakheart. Oakheart was a warrior from a different Clan, but to be with him Bluestar would cross the boundaries of the Clans and step over the Code. Her love for Oakheart was so strong that she would forget the borders between their Clans just to be with him. She even bore his kits! This is proof of how much she loved Oakheart, and also of why Oakheart would be an astounding second on her list of favorite cats.

Her third favorite cat would probably be Firestar. Firestar, who saved her beloved ThunderClan; Firestar, who warned her of Tigerstar’s treachery; Firestar, who was there by her side when she drew her final breath and died. (That last sentence kind of rhymes.) After the great battle with the Dark Forest, Bluestar came and spoke to the Clan, saying that she had given Firestar a life for nobility when he was receiving his nine lives as leader, “even though he was born with more nobility than any cat I ever met.” (The Last Hope, page 326). These are all reasons why I believe Firestar was her third favorite cat.

And next, onto Hawkfrost. I never liked Hawkfrost, but that doesn’t stop me from including him in this article. His favorite cat, obviously, would be Tigerstar. Firstly, Hawkfrost admired Tigerstar with the admiration in which most kits admire their father with. Secondly, Tigerstar was kind of his idol. Hawkfrost wanted to rule the Clans just like Tigerstar, which is why they both ended up in the Place of No Stars, but before Hawkfrost died he had wanted to take over the Clans like his father, Tigerstar had. And then they plotted together how that should happen. Tigerstar shared ambitions and kinship with Hawkfrost. No wonder Hawkfrost liked Tigerstar the best.

Hawkfrost’s second favorite cat would probably be the same as my first favorite cat. Mapleshade was an excellent fighter, skilled and incredibly determined. She also wanted to inflict pain upon those who lived by the lake, and trained in the Dark Forest alongside Hawkfrost. These are reasons why I believe Hawkfrost’s second favorite cat is Mapleshade.

The third favorite cat of Hawkfrost should be Breezepelt. Breezepelt was the one Clan cat who remained loyal to the Dark Forest until the end, unlike Ivypool and the others, who betrayed the Dark Forest. That’s why I think Breezepelt would be his third favorite cat!

Aaaaand that’s it!! Yes, I only did two characters.
I’m running out of article inspirations now…

Anyway, farewell until next time! Faith forevermore!!

Sorzi, out!

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