September Art Contest Results + October Fanfiction Contest

It’s time to announce the winners of the September Art Contest! 🙂

So, without further ado . . .

3rd place goes to Brookpaw! The background is bright and colorful and makes for an all-around amazing drawing! I like the shading you added too. And the cat is beyond cute, which, if I’m being honest, helped win me over. 😉

2nd place goes to Bramblefire! This drawing of Crowfeather is spectacular. Not only is the anatomy spot-on, but it ties in well with the autumn theme. As always, I’m blown away by the talent you possess, and I imagine the rest of BlogClan is too!

1st place goes to Dewpaw! I appreciate all the details you’ve put into this piece. From the apprentices training with their mentors, to the cats in the background on a patrol. There’s so much to love!

All in all, thank you to everyone who entered! 😀 The entries we received were phenomenal; Icy and I had trouble choosing between them.

Now it’s time to present Wanda The Wheel, Icy’s brainchild, who has chosen two volunteers to help out with drawing the prizes: Rainpaw, who will be drawing for the third place winner, and Iceshard, who will be drawing for the first place winner! Woohoo! (If either of you can’t draw the prizes after all, that is perfectly alright. ❤ Please let me know and someone else can be chosen.)


Now if you’d like to help out with drawing prizes for the October Fanfiction Contest winners, and can do so within three weeks, please fill out this form (it’s as easy as pie!):

Anyhow, with that said and done, it’s time to announce the October Fanfiction prompt, which was decided by the ever so talented Icy!


As leaf-fall progresses and Halloween gets closer, what does this mean for the Warriors world? (You can interpret this however you like. Get creative!)


  • No excessive gore, inappropriate scenes, cursing, or anything otherwise not found on BlogClan. Any entries of this nature will be deleted.
  • Only one entry per person!
  • Be respectful of all participants! Let’s make this fun for everyone!
  • Your entry must relate to the Warriors world.
  • The deadline is October 30th, 11:59 PM EST.


These apply to both the fanart and fanfiction contest!

  • Third place: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character)
  • Second place: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character) OR the ability to choose live chat’s colors*
  • First place: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character) AND the ability to choose live chat’s colors*

*Colors must be approved by a moderator. 😉

Last but not least, here are some Commonly Asked Question:

#1: Sunny, what do I do if my cat lays on my keyboard when I’m in the middle of writing my fanfiction entry?
Answer: Grab a cover and tuck them into bed. Then, well, there’s not much else you can do but hope they get up within the next month.

#2: Sunny, my cat is staring at me as I write, are they plotting something?
Answer: Yes. To make sure they don’t go through with any devious plans, buy them some catnip. Then return to writing your fan fiction.

Icy edit: You’re a star, Sunny! Thanks for helping me out. I couldn’t have done it without you. 😉


  • Ahhhhhhhhh
    I’m reaaaally late but I suppose I’ll get it in tomoRROw, is that okay?

  • Icy can I enter some of my fanfic that I am continuing
    Here it is

    Falconpaw sat at the entrance of the medicene den, her amber eyes narrowed in thought. She seemed lost in a world of her own, staring at the green leaf flowers that were scattered like dandelion seeds in the wind. Nervously, her mottled grey tail swished from side to side, carelessly knocking herbs onto the dappled, sunlit floor of the den. Today she would take the test. Today she would either become a medicene cat apprentice or be scarred forever. Before medicene cats could officially begin their training they had to appeal to StarClan that they are not keeping any knowledge of the warrior code being broken a secret. If you passed then you became a medicene cat apprentice. If not and you were hiding something, your pelt would be darkened like it had been scorched in a fire and you would struggle to ever gain StarClans respect again. Falconpaw knew one cat who had failed the test, Darkstream of CavernClan, but she did not want to become the second.

    “Come on Falconpaw, it’s time to go,” Honeywave’s soft voice broke into her thoughts, “ The whole clan is gathering outside to see you off.” Honeywave continued, for a while Falconpaw had thought her mentor’s name was from her smooth soothing voice but to her annoyance this had not been true.
    Outside, the camp was ablaze with a dappled light and the sky was a pallet of paint splattered, tie dyed sunset oranges and reds. Cats were crowded on the ground, their soft murmurs sounding like bird song in the sun down breeze. As soon as they saw Falconpaw emerge they all rose to their feet in almost perfect unison. Sunstar was the first to step forward, his muscles rippling through his thick golden pelt and right down to his stumpy tail. With his deputy Herongaze beside him, the noble leader dipped his head to Falconpaw and without a word passed between them Herongaze did the same. What seemed like hours past and Falconpaw couldn’t even think to breath until Sunstar and Herongaze stepped away into the crowd of cats to discuss some sort of important clan business. One by one cats stepped forward to wish Falconpaw farewell. Snowsplash accompanied by Mistypaw had bidded a particularly emotional good bye which she was puzzled by, Snowsplash was usually straight faced and calm. Then she turned round to see Snowsplash and Mistypaw snickering behind her, obviously both very aware of how confused she had been.

    With all the goodbyes said, Honeywave and Falconpaw padded across the now slightly shadowed camp and towards the StarTree path. Suddenly, a long furred ginger she cat leapt from from the trees, her amber eyes glowing with amusement. Great, Falconpaw thought , just what we need, Lionfire the most annoying member of LagoonClan.
    “Flacon, Falcon, Falcon, Falcon , Falcon , Falcon , Falcon, “ Lionfire mewed at the top of her lungs.
    “It’s Falconpaw, not Falcon, “ Falconpaw sighed rolling her eyes.
    “Ok Falcon,” Lionfire smirked at her, “I have something for you”. She rolled a pebble out from under her paws and tossed it toFalconpaw. Aware of her mentor sighing behind her, Falconpaw hurriedly took the pebble and continued after Honeywave.
    “It’s a lucky pebble,” Lionfire screeched behind her, “It’s covered in catmint to get rid of your nerves !”
    Glad that the smart side of Lionfire was finally emerging if not slowly, Falconpaw trotted after her mentor, brushing aside shimmering reeds as she went.
    Just as the stars were beginning to dance in the reflections of the lagoon, the tow medicene cats arrived at a giant hollow logs which was covered in a quilt of moss and bracken.
    “Here we are,” Honeywave told Falconpaw, “ This is the StarTree, just follow my lead so we can get though to the SpeakingFalls without any scratches.”
    Falconpaw nodded towards the light brown she cat before dipping her head to Lionfire’s lucky pebble. She breathed in the scent of catmint and the nerves flooded from her body, she was relieved that the annoying warrior had been correct, even though it was often the case, Lionfire was smart when she wanted to be. Picking up the small pebble in the jaws, Falconpaw padded into the log after her mentor and darkness swallowed her whole. Following the echoes of Honeywave’s pawsteps, her eyes began to adjust to the lack of light. The log was eerily large, easily twice the height of Falconpaw and small beetles scurried around in the nooks and crannies that flecked the tree trunk. Suddenly the log came to an end and the two cats emerged into a beautiful glade. Water trickled down a giant rocky cliff edge and into a seemingly bottomless pool of clear water. Around the pool three cats stood, a tiny sandy grey tom was talking to an elegant leopard spotted she cat and a scarred light brown she cat was staring at the trickling water , silently as if trying to avoid friendly conversation with the other medicene cats.

  • Hey Icy would it be all right if one of my characters said ‘Son of a dog’ or is the implication of the phrase too offensive?
    It’s a common phrase one of the characters I’m basing one of my cats off of in my story tends to utter in some instances so I’m trying to come up with a good censored version that’s okay for BlogClan.

    • Sorry I took so long to get back to you! I think if it’s censored, it should be alright. 🙂 Just no real curses. 😛

  • This is my fan-fic about a illegal group discovered by the police.

    Amaya walked beside Lorin, Moné and me talking about how woried she was about the police. She heard that they figured about a illegal group.
    “In heard the police. We could get in huge trouble.” Said Amaya.
    Lorin, the leader whispered in my ear, “I got a idea. Go get Morgan.”
    I ran to get our friend, Morgan and ran back with her.
    Lorin called everyone up in their gathering place.
    “Guys. I have a idea.” Everyone leaned forward.
    “We should run away. We are orphins, and Sofia knows really good survival skills.”
    “What?” Amaya screamed.
    “Hmm…” Moné thought.
    “Why????” Morgan yelled.
    Everyone stared at Sofia. She was the decision maker.
    “Ok. Let’s go!” Sofia yelled happily.

    ~~~~~End of part one~~~~~

    1. Those are my real friends. One of them is me! (Hint hint.)
    2. I am mobile right now, so I can’t type a lot.
    3. I don’t have a lot of time, so I wrote this.
    4. Part 2 coming soon!

  • This, is my super long and awful fanfic. Enjoy. 😛

    early leaf-fall

    I’m sorry for your loss.

    Wait… what? I mean, Summershine is in the medicine cat den, down with a cold. But that’s a superficial wound that can heal within the blink of an eye.

    Or can it?

    During the night, a nightmare chases after me with frightening agility. It claws at me, swiping and scratching at the wall I’ve unconsciously created. Summershine, curled up and glassy eyed, haunts me as I race through the damp forest. Gnarled branch-tips dig into my flesh. A trail of blood snakes through the trees. But all I care about is getting away from it. It doesn’t end for an eternal… well, who knows how long.

    The next morning, the nightmare subsides and I wake up in the world to find the nest beside me cold. Empty. I can still see the imprint she has left, a slight hollow in the perfect fronds of tender greenleaf ferns.

    The air chokes me, the morning sticky and suffocating. My heart races faster and faster until it seems everything will explode altogether.

    I stumble into the medicine cat den misty-eyed and groggy. The world spins like a never-ending carousel and a wave of nausea deems it the perfect time to crash down on me. Two words float out of my mouth.

    Where’s Summershine?

    A frozen silence.

    She died yesterday, an unfortunate soul answers, oblivious to the pain it’s causing me.

    I fight the urge to run out of the den, out of the camp, out of the territory, out of the forest, out of the world. Red swathes my vision in a stage curtain of crimson velvet as I let out a cry and crash to the dusty ground. You’re lying, I snarl up at their shocked faces. You’re lying, and you all know it. What kind of Clanmates are you?

    The medicine cat turns a sympathetic face to me, the blue depths of his eyes shining with understanding. I’m sorry for your lo-

    No. It’s those five words again. StarClan, please, no. I don’t want your stupid pity! I yell. I can sense nothing but a pounding storm of rage and I don’t care one bit; my Clanmates can’t possibly understand the claws tearing at my heart. You’re not even right, for StarClan’s sake! Summershine is fine!

    You’re not getting it, Aspenwing starts, but I interrupt. Bare my teeth. And recklessly slash at him, my heart crazed with grief. A bright red gash appears, bubbling scarlet. The medicine cat is still as ice as he slowly reaches up to the scratch on his face with a trembling claw.

    And without looking back, I run.

    I have no idea where I’m going. For all I know, I can be sprinting in circles. Nothing matters right now. Nothing matters except the fact that the cold truth is sinking in, and it hurts too much for me to bear.

    I collapse in a sunlit clearing. I can sense the soft grass pressed up against my fur, cool breeze brushing the tips of my whiskers. But nothing can put out the wildfires raging red-hot in my mind. No amount of sun can dry the tears I shed. Nothing can piece a shattered heart back together.

    When I feel like I stretch my eyes open again, I look at my surroundings.

    Leaf-fall has carried out its first strike; the cold wind stings my upturned cheek. The sun shines with a tinge of blood-red.

    And finally, my breath hitches as my gaze falls on the small, lonely maple standing in the corner, cloaked in shadow.

    My heart breaks all over again. This is my clearing. Summershine’s clearing. That maple… is her tree.

