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Why Spiderleg isn’t that bad (SPOILERS) by Fawnpaw

Fawnpaw defends Spiderleg’s character.

Artwork by Tusofsky

Yeah, you read the title right. I actually like Spiderleg. And before I start, I found a pretty good video on this topic! It’s called ‘Spiderleg: THE WORST CAT DAD EVER? | Warriors’ by Bright Guardian Akira. It covers some of the things I’ll be saying here. So, I’ll be answering your invalid arguments.

“He neglected his kits and Daisy!”
Well, Spiderleg wasn’t ready for kits yet. Then why did he become mates with Daisy, you ask? Before you say ‘Well, he thought Daisy was infertile!’ I’m gonna tell you this: NO! Spiderleg was very much alive AND a warrior when Daisy brought HER kits into ThunderClan. So, here’s the real answer: Spiderleg loved Daisy, but he’s s h y. Also, he most likely never lost the grief of Shrewpaw, his littermate’s death. He never really interacted with his family, since he was the oldest child alive, and his parents usually cared for the younger ones. Here’s an example of Spiderleg’s shyness. This takes place after Ferncloud’s death, when they are sitting vigil. Birchfall comes over to sit vigil with his family, but Dustpelt pushes him away. Spiderleg doesn’t dare to object, because he’s SHY! You may argue that Icecloud and Foxleap didn’t argue either, but they were following their older brother’s example.

Most people’s excuse for Spiderleg would be ‘His parents neglected him, so that’s why he neglects his kits!’ And once again, I say NO to this! (Ayyyyyy Hamilton reference) Sure, Spiderleg was neglected by his parents by them having more kits, but he wouldn’t want his kits to feel the same way. He definitely still loves Daisy, as near to the end of OoTS, he starts trying to socialize with her again. Most things are getting closer to alright, ’til Toadstep dies. OF G R E E N C O U G H. In the video I mentioned, there’s a nice depiction of this scene. So go watch the video!

Anyways, Spiderleg and Daisy start to get closer and closer, and there’s finally hope of them loving eachother again!

Til Spiderleg dies. The same way his son did. They just killed him off by greencough, and he doesn’t even get a death scene!
Well, I’m done my Spiderleg rant! I’ll be doing more hated characters next, but my current list is:
Clear Sky

I hope you liked this article!

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  • its sad for him, his parents neglecting him, his sister dyieng, and his daughter dyeing to. but he stil could of been a better father for his kits. when they played with him he pushed them of and said to go away. even a other cat who was not their parent would not have done that!

  • I think it’s interesting that another user likes Spiderleg. Ferncloud and Dustpelt did neglect him but, I agree that’s not the reason he neglected his kits. I don’t think he meant to neglect him. And Daisy wasn’t a good character either, I think she’s worse than Spiderleg.

  • I feel bad for the guy. He was a jerk to Daisy, but in Bramblestar’s Storm he really tried to rekindle their relationship. Poor guy died before he could do anything to better himself. He’s really just a tragic character.

    • Yeah I don’t really mind Spiderleg, he wasn’t ready for kits and he was just really shocked when Daisy had his kittens

  • I kind of hate Spiderleg , I mean if he didn’t want to have kits, why even bother to have a mate? I know having a mate dosen’t mean you need to have kits but, 95% of the Warrior cats relationships end in kits, even by accident. Okay, but he should at least had payed mjch attention since the begining,maybe he didn’t want kits, but know that they where there he should at least be a good father. Who knows? Maybe he would have seen that kits are good, and wanted to have more kits, or at least he would have stayed mates with Daisy, making clear that two kits were enough.

  • Jag älskar DaisyxSpider

    Jag tror bara inte att Spiderleg var redo för att bli pappa och han var fortfarande så ung när Daisy hade hans kit. Hans mentor var Mousefur och hans pappa var Dustpelt alltså de tjurigaste katterna i klanen så därifrån har han fått sin tjurighet. I vissa scener får vi också se de bra och roliga sidorna av honom t.ex när han leker med sina kit eller när han är med Daisy. De älskade varandra och jag skickar dem tillsammans.❤️ Jag håller med om din artikel och den var väldigt bra!

    DaisyxSpider for life

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