What if? by Sapphireheart

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Sapphireheart explores a different outcome that could’ve happened in the books.

Hello everyone, Sapphie here! This should be my 3rd article and I will submit more of this series of articles later on. Before we begin, I will note a spoiler warning of the Rise of Scrouge and The Darkest Hour. Let’s begin!

The what if I’ll do for the first one of this series you guessed it! It’s about Scrouge. The what if I’ll do today for him is…. *drumroll* What if the patrol that found him as Tiny invited him to the clan instead of attacking him! This is how this would go….

We go to when Tiny explores the outside and encounters the patrol consisting of Tigerpaw, Thistleclaw and Bluefur. In this timeline Bluefur intervenes and stops Tigerpaw. She invites Tiny to Thunderclan after talking to him a bit. He becomes an apprintice let’s say Tinypaw. Tiny would be possibly a great warrior using his small size to his advantage in battles outwitting bigger opponents. This in turns means that Barley and his Sis do just fine in Twolegplace. That means there isn’t a safe haven for Ravenpaw :O. That means Ravenpaw would still be in the clan unless Barley still found the barn with his sis. Moving forward to Into The Wild. Firepaw possibly befriends Tinypaw/warrior prefix and they realize they are related and stuff. Tiny defends Firepaw because he was a kittypet too. Tiny might be involved with Firepaw and Greypaw’s antics possibly? So since all this happened there would be no Bloodclan. (Who knows what happens to Bone :P) Tigerstar would have to find some other way probably another rogue group with Boulder as a guide still. They might still have that big battle but instead Firestar probably kills Tigerstar by doing a overkill wound or he might have lost a bunch of lives in the process to defeat Tigerstar and don’t forget the Possibility that Firestar might have been killed off :O.

So in conclusion, a lot of things change if Tiny became a warrior. Things are greatly changed in this timeline! He is influenced with many things we take for granted. Killing Tigerstar, Sending Barley away and Bloodclan. In other words, he is a very important character in Warriors.

I hoped you like this What If? Comment below if I missed any changes or what you think might have happened also in this timeline. Suggest other “What Ifs?” too. This is Sapphie Signing out!

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