        When we were apprentices, bright-eyed and mischievous, we’d sneak away from our mentors with practiced ease and delve into the forest. The territory had been a mysterious place, paradise and hell at the same time. We apprentices dreamed about what treasures could be hidden in the woods, but Summerpaw was… well, different. She wouldn’t sit around; she would go do it.

        We would curl around the little maple at night, watching the skies twinkle with stars and shadows, mist and twilight. Tails entwined, fur brushing. Everything was perfect for thirteen moons.

        The maple had been a haven for me and her- it was where we had invented games, laughed and gossiped, confided and comforted. It had been ours.

    As I glance at the maple, a fierce possessiveness and love for it rushes forward. I must not let anything happen to it. It’s… it’s the only piece of Summershine I have left. I’ll do everything to guard it.

    Night is majestic. Its vast, inky-blue cloak ripples with glowing nebulas and invisible planets. Tiny silver stars gleam like precious jewels.

    But I can find no beauty in it anymore. Why does StarClan have to take away Summershine? What has she ever done to them? My claws dig into the supple earth beneath me. Can’t they have taken Aspenwing instead, for not saving lives when he needs to?

        Of course not. He’s ThunderClan’s precious medicine cat. I scowl bitterly.

    Without really knowing what I’m doing, I shift my gaze to my half-buried claws and promise to myself I’ll never look up at StarClan again.

        The sun has barely peeked over the horizon when I stumble into camp, tendrils of musty, foggy sleep wrapped around me still. The cats on the dawn patrol, Sleetheart, Willownose and Duskpaw, give me strange looks. Sleetheart’s face says, What were you doing? Willownose gives me a glance that means, You look like a badger attacked you. And Duskpaw is quite simply, OH MY STARCLAN WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! And I realize why when I check my reflection in a small puddle in the shadows of camp. My blue eyes are bloodshot, thin veins tracing my pupils. Usually, my pelt is groomed to smooth honey-like perfection, but today it’s a knotted mess. Scrapes and flecks of dried blood dust the pads of my paws with scarlet.

        I sigh and stand, my paws dragging pale dust into the air as I scoot into the warriors den. A pang of pain reverberates in my heart as I find myself staring at Summershine’s empty nest. Why? I wail silently.

        The place is a painful reminder of her death, and I can’t- I can’t be in here. Scrambling to my paws, I streak out of the warriors den and collapse. Tears spill out. These tears are for Summershine, and no one else.

        It’s sunhigh and I haven’t moved a single inch. A puddle sits at my paws. I can see the dust swirling with the salty teardrops, creating a thick, muddy brown cloud.

    The kits bounce out of the nursery, send a curious glance at me, and resume their carefree play. However, one certain kit doesn’t seem to be affected by my gloomy mood. Do you wanna play mossball with me? Bluekit squeaks, her green-flecked eyes staring up at me. Her gray-and-white fur is tousled as always.

        I growl. No. Leave me alone! It comes out bristling with bitter thorns and shards of shattered rocks. Shattered rocks that I have no one to throw at but poor Bluekit.

    The feather-tailed she-kit flinches and guilt washes over me. I didn’t know you were like this, she says quietly, and walks away, ears drooping and tiny paws dragging.

        I can feel my own spirits plummeting down an abyss. Why do I have to be like this? I’m hurting so many cats, so many innocent souls. If this had never- if Summershine had never died, none of this would be happening.

        Why… ?

        If I can turn back time and save everything, everything will be alright. The Clan will be happy, and I will be happy. Is it even possible?

        Not sure if I’m sane or not, I decide to strike a bargain with StarClan. To set everything right. The best place to find these cats is probably the Moonpool. The Moonpool. It’s always had an aura of mystery and secrecy about it. The name itself sounds like starlit water and silver dreams. But anything can be a ruse. Everything can be a lie.

        I do live in a world of backstabbing and grief, so it wouldn’t be surprising. But I can’t let go of this chance. If StarClan is as heavenly and godly as it’s told to be, I can’t let my shot go to waste.

        Sucking in a breath, I plunge through the tunnel and out into ThunderClan territory.

        The journey, with peril waiting to spring at me, extracts every bit of energy from me and I let myself collapse on the pebbles. Every nerve is blazing with fire, but I keep on dragging myself towards the glistening circumference of dark water.

        At last, I can’t hold up my head anymore. It drops and I, light as a feather, dip the tip of my nose to the Moonpool. I barely remember anything else as I droop like a wilted flower. My muzzle is precariously balanced on the edge. The silver water licks at my fur and retreats back into the pool.




        From a tiny ripple, it grows to a wild, reckless tide. With a final, condescending WHOOSH, the wave of moonlight rushes over my body and pulls me into unconsciousness.

        I blink. In front of me is a vast silver-tinged meadow splashed in starlight, the scent of blooming honeysuckle blossoms drifting through the air. The sky is filled with a plethora of pale blue butterflies. Birdsong pierces the silence with three long notes, sweet like honey and vibrating with fragile highness.

        StarClan is actually quite beautiful, and I drink in the peace. Until time starts to tick by, and my blue gaze darts around nervously, searching for signs of StarClan’s legendary warriors.

        I nearly jump out of my fur when a voice appears out of nowhere. Oh, my love.
    Whirling around, my claws slide out. But I realize… that it’s Summershine’s voice.

        Where are you? I call helplessly, feeling like a lost kit. Please… please. If you love me, come out! My voice has an edge of desperation to it, so high-pitched I think I’m close to clawing the tranquil night sky to shreds looking for Summershine.

        No, no, dear, comes Summershine’s voice again. I bite back a breathless gasp. I can’t. I can see you, but you cannot see me. Why have you come? Her soft, comforting voice instantly takes on a dry brittleness- like the dead leaves of leaf-fall.

        StarClan is known for its magic, right? I begin, my voice taking on a tinge of hysteria. If I can ask StarClan to turn back time, or reincarnate you, see how much pain and suffering that would be eased. I’m not just doing this for myself. It’s for everyone in my Clan, from little Bluekit to… even Aspenwing. Please, Summershine, please. Just grant me this one wish.

        A laugh rings in my ears, a laugh that rings of regret and sorrow. It’s so different from her usual sugar-sweet song. StarClan cannot grant these wishes of yours. We are not deities; we are the spirits who watch and guide those on the earth. I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I mean, I’d love to have another life. Is that her attempt at a joke? I’m already sick to the core.

        I don’t want to hear anymore, Summershine, I force out. I’m leaving.

        And with a blink, I find myself curled around the Moonpool, salty drops of sweat trickling through my fur.

        mid leaf-fall

        Come on, eat these poppy seeds, Aspenwing coaxes me like I’m a kit. With his plumy tail, he sweeps the three poppy seeds closer to my jaws. They will do you good. His eyes are expectant, watching me with a calmness only he can muster.

    I avoid his searching gaze. Too drained to argue, I curl my golden-brown tail around my paws and slump again to the dirt floor. Why does Aspenwing care about me, anyway? I’m just a broken shell of myself, hollowed out until there is nothing inside me anymore. Ever since my StarClan dream, I’ve given up on life.

    Aspenwing sighs and leaves me alone.

    Everything I think about is all a flurry of why’s and what’s and who’s. Why did Summershine have to die? What did she do to StarClan? Who exactly was responsible for her death?

    That question… I honestly don’t have an answer to. Because no one killed her.

    She was the light in my life, the sun sparkling in the darkness for me. Without her, all of the colors, fuchsia and scarlet, indigo and gold, have bled out. The world is just a gray, gray prison.

    Each time my heart drops, for some reason, my paws carry me to the little maple. Over the course of leaf-fall, it’s gone through quite a bit of change. The leaves are the color orange. The color of wide-eyed fascination and the thin glass of fragility, of marble-stone pride and sugared indulgences.

    But like all the wonders of nature, the maple’s profound beauty can only last for so long.

    Ever since Summershine’s left me, I can sense this deep, pulsing connection with the maple. It is mine. I am it. We are together.

    It’s the only piece of her I have left. And I’m determined to keep it.

        Aspenwing seems to be pleased that I’m making more frequent excursions to the forest beyond the thorny camp walls. This is good for you, he reminds me for what seems like the thousandth time. Breathe in the fresh air. Let the sounds of  trickling water transform to music in your ears. Feel the breeze tugging at your fur, waiting for you to sprint like it does. Life is a treasure, my dear warrior. Keep it. Take care of it. Cherish it.

        I want to tell him that I am cherishing life.

    His bright blue eyes, gleaming like the endless sky, glitter with a world’s worth of memories and wisdom. I wonder what he’s seen, heard, felt, scented, tasted. For the first time in moons, I feel alive.

        The maple is my treasure, the most precious jewel of all. Rubies glitter from its branches and diamond dewdrops bloom. With it, as I watch the rippling, soft light of sunset bathe its leaves with a orange-gold shimmer, I feel like I can conquer the world.

        My shining triumph is short-lived. A half-moon remains before the icy blue talons of leaf-bare clutch the land.

        One morning, I wake up to frost dusting the camp in a silver wonderland. And I wonder if my maple is as beautiful.

        Of course. It is the most beautiful creation in the world, a masterpiece that cannot be surpassed.

        But my spirits fall like the day when Bluekit approached me as my eyes widen at the sight of the maple.

        It’s no longer in shades of flame, no longer the ever-burning candle nothing can blow out. The leaves are rimmed with frost, wisps of black drifting through like stormclouds in the sky.


        This can’t be happening.

        No, no, no.

        The maple can’t be leaving me now. Please, no! I scream to the listless, silent skies. StarClan, you can’t do this to me! You can’t rip my maple from me! You can’t. Take. Summershine! Again!

        As I watch, horrified, time seems to slow. I can see the leaf’s stem slowly detach itself from the branch. In three agonizingly long heartbeats, it completely frees itself of the branch and…

    Time speeds again. Within the blink of an eye, the leaf flutters up and away, a tiny crimson speckle whirling through the clouds.

    Why must life be so cruel? It’s taken everything I’ve loved, everything I’ve ever treasured.




    Everything is gone.

    Nothing is left.

    I can’t give up. Not now. Not yet. Not ever.

        Scrambling to my paws, I run into the dense forest. I have a destination: the stream. When Summershine and I were apprentices, we had detested gathering moss there. But she’d been the light in it. She had found a way to make me happy. One day, she proposed having a moss fight. I was… skeptical, but nothing could go wrong with Summershine’s sharp mind. As we played, yelping and laughing as our pelts became tangled in moss, the sun would set and time would pass quickly. And then our mentors would yell for us, but what did that matter?

        I shake my head, clearing out the bittersweet memories. It’s time to take action.

        The stream looks as peaceful as it was when I was an apprentice. But this is no time for drowning in nostalgia. I unsheathe my claws, now blunt tips, and set to work. Scrape moss. Check. Soak moss in water. Check. Run back to maple. Check. Water maple. Check.

        I allow myself a tight smile and return to camp feeling a bit better.

        After two weeks, nothing has changed. Actually it’s gotten worse. The blackness spreads to all of the leaves, and more began to wither and blow away.

        I stop eating. Sleeping. Talking. I shut myself from the world, waiting for the final day when there will be no going back to the good old days.

        I weep through that last night, my tears falling. Watering the earth with grief and lost love. Clouds mist over the moon and nothing is right. Nothing will get better.

        The dark skies of twilight vanish, and at the dawn of leaf-bare, something happens.

        As I stare at the horizon, I fall silent. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as a sunrise before, I realize. As the sun slowly, slowly appears from beneath, mesmerizing the world with its faint golden shine…

        The first ray of the new day’s sunlight illuminates the tiny maple.

        I remember the first day now. The day after Summershine left. The little tree sits in the corner, covered in shadows and afraid to say hello to the light. Small. Vulnerable. Alone.

        Now it’s different. It may have lost everything, but it’s in the light now. Shining.

        Shining with a new dawn.

        A new future.

        And hope.

    The last leaf shivers, and everything is suddenly pure and clear. I reach for the tiny maple leaf. Without a moment of hesitation, I pluck it from the branch and watch it disappear into the brilliant, brilliant skies forever.

    Life a never-ending mountain range. Climb a peak, and joy is imminent as success is found. But then, how are you supposed to descend the mountain?

    You accidentally fall down a cliff and break a bone. However, injuries heal, and you achieve more as time goes on. Then you suffer more falls. And rise up again.

    But one thing about life will never change. In the end, everything is worth it, because sunlight will always shine after the darkness.

    “When it rains, look for rainbows.
        When it’s dark, look for the stars.”

    So basically, I DO know that Summer- isn’t a prefix, but it was created as a reference to the season and the character itself. 😛

    Review, please, if you’d like, and have a good day. 😀

  • The Art of Doing Nothing
    By Sorzi

    “Hello! Here you are welcome. Do sit down.”
    “I apologize, but I am rather busy. I’d rather finish the tour quickly.”
    “The tour? Oh yes, so that‘s what Ravenstar was talking about. You want to know about our lives as Warriors, don’t you.”
    “Yes, but I’m actually here to see what Warriors do to prepare for Halloween. It’s part of a prompt for the October BlogClan fanfic contest, and so naturally I’d come to you to get a glimpse of how Warriors prepare for Halloween.”
    “I see. Well, have a seat–maybe not there, sit closer where you can see more clearly. Yes that’s it.”
    “Thank you.”
    “Let’s look at Applewhisker’s hunting patrol first shall we?
    Applewhisker pounced on the mouse, but too late! The small creature scuttled away and disappeared. Applewhisker sighed and turned to face his patrol. Nettlewind was sympathetic. “That was a hard catch, it’s okay to miss.” However, Applewhisker’s own apprentice Daisypaw snorted. “He never manages to catch a THING!” The apprentice murmured to her denmate Runningpaw. Runningpaw nodded,and shot an angry look at Applewhisker.

    Nettlewind padded forward. “Look, there’s a squirrel!” She whispered to Applewhisker. “Why don’t you try and catch that?” Her invitation did not go ignored. Applewhisker began stalking it, but his hind paw slipped on the dried autumn leaves as he padded forward and startled the prey. The squirrel chittered and ran away. Applewhisker sighed again. “I told you so!” Daisypaw hissed to Runningpaw. “he shouldn’t even be a WARRIOR yet!”

    “Major fail!”
    “Yes, unfortunately. Applewhisker lacks confidence, even though he passed his assessment.”
    “How about another scene? Applewhisker does seem slightly hopeless.”
    “Of course. Look.”
    “You’re right, Fallowlight. I should have addressed the issue already.” Boulderstar sighed. “But I want the Clan to feel safe.”

    Fallowlight purred. “They’ll feel safer knowing their leader notices all the trouble. Come on, go call a Clan meeting, I’ll get Applewhisker and send someone else to fetch Goldenwing. Go on.”

    Both cats left the leader’s den.
    “Sorry, I can tell this isn’t what you’re looking for.
    “It’s not. I’d love to know what Boulderstar’s problem is though. And who is Fallowlight? The med-cat? Deputy? Boulderstar’s mate?”
    “Boulderstar’s deputy. If you like I can show you the med-cat Hawksnow.
    “Yes, Hawksnow. Very talented but hates the smell of blood. Gets apprentices to patch up wounds because of it.”
    “Oh, that seems interesting. I’ll certainly–”
    “Be careful! You almost fell into the Looking Pool.”
    “Oh right–yes thanks–oh wow look my hand got wet! Have you got a cloth? This water isn’t poisonous, right?”
    “It isn’t. Look, here’s a cloth.
    “Thanks. I’m really clumsy.”
    “Right. I’ll show you Hawksnow. You can put the cloth right there. No, not on the chair. Over here, see this peg? Yep that’s it.
    Marigoldtuft hissed as Patchpaw applied a poultice of horsetail and stinging nettle onto her wounds. Patchpaw backed away anxiously. “Are you okay?? Should I get Hawksnow?” The medicine cat was outside the den because he simply could not tolerate the scent of blood. “Drives me dizzy,” he used to explain. “I’m fine,” Marigoldtuft assured him. “Just stings a bit.”

    The pale gray-and-white she-cat sat up. “Thanks, Patchpaw!” She mewed as she padded out of the medicine cat den. Patchpaw nodded and padded to where fresh water dripped from the den roof onto the ground to clean the poultice off his paws.

    Marigoldtuft did not thank Hawksnow, but the medicine cat didn’t seem to mind. His abnormal dislike of blood was by now not very abnormal, and it was considered usual for him to mix the poultice and an apprentice to apply it onto the wound. The apprentices even included being in his den as part of their daily duties. Patchpaw came out of the den and nodded to Hawksnow. The medicine cat wrinkled his nose and padded away because the scent of Marigoldtuft’s blood had tinged his fur.

    “Oh StarClan.”
    “I believe you weren’t looking for this either…”
    “Yes… No please don’t sigh, I’m sure you still have many scenes left. I’ll find something to write, I will.”
    “Alright. Well let’s look at Brindlekit’s outside-of-camp expedition, which unfortunately is ending…”
    Brindlekit yelped as she was scooped up into Willowfern’s paws. The young queen took Brindlekit’s scruff in her teeth and sighed. “Naughty kit!” She mewed, her voice muffled by the kit, “what were you THINKING, running out of camp like that?!”

    Brindlekit whined with protest. “Grasskit and Molekit are so boring! I wanted to have fun!”

    Willowfern looked exasperatedly at Mistystone who had accompanied her on the kit search. “Well it won’t be fun if a fox or a terrible BADGER eats you up will it?” She mewed as she entered the camp with the kit dangling from her jaws. “Go on, Grasskit’s with the elders. Look, there’s Molekit,he’s found a piece of moss to play with! Go On! Join them!” She set Brindlekit on the ground.
    “Well I’m sorry to say but this still isn’t what I need…”
    “Oh, what exactly are you looking for?”
    “Like i said, some thing to help me write the fanfic. Some Halloween related stuff, you know…?”
    “Oh. Then I can’t help you much.
    “Why? Your Looking Pool can see nearly everything!”
    “Oh, after all, Warriors don’t celebrate Halloween. Thanks for coming anyway! And use the back door, that’s the exit.”


    Okay this is really dumb. I know I won’t win but I like to get into the spirit of things ;P

  • I reach up with my paw to touch the orange object. Flames danced within the holes, casting shadows over the orange thing. Even in the darkness, the fire within the orange thing glowed with a brilliant light.

    I could picture my mother now, her sharp voice commanding me to return to camp. She would not relent until I did so. But she was not here, and I was blessedly free.

    It was wrong, being so near twolegs; touching things on their nests. But the flames were mesmerizing; drawing me in…. Their dance and warmth were irresistible.

    A faint beating noise made my ears prick up. My eyes briefly flickered away from the luminous glow.

    Twoleg scent wafted into my nostrils. I shot up, panic flooding my brain.

    In front of me lay the twoleg nest. Behind were the twolegs. On my right was a deep stream, and to my left lay a dog nest.

    I was trapped. I had outsmarted myself and not realized how vulnerable I could be.

    The flames had drawn me in. They had lured me into this trap. I overestimated myself, and I am to blame for what is happening.

    I cannot fight twolegs. I cannot swim. And I will not face dogs alone.

    I was trapped.

    Is this the price of freedom? Cats were always talking about how freedom has a price. I had always assumed it would be things like responsibility or good manners. But was the price of freedom something much steeper?

    Everycat must fight for freedom. But what fights come after the fight for freedom?

    The twolegs approached. Now I could see them. They were dressed oddly; in pelts too bright and large. Pelts had been stuffed onto their heads, and some carried heavy parcels full of squares. Another some had blood trickling down his face.

    I closed my eyes and reopened them. The twolegs came.

    If I had to fall, I would fall happily. So I pictured those that I loved.

    My mother, every sharp yet ever strict.

    My father, funny and adventurous.

    My siblings, supportive and sarcastic.

    My crush, funny and kind.

    My leader, wise and noble.

    And my mentor, patient and knowing.

    I was not yet a warrior. Unlike some who were satisfied with fate, I had not lived a full life. I would not die weak.

    I bared my fangs.

    The twolegs can come. But I will never submit to their ways. I will stand strong.

    If I cannot use brute force to escape, I will be sly and diligent.

    I will watch and wait until the time comes.

    And then I will spring away.

    Truly free.

  • Just in time…

    This is…

    Sour Sisters

    “The apprentice stared down at the kit’s remains. And then looked up and saw bright blue eyes. It’s eyes. The Monster of Leaf-Fall’s Day’s eyes. The great beast blinked once , then disappeared, leaving the apprentice with the kit’s dead body…”
    A shriek cut through Yellowleaf’s story, startling Swanpaw and making her jump. Swirlkit closed her mouth, having completed the shriek. She was clinging to her sister, Blazingkit.
    “W-was it the monster? Did the monster kill the kit?” She murmured softly, eyes wide with horror.
    Swanpaw sighed and rolled her eyes at the kit, then gave a sharp glare to Yellowleaf. How did the elder expect her to change out his bedding with these kits screaming every which way?
    “Maybe you should stop the story, Yellowleaf. It’s obviously upsetting Swirlkit.” Swanpaw mewed.
    Swirlkit started to nod.
    “No!” One of the kits yelped. “What happens next, Yellowleaf?!” All the other kits yowled and voiced their agreement.
    Swirlkit shivered nervously and crouched down on the ground.
    One kit, Icekit, hesitated for a moment, then walked over to her.
    “Do you want to play mossball outside?” he asked. “I’m sure someone would be willing to play with us. Maybe my dad.”
    Swirlkit nodded and raced out of the den with Icekit, relief showing on her young face.
    Swanpaw quickly finished changing Yellowleaf’s bedding, shutting out Yellowleaf and the kits’ voices.
    She hurried out of the den and promptly bumped into her sister, Ravenpaw.
    “Swanpaw! Do you hear the story Yellowleaf is telling the kits?”
    “No,” Swanpaw said bluntly. “I was doing my best to shut it out.”
    Ravenpaw’s tail twitched excitedly and her eyes were glittering. Swanpaw started to get an uneasy feeling. Ravenpaw had that look on her face. The look that promised trouble, and mischief, and sneaking. The last time she’d had that look, Swanpaw had fallen off one of the trees at Fourtrees and had to spend two sunrises in Sparklefur’s den. Sparklefur was their medicine cat.
    “He’s saying how no one has ever gotten a good look at the Monster of Leaf-Fall’s Day. if we were the first…” she grinned slyly at her sister.
    Swanpaw’s fur bristled. “Are you crazy?” she hissed. “You want to go hunting the creature known for killing kits and apprentices? I don’t know if you noticed, but we’re apprentices!” She shivered.
    Ravenpaw cocked her head. “Are you scared?”
    Swanpaw blinked nervously. “No, of course not! I just… …don’t want us to waste our time! The Monster of Leaf-Fall’s Day isn’t real.”
    Ravenpaw sighed. “We might as well try. We’d be famous! Come on.”
    Ravenpaw stalked away. Swanpaw groaned but followed. Not that Ravenpaw needed help. But Swanpaw didn’t want to be alone.
    She muttered softly and she walked through the forest trailing after Ravenpaw. Slowly the sun sank below the horizon and it got darker and darker and darker still…
    “Wait,” Ravenp[aw hissed and softly as she could. “Do you hear that?”
    A rustling. A twitching. A slithering. What was it?
    Swanpaw looked up at the moon. The moon always relaxed her.
    There were two moons.
    Glowing a bright blue.
    Actually, Swanpaw thought, Those look less like moons and more like…
    “Eyes!” she shrieked. “The monster’s eyes!”
    She sprang away and heard a roar.
    “The monster! The monster!”
    She looked around for Ravenpaw and couldn’t see her.
    “Ravenpaw? Ravenpaw!”
    Then she saw her sister’s dark form haring away toward camp. Swanpaw followed as quickly as she could. She could feel the monster’s hot breath on her flank. Hear it panting.
    Swanpaw ran faster.
    She heard a yowl and looked up, only to see Ravenpaw dangling from the monster’s jaw by her tail.
    She ran. Even faster.
    A sharp claw hooked her flank and picked her up. She frantically tried to run, pinwheeling her paws in the air, but to no avail.
    The monster brought her up close to it’s face. It’s breath smelled rancid. She looked into it’s eyes.
    It’s bright blue eyes.
    It’s beautiful eyes.
    Strange, Swanpaw thought, Ravenpaw’s and her own screams slowly fading from her hearing, the monster and the forest, slowly fading from her vision, until all she could see were those eyes. Strange that such an awful creature would have such lovely eyes. And they look so kind…
    Then everything went black.

    Swanpaw woke up, panting in her nest. She covered her mourth with her paws to stop herself from sccreaming. She looked herself up and down.
    No parts missing… Good…
    She looked around. She was lying in the apprentice’s den, her sister by her side and Cloudpaw sleeping peacefullynearby.
    Ravenpaw shifted in her sleep.
    A dream… All a dream…
    But such a real dream it had been.
    Swanpaw started to cry.
    Ravenpaw’s ears pricked up and she picked up her head.
    “Are you ok Swanpaw?”
    “A nightmare,” she whispered. “An awful nightmare. About the Monster of Leaf-fall’s Day.”
    Ravenpaw looked slightly irritated.
    “That’s why you woke me up?”
    Swanpaw started to point out that she hadn’t, in fact, woken her up, but Ravenpaw continued.
    “Wait a second. You’re not scared of a nightmare or a monster, are you?”
    “I suppose not…” Swanpaw murmured hesitantly.
    “Ok, good. Good night…”
    Ravenpaw shifted again and a moment later her breathing steadied and she was fast asleep.
    “I suppose I’m not afraid…” Swanpaw said again, softly.
    But she was. She was very afraid.

    Ravenpaw couldn’t see anything. Her eyes were closed. She relaxed slightly. A good night’s sleep is just what i need… she thought.
    Screams. Horror-filled screams.
    Ravenpaw’s eyes flared open. She leaped to her paws, Swanpaw slowly rising. Cloudpaw was gone.
    Swanpaw took one terrified glance at her and they darted out into the clearing.
    Dead bodies. Lying everywhere. Swanpaw squealed slightly.
    Ravenpaw stood stock still. There was Littlestar, already dead. She had been on her last life?
    Spinninghero lay nearby, gasping his last breaths.
    A heap of shining silver fur was sitting nearby. That must be Sparklefur…
    Swanpaw squeaked beside her. She followed her gaze.
    Standing at the entrance to camp was the monster. It was holding Swirlkit. She struggled in it’s jaws, wiggling around.
    “Help!” she squealed.
    Ravenpaw tried to run, but her paws felt glued to the ground. The monster looked at her, then hurried out of camp.
    Swanpaw wailed. Ravenpaw looked down. A river of blood was slowly rising around them. It swallowed up the bodies. Swanpaw raised her head as high as she could, but the blood covered her too. Ravenpaw gasped lightly as the blood came up to her, then she screamed.
    She shot to her paws heart hammering. Sparklefur was standing over her. Swanpaw was nearby, talking to Littlestar. Her mother was looking at her, a worried expression on her face.
    She blinked groggily, her mind still half in her dream.
    “Uh? Whatsa goin’ on?”
    Everyone’s eyes shot to her. Swanpaw bounced over, her eyes showing worry. “Oh, thank goodness you’re alright!” she exclaimed. “I was so worried!”
    Ravenpaw’s eyes pricked with annoyance as they always did when Swanpaw put on her nice act.
    “I’m fine,” she muttered, pushing Swanpaw and Sparklefur away. “What’re you guys so worried about anyway?” she asked.
    Littlestar cocked her head. “Swanpaw came running into my den a little bit ago. Said you were screaming in your sleep.”
    Ravenpaw glared over at her sister, who had pressed against her once again and was sniffing her over.
    Swanpaw looked her in the eye.
    “You sure you’re ok?”
    Ravenpaw rolled her eyes. “Yes.” she meowed. “Now for StarClan’s sake everyone, leave me alone.”
    Littlestar nodded and led everyone but Swanpaw from the room.
    Swanpaw breathed a sigh of relief and nestled in next to me.
    Ravenpaw pushed her away.
    She stared at me in surprise, her mouth open. “What’s wrong?”
    Ravenpaw glared at her and everything spilled out. All the anger I’d ever felt at her.
    “You,” she spat. “You are what’s wrong. Always so perfect, always so nice, always so pretty, argh! I’m tired of it!” Swanpaw was starting to cry, but I was on a roll. “You get all the boys cause you pretend to be sweet and you throw your looks around, but you’re shallow. Yeah, you heard me. And you’re a coward. And I’m brave, so I’m going to go prove it. I’m going to bag me a monster. The Monster of Leaf-Fall’s Day.”
    Swanpaw was choking on her tears as they streamed down her face, but she gasped when she said that. “No! Don’t! Please!” But Ravenpaw didn’t listen. She marched out of the den and out of camp. Ravenpaw could feel Swanpaw’s eyes on my back, but she didn’t stop.

    Swanpaw curled up in a ball and glanced up at the sun. It was almost at at the horizon. Night would be coming soon.
    Ravenpw hadn’t come back yet.
    Swanpaw shivered. Could Ravenpaw possibly been right about what she said? Was she shallow?
    She felt warm fur and glanced over. Her mother, Hailheather had settled down beside her.
    “Have you seen your sister?” her mother asked, frowning with worry.
    Swanpaw shook her head. And it was true.

    Swanpaw woke up, feeling very cold. She was used to sleeping with Ravenpaw. She glanced out at the dark night. Was Ravenpaw even coming back? Was she that mad?
    …or had the monster gotten her?
    She had to go find Ravenpaw and see if she was alright.
    She slipped out of the apprentice’s den. Nearby one of the warriors was on guard. Their head was nodding off.
    And… Go… Now!
    She darted for the dirtplace and quickly made her way through the tunnel and out of camp. She hurried through the forest, glancing around warily.
    This feels too much like my dream…
    Then she heard it.
    The faint wails of a cat.
    Of ravenpaw.
    Her heart leapt into her throat. She took off after the sound.
    She made her way through. Going too fast to see anything. She felt the eyes of the prey on her as she darting through their homes. She reached a large clearing and stopped. Ravenpaw was standing, bloody and battered, before a large badger.
    Swanpaw’s eyes widened. She’d never actually seen a badger, but she’d heard stories. This beast was the stuff of nightmares.
    It’s beady black eyes were the worst.
    The creature was standing over ravenpaw, who was cowering against the ground.
    You’re too close to my sister…
    She leapt out of the trees and onto the badger’s back, then bit down on it’s neck, hard. She clawed as hard as she could. She saw Ravenpaw collapse.
    The badger threw her off.
    It came up to her, it’s awful breath smelling like the monster from her dream.
    I think I give up…
    Then she saw a cat. She was beautiful. She had stars in her blue-grey fur. Her eyes were bluer than anything she’d ever seen. They were also very kind.
    Somehow, she gave Swanpaw strength.
    She leapt and clawed at the badger’s eyes, the strange cat watching.
    The badger squealed and backed up, it’s eyes bloody. Then it ran away.
    Swanpaw slowly lowered herself from the ground. She hadn’t fought for very long, but she was exhausted. She closed her eyes..
    It was a voice so beautiful. A voice like silk. It could only be…
    She opened her eyes and saw the beautiful cat that had given her strength standing over her.
    “Who are you?” Swanpaw whispered.
    She blinked. “I’m Maplestar.”
    Swanpaw’s eyes widened. “And you came to help me from StarClan?”
    Maplestar nodded. “I had to help you. You’re so brave, after all.”
    Swanpaw blinked. “Ah, I think you have the wrong cat… I’m not brave… Maybe you’re thinking of my sister Ravenpaw here?”
    Maplestar shook her head. “No, Swanpaw. You are brave. She is just reckless. You came after her to help her. She came out here to get praise. And if anyone deserves to be a warrior in your clan, it’s you. Right now.”
    Swanpaw blinked in shock as Maplestar faded away. Then a rustling came from the bushes and Littlestar burst out along with many other warriors and Sparklefur.
    They all stopped short and stared at the scene.
    Sparklefur was the first to move, rushing to Ravenpaw’s side.
    Littlestar approached her and laid her tail on her shoulder. “I had a dream,” she said softly. “That I should come here. And then I heard a voice that said, ‘Do they deserve to be a warrior?’ and the answer is yes, Swanpaw. You deserve it.”
    Swanpaw blinked away tears and turned to her sister.
    “And Ravenpaw?”
    Littlestar blinked. “She’ll have to wait a little bit longer.’
    Swanpaw glanced at her sister and sighed. “Thank you, Littlestar, but I want to receive my warrior name with her. She means a lot to me.”
    Just then Ravenpaw looked up at her, her face streaked with tears.
    “Thank you,” she rasped. “And… I’m so so sorry…”
    Swanpaw smiled and pressed herself against her.

    From then on, in the legends of the clans, two cats were remembered. Swanlove, for her bravery and love. And Ravenclaw, her sister, for making her that way.
    And through monsters and badgers, jealousy and love, fear and anger, they would always be sisters.

  • Oh gosh I just properly read the submit time is this okay?

    October 30th, Just Past Moonhigh

    Frostleap shivered in the brisk Leaf-fall air. She hated this time of year, the twolegs always made the most chilling sounds. Walking cautiously through the forest with evening past, she could only be reminded of when she was young, scared, and alone. The Dark Forest had cast a horrible spell on her, the rot and decay used to welcome her. She had been stronger then, but now she felt like a different warrior, not the brave young hero that had killed vicious Mapleshade. A howl pierced the air, mournful and melancholic, sending a chill straight to the bone. Frostleap bristled in alert, senses pricked. A voice rang through the silence,
    “Do you remember me, dearie?” The voice was honey, yet there was something unsettling in it, almost like it was rotten. She tentatively turned around, bracing herself for a certain horror. A face. It was horrible, demented. An unnatural U-shaped smile was permanently set against its face, fangs peeking out from underneath the lips. Flashing, pure white pupils against a strong green peered out of the gloom, holding rage, fear, anger, and sadness cooped up in a unnatural mix. As soon as it appeared, it disappeared. She sprinted toward what Frostleap thought was the general direction of camp, the dark trees skimming past her as she raced, faster and faster, the face reappearing inside her mind, urging her forward. She halted to a stop, then fell to the ground, exhausted.

    October 30th, Dawn

    Dawn was upon her, but the tall, looming trees blocked out most light. As if it needed to be darker, a dense layer of fog spread across the area. It was all so vague and dreamlike. Then realization hit Frostleap in the eye. She was lost. It was only then when she took a closer look at the landscape did she see them. They crowded the area, each with unique pelts, but the same face. The face, to be exact. They cried out in silent wails, and although their bodies seemed solid, they moved as if they where liquid shadow.
    “We are the Lost, sweetie.” That voice again. That face again. A nightmare revisited. She recognized those eyes, that steely green glare. The glare she thought she had faded, so very long ago.
    “Mapleshade?” Frostleap asked.
    “So you figured it out. Those killed twice, those forgotten…. They all come here. But see them?” Mapleshade gestured to a trio of cats headed the direction she had come from.
    “Tigerstar, Spottedleaf, and Hawkfrost are following your scent trail. They want revenge.” Frostleap let out a small gasp.
    “But why isn’t Spottedleaf fighting Tigerstar? He killed Firestar after all.” She asked. Mapleshade’s dreadful smile widened.
    “Spottedleaf believes that she’s walking next to Bramblestar. To her, father is son, and son is father.” Frostleap felt positively sick.
    “What are they after?” She asked.
    “Don’t you know?” Mapleshade hissed spitefully.
    “Spottedleaf and Tigerstar are headed to the Moonpool,they’re going to make Bramblestar and Firestar Lost. Hawkfrost, however, is still seeking out power.” Then Frostleap realized who she was talking to, and what she should be doing. Quick as a flash, Frostleap raked her claws across Mapleshade’s back. The wounds disappeared instantly. Mapleshade looked at her, amused.
    “Lost cats don’t just die, silly. You have to do it a special way.” She purred silkily. Cautiously, Frostleap padded backward, then ran.

    October 30th, Sunhigh

    Twisting and turning, she sprinted, following her scent trail closely. She only wanted to get back to Thunderclan camp, and warn her Clan of the dangers to come. Yet how could she convince them that the danger was real, and it wasn’t just a dream? She didn’t know, but she had to get back there. That was when she saw the tree ahead of her, and rammed into it full force, not able to stop. Her vision went black, and she collapsed.

    October 30th, Dusk

    Frostleap woke up, feeling well rested and strong. Ready for the dawn patrol, she got up and stretched. Almost immediately, the memory of the day struck her. Her throat hardened into a hard knot of determination, she was ready to face whatever dangers may come, invigorated by the golden filter of dusk. She stretched, then took off sprinting. She had a rush of adrenaline, and was not about to waste the energy she got from it. She didn’t run for a long time, the sun was still visible in the sky when she found the clan camp.
    “Frostleap, you are now officially on apprentice duties’’ The Thunderclan deputy, Hawkeyes mewed haughtily.
    “Disappearing for a day is the exact thing you shouldn’t be doing, and I am very disappointed in you.” Frostleap shook with outrage.
    “Hawkeyes, I am going to speak with Yellowstar now, please excuse me.” She said, struggling not to burst into rage. She spun around, and walked to the leader’s den, claws unsheathed.
    “Yellowstar? May I come in?” She asked.
    “Enter.” Yellowstar mewed. Frostleap entered, nodding respectfully to Yellowstar. “Yellowstar, I just had a very troubling adventure……”

    October 30th, Nighttime

    Yellowstar looked at her closely, then burst out laughing.
    “That’s the worst excuse I’ve heard in moons! Frostleap, you don’t have to make excuses, I can forgive and forget!” He mewed, still snickering. Frostleap’s eyes widened with worry.
    “It’s true though, I swear it!” She exclaimed anxiously. Yellowstar looked at her skeptically.
    “Right, and I’m a mouse.” He chuckled. Frostleap growled softly, then raced out of camp with a new determination. Perhaps she could get to the Moonpool in time….

    October 30th, Moonhigh

    She had just arrived at the Moonpool. She wasn’t sure what to do, she just lapped at the crystal water, and let sleep take her away. She awoke in the most beautiful forest she had ever seen, the moonlight gently filtered through dense, but not to dense trees. She spotted a cat with stars in his pelt, carrying a freshly killed vole.
    “Hello? Where is the Starclan camp?” Frostleap said cautiously. The tom looked at her with mild relief.
    “Come. We’ve been waiting for you.” He led her to a clearing, where there was a shallow scoop in the ground, revealing mossy nests. There seemed to be cavelike structures attaches to it where she figured there would be more nests.
    “Cats of all clans!” The tom mewed. Every head swiveled in his direction.
    “Frostleap here has something to say.” He backed off, and she timidly approached, and began to tell her story once more.

    October 31st, Dawn

    This time, the cats believed her.
    “I will summon the leaders.” The tom said, who’s name she found to be Riverstar, said.
    “In these circumstances, hopefully they’ll be asleep.”

    October 31st, Sunhigh

    Frostleap paced anxiously, trying to think of a plan. That was when they appeared. Starclan cats were scattered all over the territory, ready to sound the alarm should the Lost appear. The agreed sound was a hawks cry, and when she saw the faces, that was what she let out. The Lost couldn’t see it, but the territory was swarming with warriors, all heading back to camp with caution. Several more guards were added to Bramblestar and Firestar’s den. That was when the attack came. Only four cats, but they had seasons upon seasons battling, and not a claw could touch them. She saw Mapleshade lunging after Riverstar.
    “Why are you here?” She demanded. Mapleshade’s eyes were wilder than ever, and when she replied, it was ragged and gruff.
    “Free…. Kits….. Save…..” She was crazy. They all were, Frostleap realized, just that Mapleshade was slightly more sane. She lunged at her, and her claws pricked her throat. The position was familiar, Mapleshade had taught the Death Blow so well, and the last time Frostleap used it was when she killed her. Or rather, made her Lost. The effect was immediate. She dropped to the ground, and vanished. A realization hit her. “Everybody, kill them the same way they died the second time!” She yowled, hoping the cats could hear her over the fray. Apparently they did, because the yowling soon stopped, and peace came.
    “We did it.” Riverstar breathed, and sent her home. She awoke at the Moonpool, and trotted back to camp. When Frostleap arrived, the medicine cat, Duskshimmer, said to her,
    “Welcome back Frostleap! Starclan appointed you deputy!” Frostleap gasped in shock, and stumbled back a bit. In the corner of her vision, she saw Hawkeyes was enraged. She couldn’t care less.
    The end

  • (I know it’s late but I had an assignment due and I thought I had till the 31st please let this count T.T)
    SkyClan’s Hallow’s Eve
    Leader: Leafstar—brown-and-cream tabby she-cat with amber eyes
    Apprentice, Plumpaw
    Deputy: Sharpclaw—dark ginger tom
    Medicine Cat(s): Echosong—silver tabby she-cat with green eyes
    Frecklewish—mottled light brown tabby she-cat with spotted legs
    Warriors: Patchfoot—black-and-white tom
    Petalnose—pale gray she-cat
    Sparrowpelt—dark brown tabby tom
    Cherrytail—tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat
    Waspwhisker—gray-and-white tom
    Shrewtooth—skinny black tom
    Apprentice, Creekpaw
    Ebonyclaw—striking black she-cat
    Billystorm—ginger-and-white tom
    Apprentice, Rabbitpaw
    Harveymoon—white tom
    Macgyver—black-and-white tom
    Rockshade—black tom
    Bouncefire—ginger tom
    Apprentice, Nettlepaw
    Tinycloud—small white she-cat
    Sagenose-pale gray tom
    Mintfur-gray tabby she-cat
    Fallowfern—pale brown she-cat
    Egg—cream-colored tom
    Rabbitpaw – brown tom
    Creekpaw – gray tabby tom
    Plumpaw – dark gray she-cat
    Nettlepaw – pale brown tom
    Clovertail—light brown she-cat with white belly and legs kits: (Birdkit, Sandykit, and Honeykit
    Lichenfur—gray mottled she-cat
    Tangle—ragged tabby tom

    Cats Outside the Clan
    Dean – light brown tabby tom loner
    Sam – large dark brown tom kittypet
    Cas – black and white tom kittypet
    Hutch—dark brown kittypet (formerly Shortwhisker)
    Oscar—black kittypet
    Rose—elegant brown-and-cream Siamese kittypet with slanting blue eyes
    Lily – Rose’s sister
    Hutch sat on the fence of his garden it was the perfect spot to get a good view of the other gardens. He could hear a cat flap in one of the neighboring gardens open and a large brown tom squeeze out from the cat flap grunting a bit.
    “They don’t design them quite with cats your size in mind do they Sam,” Hutch meowed lightly as the brown tom trotted over to the fence and jumped up to join him.
    Sam sighed and shook out his fur. “It’s all right, helps keep my weight in check. Reminds me to keep my exercise, can’t just lay around and look pretty like Rose and Lily.” He meowed lightly.
    Hutch let out a purr of agreement, “Is your brother going to be coming around tonight?” He asked.
    Sam flicked his tail and snorted, “He’ll come if the hunting’s poor. When it comes to food, Dean’s happy to do whatever to keep his belly stuffed. Even if it means stealing some from me,” He sighed though his eyes were warm, “I suppose I have some to spare, so I can let him get away with it,”
    “You are a very noble brother,” Hutch noted with amusement. “Dean should appreciate that,” He flicked his tail and sighed catching sight of some dark green fabric that was in the middle of his own garden, “I can understand his draw to freedom, it’s times like these I wish I hadn’t given up my place in SkyClan though,” He muttered.
    “Oh yeah that group of cats that decided to live in the gorge,” Sam mused, “I’ve heard about them, and how some cats leave their housefolk during the day to go be with them too, I’ve been considering visiting. But why- oh, right it’s that time in Leaffall your housefolk try to force those annoying fabric things on you too huh?”
    Hutch curled his lip, “I like my housefolk don’t get me wrong, but it’s so uncomfortable. And the one they got this year is extremely restricting. Too often the fabric comes down over my eyes and I feel like part of my muzzle is stuck in the maws of some creature.”
    Sam let out a mrrow of amusement. “Fortunately for me, my owner just put on some weird fabric that made extensions off my head. It was weird, but I let them have their fun. I’ve learned from you guys that if you throw it off, they’re just going to put even more restrictive things on you,” He said with a flick of his tail.
    Hutch huffed and shook himself, “They shouldn’t be putting anything on me in the first place!” He replied simply.
    Sam chuckled amused to see his normally quiet friend so steamed about something for once, “I guess since they’re donning costumes, they want us to as well,” He flicked his tail. “Just tolerate it for a little while, then they’ll get bored and they’ll leave you alone,” He assured him.
    Hutch scoffed, “And let them think they can continue to do such things?! Absolutely not!”
    Sam let out another laugh and he straightened up, “Well then I guess I’ll leave you to settling your difference with the costume. I need to go find Dean and do some rounds might see if Cas is out and wants to tag along,” He said making his way along the fence tail held high, “See ya Hutch!” He meowed before hopping off the fence and down onto the ground below.
    “Bye Sam!” Hutch called after the large tom before letting out a sigh turning his gaze back out to observe Twolegplace and the darkening sky as night fell. If he focused on the gorge he was sure he’d soon see the daylight warriors return from the gorge and make their way to their respective homes.
    A chill fell over Hutch and he shivered letting out a short hiss bushing out his fur against the chill. “Brr, if it’s going to be this cold, I might be better off just going back inside,” Hutch murmured turning and dropping back into his garden. “No point freezing my tail off for-“ A shadow moving in the corner of his eye made him pause mid step towards his cat flap.
    Blinking he turned and looked around his garden, “Hello?” He called ears lowering as he peered around. “Sam? Dean? Is that you?” He asked heart starting to pick up as he eyed the shadows cast in his garden, the darkening night making it harder and harder to see the breaks in shadows and to tell whether or not something was moving within them.
    A chill ran down his back as he felt something that felt like a small breeze against the back of his neck.
    “So,” A harsh voice rasped by his ears making Hutch jump and twist around catching a glimpse of a very faint ginger shape. Like it was there but only just barely. The shape moved around him circling him, Hutch struggling to keep the shape in sight. “This is where their descendants settled,” The shape mused it’s one gleaming yellow eye flashing with something malicious that made Hutch’s blood freeze.
    “Wh-who are you?!” Hutch demanded, “What do you-ack!” Before he could continue speaking the shape moved in a blur of movement knocking his legs out from under him, and in one swift movement had him on his back a faded and flickering paw pressed on Hutch’s throat cutting off Hutch’s air.
    “Sh,sh, shhhh, I don’t have time for pleasantries, just tell me where this SkyClan is,” The shape hissed it’s one yellow eye gazing down at Hutch reflecting the kittypet’s frightened face back at him. “And this’ll be over quickly,”
    Hutch shivered, struggling against the dark shape, chest starting to burn from lack of oxygen. He gagged unable to form any words, and the entity loosened it’s hold letting Hutch suck in a desperate breath before the pressure was reapplied.
    “The-they’re at the gorge- but what-“ Hutch coughed desperately claws trying to rake at the entity, his thrashing paws passing through the entity simply shifting parts of the shadowy figure like a breeze would disturb smoke, before the shadow reformed.
    “Hutch!” A deep voice called from the boundary of the garden, a scrawny tabby tom on the fence fur bushed out eyes wide. Hutch gagged more and the tabby dropped down from the fence and rushed towards them.
    “Hmph, it’ll have to do,” The entity ground out. “You clearly have nothing else useful,” Hutch gagged as the pressure on his throat increased. “No point leaving any friends, around,” The entity raised it’s other claw, “Say hello to my old friends if they let you join their skies,” Then he lashed out with his claws sending flecks of blood flying and leaving Hutch gagging and gurgling as the tabby pounced on the shadow.
    The shadow cackled and evaporated under the tabby’s paws the tabby crashing to the ground on the other side of Hutch.
    “Fox dung!” The tabby cursed turning towards Hutch, “Hutch hang-“ He trailed off eyes wide as he took in the sight of the kittypet, a pool of blood forming under him. The tabby gritted his teeth and bowed his head, “Son of a dog!” The tabby growled. “Sam!” He said climbing the fence. “Sam it’s your friend! Come quick!” He called running along the fence in search of his brother.
    Sam emerged a moment after Dean had started calling his name, “Dean! What is it, what happened?!” The big tom asked before he spotted Hutch in the adjoining garden. “No, Hutch,” He whispered.
    “I came looking for you, and since you weren’t here I figured I’d see if Hutch would be willing to share and when I got there… I don’t know how to describe it Sammy, it was like some sort of smoky thing was on him, but when I tried to pounce on it, it just, it evaporated.” Dean said tail lashing eyes wide.
    “What like a ghost?” Sam echoed eyes wide.
    “Yeah!” Dean said dropping down onto the garden below turning in a tight circle.
    “So, what is Hutch’s home and garden haunted or something?” Sam asked eyeing Hutch’s home as he sat down near Dean.
    Dean’s tail lashed and he shook his head, “No, the ghost was looking for something, heard Hutch gasp out something about a gorge, and the thing told Hutch to ‘say hi to my old friends if they let you join their skies,’”
    Sam tilted his head, “Hmm, I guess there must be something by the gorge then that the ghost wants,”
    Dean nodded, “I guess, so what should we do now?” Dean asked.
    “Well, we should probably figure out a way to investigate by the gorge, Cas lives by Billy right? If I recall correctly, Hutch and Cas have both said that Billy is one of SkyClan’s daylight warriors. We could go talk to him and see if we can get a look around the gorge and figure out what that ghost wanted.” Sam said
    “I’m surprised you’re so up for hunting this thing down,” Dean noted, Sam shooting him a look the tom quickly straightening up, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s good that you want to do that! I’m just surprised,”
    Sam huffed, “This thing killed my friend and, it could kill any of us clearly. So, we need to figure out how to either get rid of it or make it leave,”
    “Guess we should also pay a visit to Cas too, his owner has that crazy lady that visits every so often, he might’ve picked up something useful,” Dean noted.
    Sam nodded, “We’ll have to go in the morning, my housefolk will notice if I’m gone, especially once…” He glanced towards Hutch’s quiet garden.
    Dean nodded letting out a sigh, “All right, you think your twolegs would mind if I crash with you tonight?”
    “Dean,” Sam muttered wearily.
    “I just, what if that thing comes back! I don’t want you to-“
    “Just admit you want some of my gourmet food that you know my housefolk get every 7 days” Sam said dryly.
    “I mean it’s a perk, but come on Sammy, you really think so little of me?! Would you really deny your big brother the right to protect you?” Dean asked as he and Sam padded towards the cat flap.
    “You’re only older by a few seconds, if even!” Sam retorted, but relented. “All right fine, go in,” He said flicking his tail to let Dean slip inside. “My foods in my dish, I just… want to pay my respects to Hutch.”
    Dean sobered up and nodded, “All right, you do that little bro,” He meowed before slipping into the den.
    Sam in turn slipped over to Hutch’s garden and moving to sit near his friend’s head. He wanted to sit by his friend until his housefolk came and found him. But he knew doing so would make them likely to retaliate against him and assume he’d done it.
    Instead Sam bent his head and licked the top of Hutch’s head moving a paw to close Hutch’s eyes, and he crouched down to share words for the last time with Hutch. While silently promising to avenge him.
    Things had been going well in SkyClan, Leafstar purred as she and Billystorm sat side by side enjoying the sun warming their pelts on one of the rocks in the gorge. After she and Billystorm decided to become mates, Leafstar felt happy and even more content and secure in where she was at present. And just when it seemed like everything was going to go well, and today would be another good day of many.
    A yowl sounded from upriver and Tinycloud raced towards camp. Leafstar’s ears moving towards the sound the she cat rising quickly to her paws, Billystorm jumping to his paws beside her.
    “Tinycloud what’s wrong!” Leafstar meowed jumping down from their perch to go over to Tinycloud, the small white she cat shaking so much she looked to be practically vibrating.
    “It’s Egg! We were out on a hunting patrol down river… and we all separated for a short bit, when we heard him shout and…” Tinycloud let out a soft keening her body continuing to shake violently Sparrowpelt moving over to comfort her by pressing his side against hers. The white she cat accepting his offer of comfort as more and more SkyClan cats joined around them.
    “And?” Leafstar echoed dreading the answer eyes glancing towards where Tinycloud had come from. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Clovertail herding her kits into the nursery and Lichenfur and Tangle ducking into the elders den though both had their heads poked out.
    Tinycloud opened and closed her mouth struggling to find the words, when she was saved by the return of the patrol. Because the sight of Sharpclaw padding slowly towards camp with the scruff of a limp Egg in his mouth was explanation enough.
    Gasps rippled through the clan, Leafstar’s breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight of Egg noting how his head was at an awkward angle.
    “What happened?” Leafstar demanded looking from Sharpclaw to the other members of the patrol.
    Sharpclaw didn’t answer moving to set Egg down in the center of all the cats, so Leafstar shifted her focus to Bouncefire and Nettlepaw. Bouncefire looked down.
    “We thought it’d be a good idea to separate and expand our search for prey,” Bouncefire meowed scuffing his paws against the ground. “We didn’t realize anything was wrong until we heard Egg cry out… By the time we got to where he was, he was already on his way to StarClan,”
    Leafstar glanced back over to where Egg was and Echosong was inspecting the body.
    “So, you don’t know how he fell then,” Leafstar finished.
    Bouncefire shook his head. “No,” He meowed. “And we didn’t find him under a tree, or by the side of the gorge.”
    Leafstar narrowed her eyes, “Where did you find him?” the clan looking between her and Bouncefire.
    Bouncefire swallowed and looked to Sharpclaw who spoke quietly.
    “We found him by the river bank, on a sandy beach far out of the reach of the nearest tree. Meaning he either jumped off the tallest branch of the nearest tree to his death or…” Sharpclaw trailed off, “Or I can’t explain it,”
    A hush fell over the clan, before all the cats began talking at once.
    “Is this a sign from StarClan?” One of the cats cried Leafstar recognizing it as Petalnose the she cat standing particularly close to her grown kits.
    “Or some new horror that’s arrived in the gorge,” Fallowfern hissed ears flattening, her words raising the voices to a fever pitch as every cat tried to weigh in.
    Leafstar quickly moved to the Rockpile and scaled it, “Enough! All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather by the rockpile!” She ordered, the members of SkyClan hastening to obey though Sharpclaw remained sitting by the broken body of his former apprentice.
    “Egg has been found dead by the river, and I will take out a patrol to investigate the area at length,” Leafstar meowed. “We can make assumptions all we want, but our best hope to find an explanation is to investigate where Egg was found to determine what happened. I will take Cherrytail, Waspwhisker, and Ebonyclaw. The rest of you remain here, for now keep kits in the nursery and have a guard keep watch over the gorge to keep an eye out for any signs of trouble. Sharpclaw, I leave that to you,” She meowed glancing at Sharpclaw. The tom giving her a grim nod in confirmation. “Now then my patrol will be off,” She meowed.
    The cats she picked began to gather around when Billystorm moved beside her.
    “Let me accompany you,” He offered worry in his gaze. “I’d like to help,”
    Leafstar met his gaze steadily and glanced towards the camp, “Help Sharpclaw maintain order, I’ll be fine Billystorm,” she assured her mate brushing his muzzle with hers. “Trust me,” She meowed quietly.
    Billystorm looked at her worriedly for a moment before relenting and heading over to speak with Sharpclaw.
    Leafstar let out a sigh and turned to her assembled patrol, “Come on let’s be off,” She meowed before heading along the river her patrol following behind her.
    Leafstar’s patrol returned as the sun began to dip in the sky. Leafstar feeling disgruntled and disturbed, her patrol looking a bit wide eyed and uneasy.
    When they had arrived near the area Sharpclaw had described, Leafstar spotted the place where Egg had been found immediately. There was a clear indent in the sand where Egg’s body had impacted, and as Sharpclaw had said the nearest tree branch was at least a tail length away and one that’s height wouldn’t be enough to kill a SkyClan cat normally. Injure perhaps, but kill no.
    They had combed through the area only to find no trace. No other scents, or physical signs of anything that could explain why Egg had ended up dead on the small sandy beach. Though Eggs scent was detected in the tree closest to the beach, his scent didn’t pass the lowest branch.
    Thus, Leafstar was left without a clear explanation for what had happened to Egg.
    Which was why when Leafstar spotted Billystorm and Sharpclaw standing by three strange cats now standing in the middle of their camp did her hackles raise and her nerves start going crazy.
    “What’s going on?” Leafstar demanded as she padded over to the group. Sharpclaw and Billystorm turning to focus on her along with the rest of the clan.
    There was a large brown tom standing next to a slightly smaller light brown tabby tom with bright green eyes and a black and white tom sitting on his other side blue eyes focused on Leafstar as soon as she arrived.
    The light brown tabby tom moved forwards, “We came because we think you might be able to help us, help you,”
    Leafstar narrowed her eyes advancing towards the light brown tabby. “Who are you?”
    The tabby dipped his head, “I’m Dean, that’s my brother Sam,” He gestured with his tail to the large brown tom, “And that’s Cas,” He meowed flicking his tail towards the black and white tuxedo cat. “We came because Hutch was killed a few days ago,” Dean said
    Leafstar sucked in a breath, “I am sorry to hear that, Hutch was a good cat,” She meowed quietly. She could see the cats who knew Hutch look at each other and murmur a few words of grief and wishes he find good hunting in the sky. “Is that solely why you came?” She asked.
    Sam shook his head, “It’s how he died that’s brought us to your camp today ma’am,” He meowed softly, “He was attacked by some shadowy thing…”
    “A ghost,” The other cat, Cas, meowed in a gravelly voice.
    “Yeah, a ghost, came and attacked Hutch, asked him to tell him where something was, and Hutch said it was in the gorge,” Sam meowed, glancing around the gorge. “We assume it’s this gorge.”
    Murmuring rose up in the clan which Leafstar quieted by raising her tail.
    “How would a ghost kill Hutch?” Leafstar questioned.
    “I think I can explain that,” Cas meowed, “In two moonrises, the moon will be full, and it will fall on the night of Hallow’s Eve,” He meowed gravely earning gasps from the gathered SkyClan cats.
    “Great StarClan!” Echosong whispered as the clan began to grow increasingly nervous as Cas continued.
    Frecklewish on the other paw blinked and tilted her head, “What’s Hallow’s Eve?” She asked.
    “Twolegs refer to it as ‘Halloween’ I think,” Sam meowed. “It’s where they dress up in costumes and stuff,”
    Cas nodded, “It’s at this time nearing Hallow’s Eve that the barrier between the living and the dead is weakest, and I think this entity will take solid form to seek out what it desires and attacks.”
    “But it’s already attacking!” Cherrytail cried.
    Cas’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully, “Then it must be a powerful spirit indeed,” He mused, “Perhaps even a culmination,”
    “Uh, Cas I think you’re losing ‘em,” Dean meowed seeing how skittish the SkyClan cats were becoming and how Leafstar’s eyes kept narrowing and she looked seconds away from tossing the trio out on their tails.
    Leafstar nodded curtly, “Right, do tell if there’s something that can be done,” She meowed stiffly fighting to keep her own fear in check.
    “Will we have to leave the gorge?” Plumpaw asked fearfully ears lowered.
    Cas shook his head, “I don’t think so, but we must take precautions, especially since,” He glanced at Egg before turning his gaze to the rest of the clan, “It seems this spirit is after your clan,”
    Yowls of shock rippled through the clan.
    “What could’ve brought about this horror?” Clovertail cried bringing her kits close.
    “StarClan why didn’t you warn us?!” More yowls in panic and fear erupted.
    “Everyone calm down!” Leafstar shouted jumping up to the top of the rock pile, all cats focusing on her, “We will not be able to resolve this problem if we panic,”
    “Why should we trust you?” Sharpclaw growled advancing towards the three, pelt bushing out, “You speak nonsense and talk about things that you have no proof of to try and scare us out of our fur,” He ground out.
    Dean tensed and shifted to move towards Sharpclaw, when Sam quickly cut in raising his tail to bar Dean’s way to keep the tabby tom from leaping at Sharpclaw.
    “Look, believe us or not your clan is in danger, but we think we have several ideas for how to keep your clan safe,” Sam meowed. “But if you don’t want our help then we’ll leave now,” He said simply
    Leafstar considered the three for a moment, before glancing at Sharpclaw and Echosong. Sharpclaw was glaring at the trio whereas Echosong was looking at them curiously. “Well let’s hear it then,” She meowed, half wishing they hadn’t announced this to the clan like this. But, still anything was better than nothing.
    “2 days after Hutch was attacked another cat, Oscar was attacked,” Sam meowed, he could hear some disgruntled mutters from the clan.
    “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy,” Sparrowpelt muttered before Cherrytail nudged her brother.
    “But he was able to come out okay,” Sam said, “We had been nearby and it threw me and Dean around at first when Cas came in and covered Oscar with one of the twoleg white pelts they occasionally wear on hallow’s eve,”
    “Oh, like the costumes twolegs make us wear once every year?” Ebonyclaw meowed and understanding appeared in Billystorm’s eyes.
    “Really they’re not just an annoyance?” The tom meowed sounding surprised and Cas nodded.
    “Once Oscar was under it, and I kept him under it the spirit was unable to orient on him. In its confusion Dean and Sam were able to take shelter in a bush.” Cas said.
    “My legs are still killing me from those branches and twigs poking me all over,” Dean muttered but fell silent from a flick of Cas’s tail.
    “So, do you suggest the whole clan wear costumes to hide from this spirit?” Leafstar asked.
    “It’s your best bet,” Sam said nodding, “Once Hallow’s Eve passes, the spirit shouldn’t have any power left to form,”
    “But you said you two hid in a bush,” Sparrowpelt pointed out, and Sam winced.
    “That might’ve been because we weren’t its targets, Oscar was, it wanted to know how many in the gorge, and it thought Oscar knew. Oscar of course threw out some random number and that was when me and Dean tried to distract it. It only really attacked us when we got in its way,” Sam meowed.
    “That might change now that we’ve come here,” Cas meowed, shrugging his shoulders. “Which means we are now just as in danger as you are,”
    “So as of now we’re all stuck on the same branch,” Dean said tail flicking, “Meaning we’ve gotta figure out how to get everyone here a costume to use to fool the spirit,”
    “Cas and I both have costumes in our Housefolk’s den, do any of the former kittypets have theirs?” Sam asked glancing towards some of the daylight warriors.
    Billystorm frowned, “My housefolk might have my old ones stashed somewhere,” He mused, “There should be a couple for a few cats to use.”
    Ebonyclaw curled her lip, “My housefolk have a few for me as well,”
    “Then we’ll start things off by gathering costumes from the Daylight warriors dens,” Leafstar meowed. “We’ll need a patrol to go there,”
    “What about the kits?” Clovertail asked stepping forwards her tail still wrapped around her kits, “I doubt my kits will fit into any costumes the kittypets wore recently,” She meowed glancing from the daylight warriors to her own kits.
    “As long as you cover them with a white pelt and keep them under it that should work. We can just have them pretend to be a multi-humped ghost camel,” Dean meowed with a chuckle at the confused look on Clovertail’s face as Sam smacked his side lightly with his tail.
    “But what if it falls off or one slips out?” Clovertail fretted,
    “We do have two days,” Cas meowed turning to Clovertail., “We can work out something for your kits,”
    Clovertail frowned worry still gleaming in her eyes but she said nothing as Leafstar sighed.
    “All right, Billystorm, Ebonyclaw how many cats do you think you’ll need to fetch your costumes?” Leafstar asked.
    Billystorm looked thoughtful before he nodded his head, “I’d say about 5 cats should be enough for both of us,”
    Leafstar nodded, “Sam and Dean you will accompany them to gather their costumes,” She told the two toms.
    Dean grunted while Sam nodded, “Of course,” The taller tom dipping his head respectfully to the SkyClan leader.
    “What about Cas?” Dean asked tail flicking to the black and white tom next to him.
    “I would like to speak with him,” Echosong meowed stepping forwards, Cas turning to meet her gaze. “I’d like to discuss his theories in depth,”
    Cas nodded, “It makes sense as you are this clan’s seer and healer, it would be a pleasure to discuss things further with you.”
    “Then the patrol going to twolegplace will be led by Billystorm, and contain all the daylight warriors.” Sharpclaw meowed stepping up beside Leafstar, “It’s late now anyways so you’ll be heading back there anyways,”
    “And we’ll return early tomorrow with as many costumes as we can carry,” Billystorm meowed nodding.
    “Is that all?” Leafstar asked looking at the three newcomers and the rest of her clan, and when no cat said anything. “Then this meeting is adjourned and for tonight every cat is to stay out of sight, we’ll post a guard but they are to stay hidden and out of sight.”
    Meows of agreement and understanding met Leafstar’s command and the cats separated to go about their tasks. Cas being led towards the medicine cat den by Echosong and Frecklewish to interrogate the tom, while Sam and Dean joined the daylight warriors heading out of camp together.
    Leafstar dropped down from the rockpile and pushed down her nervousness, when she felt a pelt brush against hers and she turned to see Billystorm.
    “It’ll be all right,” Billystorm meowed, “We’ll get through this,” He assured her, “I’ll see you tomorrow morning bright and early with a costume that’ll look good on you and not restrict your movements too much,” He promised heading to join the patrol and Leafstar watched him go before turning her gaze skywards as the first StarClan warriors began to appear in the dusk sky.
    “StarClan, please guide us through this trying time,” Leafstar mumbled.
    Over the course of the next day and a half the clan prepared gathering costumes and plotting how best to deal with the dark culmination of spirits that had come to cause trouble in the gorge.
    “While we have a way to avoid the spirits, I’d rather not have to deal with this when this time rolls around next leaf fall,” Leafstar had told Cas who had nodded and he and Echosong had shared their knowledge until they hatched an idea.
    Cas had gone into the cavern of glowing moss, “There is a sense of your spirits here,” He had meowed nodding to the inside, Echosong peering into the cavern with him.
    “Yes, it’s where I share dreams with StarClan,” She meowed as Cas studied it and then nodded.
    “Yes this will do perfectly,” He meowed, to the confusion of Echosong, and he elaborated. “This place already has a connection to the spiritual plane, and on Hallow’s Eve, it will be how we’ll deal with this culmination permanently.”
    “I don’t understand,” Echosong meowed shaking her head sparing a glance at Leafstar and Cas sighed.
    “This is where StarClan reaches out to you from the beyond, it’s where you the living and dead make contact,” Cas elaborated. “And it’s here that this will allow you to turn our physical blows against this culmination into actual damage. The only challenge will be luring the culmination into here and choosing someone to defeat this monster,”
    Leafstar had then stepped forwards, “I am clan leader, I have more than 1 life to give to my clan, I can handle this task,”
    Cas had then turned and looked her over and he nodded after a moment, “Very well, then what will have to happen is on the night of Hallow’s Eve, you will have to be wearing a costume until the culmination comes searching and then you must take it off quickly and lead it to here and then fight it.”
    “Alone?!” Echosong had cried aghast,
    “Preferably not alone,” Cas amended, “But a good idea is to screech or in some way vocally signal that you have the culmination where it needs to be, and then what can be done is the cats in costume can stand at the mouth of the cavern and keep the culmination from escaping as well as assisting with taking it down, do you understand?”
    Leafstar had paused for a moment and then she’d nodded straightening up, “Yes,”
    After that now they had a plan, costumes for every member of the clan, and now as the sun began to slip towards the horizon in the sky the clan was getting ready for the battle with the culmination. Leafstar watched as Sam walked around with some weird horns attached to his head. Though he called them ‘antlers’ and said a bit sheepishly he was dressed like a ‘moose’.
    Leafstar hadn’t been familiar with such a creature so she’d shrugged her shoulders and moved on watching as the large tom assisted Clovertail and Patchfoor in getting their kits under the white pelt. It was a bit difficult but hopefully with Patchfoot and Clovertail also under the pelt with them, they’d all be okay. Though just in case Leafstar had told them to go as deep into the nursery as they could for extra protection.
    Mintfur was dressed as some princess lee or something. Both Ebonyclaw and Dean had been quick to assure the poor cat that she was a ‘cool’ princess, and Leafstar had just shrugged. The white pelt and the dark brown weird fur that was curled like a twoleg food she’d seen once that Mintfur had on either side of her head was strange regardless of what the daylight warrior and loner said.
    She continued to pass SkyClan cats decked in strange pelts or with weird coverings on their pelt. Frecklewish and Echosong were wearing white pelts that covered a part of their heads and white pelts, the white pelts and head pelts had a symbol of red. She’d been a bit unnerved by the red at first but was assured that the symbol represented healing to twolegs, Echosong recalling it having been present on buildings twolegs went to get better.
    Leafstar then turned her head to see Cas and Dean talking to each other, Dean was wearing a hood that was mostly black and a weird bat symbol was on it.
    “Come on Cas, look, I’m Batcat!” Dean boasted lifting his head.
    “Yes, Dean you’ve told me that before,” Cas meowed, the black and white tom had white feathers attached to his back along with some weird silver circle branch thing that was held over his head. “And I’m telling you like I did the first time, I don’t understand that reference,” He meowed to a mrrow of amusement from Dean.
    Leafstar shook her head at their antics before she went over to Billystorm and Sharpclaw, her deputy look irritated, the tom’s costume resembling some sort of vicious lizard. Though Sharpclaw had been quick to protest the tightness of the costume.
    Billystorm wore something that resembled a plant that he’d told her was something called a pumpkin, Leafstar had no idea what a pumpkin was, but as long as the costume kept her mate safe, she really didn’t care.
    “Here, I’ve got your initial costume,” Billystorm meowed helping to fix something to her head, Leafstar having to fight the urge to shake it off letting Billystorm work it on her head, “There! Now we’re both pumpkins together!”
    Leafstar tilted her head before she turned to the river and sure enough the new headpiece bore an orange plant shape with a face drawn in black. It looked a bit odd and askew, but it would do.
    With her ‘costume’ acquired and the sun starting to dip below the horizon now, she leapt onto the rockpile, “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather by the rockpile for a clan meeting!” She yowled.
    Immediately the cats of SkyClan along with Sam, Dean and Cas all gathered by the Rockpile, with the exception of the elders and the cats in the nursery who were peering out from under their white pelts as Leafstar addressed the clan.
    “I see that all of you have your costumes on and everyone appears ready, now I know that tonight is the night of a full moon, but due to the circumstances I think StarClan will forgive us this once for not having our gathering tonight. But now, as the sun sets and the moon begins to rise we need to-“
    A chill fell over the gorge as a dark cloud passed over the setting sun casting the gorge in dark shadows, Leafstar falling silent as wind whipped past knocking the little head pelt she wore off.
    “All this fear in StarClan,” A voice hissed a sound of claws passing over stones drawing all eyes to a dark shadowy shape that stood at the top of one of the ledges in front of the warriors dens. “When you should be afraid of me, little clan cat,” The shape was all black with one white paw, it’s claws unusually long, it’s shadowy appearance unclear of why this was.
    One of the apprentices made a soft whimpering noise, but Leafstar couldn’t look, her eyes locked on the shadow as it stalked along the ledge of the warriors den before dropping down all the way to bottom of the gorge. The creature seemed to morph from the shape of the black tom with strange long claws, instead taking on the appearance of a scrawny mottled ginger tom with one eye. The cat lifted his head and bared his teeth at Leafstar while stalking towards her, paying no mind to her clanmates decked in costumes.
    He practically treaded on Cherrytail’s tail, the tortoiseshell cat decked out in a strange colorful shiny pelt with added fuzzy rainbow colored pelt on her head. But despite the explosion of loud colors the tortoiseshell cat was wearing it was like she was invisible.
    ‘Thank StarClan! The costumes are working! He can’t see anyone, well anyone but me,’ Leafstar thought grimly as she tensed.
    “And who, are you?” Leafstar asked dropping down from the rock pile moving away from the cluster of clan cats. Although he had yet to recognize the disguised cats yet, she wasn’t sure the illusion would hold if he made contact with any of them. She kept her eye on the shifting shadow as he spun around to focus on Leafstar.
    The culmination let out an echoey chuckle speaking with several voices, “I am those who have no place, no place of shadows, stars, or any path to tread after life,” The culmination flickered between different cat shapes before settling once more on the scrawny mangled mottled ginger tom with one eye. “But when I realized that my old friends in SkyClan were back from being gone, well I just had to drop by and say hello. Such a shame, there seems to be only you,” He rasped narrowing his eye at Leafstar.
    Leafstar lifted her chin moving as subtly as she could towards the glowing moss cavern, “I’m all there needs to be,” She said coldly,
    “Such a shame, I was hoping to have another SkyClan to bring down like I did oh so long ago,” The one eyed cat growled leaning in so he and Leafstar were nose to nose, “I guess I’ll just settle for ending you,” He rasped, before his form shifted to the smaller black cat, blue eyes flashing.
    “I’ll take pleasure in knowing I brought about the destruction of at least one clan!” The tom spat unsheathing his lengthened claws and without warning pounced on Leafstar.
    Immediately Leafstar moved to try and meet him but her claws slipped through him, though she hissed as she felt the culmination’s claws bite into her fur.
    “Leafstar!” Rabbitpaw cried the tom rushing towards her, his costume flapping off, Dean opening his mouth the tabby’s tail darting out to stop the apprentice. Only to catch the apprentice’s paw instead, Rabbitpaw going head over paws his costume falling off, the culmination shifting to focus on the apprentice who now lay in a heap several tail lengths away from the culmination’s confrontation with Leafstar.
    The culmination chuckled pulling away from Leafstar, turning towards Rabbitpaw, shifting from the black and white tom to an indistinguishable black shape that cackled. Lifting it’s paw razor sharp claws sliding out. “Has StarClan found a way to hide your cats from my gaze? How clever, if I just slash out my claws, I wonder how many cats will drop?” The culmination laughed throwing his head back as he advanced on Rabbitpaw.
    Rabbitpaw crouched before the culmination looking at him with big wide eyes. The culmination cackled lifting it’s claws ready to bring them down on Rabbitpaw’s head, “Say hello to OUR old friends in StarClan!” The culmination hissed, several voices resonating in that world. Then it brought down it’s claw, only, instead of getting Rabbitpaw, they tore through seemingly nothing.
    “What?!” The culmination demanded drawing back staring at it’s bloody paw in confusion, but still it could not see the owner of the blood.
    “Dean!” Sam hissed, the tabby tom bending down to pick up Rabbitpaw, his side bleeding under the new tear in the batman cloak he wore.
    “You want this little guy? Come and get him!” Dean hissed around Rabbitpaw’s scruff running towards the glowing moss cavern, leaving a trail of blood as he went.
    “What is this trickery?! Is this that StarClan again?!” The black tom with reinforced claws spat. Before shifting to the one eyed mangy tom, “I will not let Clear Sky’s legacies best me!” He spat taking off after the bleeding Dean and Rabbitpaw.
    Leafstar opened her mouth to yowl after Dean and Rabbitpaw, but she snapped her jaws shut as the culmination crossed the threshold into the glowing moss cavern, and Dean let out a yowl followed by an unholy screech from the culmination.
    “SkyClan!” Leafstar said and that snapped her startled and frightened cats into action Sam and Cas rushing forwards as well. All of SkyClan rushing to stand and bar the mouth of the cavern, Leafstar at the head.
    Leafstar darted inside to see Dean wrestling with the culmination, the culmination looking shredded in a few places, Dean’s batman costume also featuring some tears and specks of blood.
    “I will not be denied!” The culmination screeched as Dean pinned it underneath him.
    “Sorry, but I’m afraid you’re going to be DEANied,” Dean said with a laugh barring his teeth before he went for the culmination’s throat.
    An unholy screech erupted from the culmination when Dean’s teeth found their target. The culmination arching its back upwards claws flailing, drawing some blood but Dean didn’t let go. It continued to screech and thrash as it’s form began shifting between different pelts, appearances, different CATS rapidly, too rapidly for any cat to register. Then the culimination stiffened gave one last choking gasp before it fell into mist in Dean’s paws.
    Dean pulled back panting, but he lifted his head, “There, told you I was batcat,” He said looking at Cas, and though it was probably an attempt to be funny. Dean’s flanks were heaving from exertion and there was blood on the floor from the numerous cuts on his body.
    Sam let out a rusty purr of amusement rushing over to rub his muzzle against his brother’s as Fallowfern darted in to check on Rabbitpaw who lay deeper in the cave and was stunned.
    “Well, I think you won’t have anything to worry about anymore Leafstar,” Cas meowed dipping his head to the leader.
    Leafstar opened her mouth and then closed it after a moment. “I don’t know what to say,” The leader admitted to the black and white tom.
    Cas shrugged turning his head and tugging off the fake white wings attached to his back and tossing them aside. SkyClan cats spreading back into the clearing to do the same with their disguises. “Well, I don’t know about anything needing to be said, but,” He glanced towards Sam and Dean. Sam who was talking urgently to his brother, a hint of ‘Don’t you ever do that again!’ ‘Relax Sammy I had it all under control’ could be heard.
    “But?” Leafstar pressed Cas returning his gaze to Leafstar,
    “But, Sam, Dean and I have given it much thought… and we’d like to join your clan,”
    Leafstar let out a laugh, “That, can be arranged,” She got to her paws waving her tail, “In fact, we can get that taken care of right now,” She meowed padding out of the cavern of glowing moss and heading back towards the rock pile.
    SkyClan cats turned towards her watching as she ascended the rock pile and stopped to sit there and look at them all for a moment before she called her summons to the star.
    “All members of SkyClan gather beneath the rockpile for an important clan meeting,” Leafstar yowled, Patchfoot, Clovertail and their kits peering out from the nursery, to look at Leafstar bewildered before they slipped down to join the clan, the elders poking their heads out of their den. But it was clear from the look on Lichenfur and Tangle’s faces neither elder was inclined to make their way down to join the meeting.
    Which was fine. Leafstar turned her attention to the three cats who were standing off to the side near the glowing moss cave. They were looking up at her with unreadable expressions.
    “Cats of SkyClan, we have faced a great evil today,” Leafstar began sweeping her gaze over her cats. Rabbitpaw was pressed against Fallowfern who was licking her son’s head furiously, like she was trying to remove all traces of Rabbitpaw’s experience tonight.
    “And we have triumphed!” Leafstar yowled. “SkyClan is still standing!”
    “SkyClan! SkyClan!” The clan cheered, and Leafstar lifted her tail for silence.
    “But we wouldn’t be able to do that without 3 brave cats who risked their lives to not only come and warn us of this danger, but actively assisted and fought to protect our clan. I can’t think of any other cats I’d want in my clan,” Leafstar meowed, Sam perking up, his expression lighting up with hope. Dean flashed Cas a look the black and white tom merely glancing sideways at Dean though the tom seemed to radiate smugness. “So, Sam, Dean and Cas please come forwards,”
    The three toms came forwards, Sam and Cas on either side of Dean who moved a little slowly due to his aching injuries. Sharpclaw shifted to stand near the three as Leafstar straightened up.
    “I, Leafstar, leader of SkyClan ask StarClan to look down on these cats. They have shown themselves possessing great spirit and heart, and I extend them the chance to be warriors in their turn,” She turned to Dean, “Dean do you promise to serve and protect your clan even at the cost of your life?”
    Dean blinked then he lifted his chin, “Always,” He meowed, as Sharpclaw hissed ‘say I do’ in his ear, Dean’s tail twitching, “I do, I mean,” The tabby amended.
    Leafstar’s whiskers twitched, “Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Dean from this moment forwards you will be known as Deanheart, StarClan honors your determination and courage as we welcome you as a full member of SkyClan.” Leafstar jumped down from her rock and rested her muzzle on Deanheart’s head the tom barely even flinching. And then after a little prompting from Sharpclaw leaned forwards to lick Leafstar’s shoulder before the stepped back.
    Next, Leafstar turned to Sam and Cas. “Sam, Cas, do you promise to protect and serve your clan even at the cost of your lives?” She asked
    There was no hesitation in their voices as they said almost in unison “I do”
    “Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior names, Cas, from this moment forwards you will be known as Casfeather, StarClan honors your intelligence and loyalty as we welcome you as a full warrior of SkyClan.” She turned to Sam, “Sam from this moment forwards you will be known as Samstorm, StarClan honors your compassion and strength as we welcome you as a full warrior of SkyClan,” She rested her muzzle on both their heads and they in turn licked her shoulder.
    Then she stepped back and the clan erupted into shouts of “Deanheart! Casfeather! Samstorm!” As the moon rose above and Leafstar turned her head to the sky.
    ‘SkyClan has grown stronger today, and although today reminded us what we have to lose,’ She thought glancing down at the gathered cats. ‘It also reminds us of those who have come before and the struggles they went through that led to now,’
    Hallow’s Eve is a night for remembrance, both of good and bad.

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