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Defending Appledusk and Reedshine by Sparktooth

Sparktooth defends Appledusk and Reedwhisker’s relationship.

Artist unknown

Hey bloggers! Sparktooth is back! I hope people won’t stop reading my articles just because I wrote this one. I get there are a lot of people who hate these two, but give this article a chance. I have nothing against people who hate them, but it surprised me how much people hated them just because Appledusk ‘cheated’ on Mapleshade with Reedshine. So I’m gonna list three reason why you should re-consider hating them. Also (as I state in almost all of my articles) this is my opinion. I respect yours so please respect mine. 🙂

First things first: these two aren’t a bad couple if you think about it. Reedshine had no idea Appledusk originally was with Mapleshade. She just liked him and since he didn’t seem to have any mates in the clan, (that’s because he had a Thunderclan mate at the time) she wanted to get his attention. Like at the Gathering. Plus, she was brave and defended Appledusk when Darkstar was considering exiling him. I’m pretty sure Appledusk loved her back. Only because he jumped in front of her and sacrificed his life so she and her unborn kits would live. That’s actually really sweet.

Okay, on to number two: Appledusk had a right to turn his back on Mapleshade. Like I stated in my last article about Mapleshade, what would you do if your so-called mate killed your kids? You’d think she’d at least wait until the storm was over to cross the river. Perhaps Appledusk saw this behavior as a bad sign. Maybe he ended up loving Reedshine and wanted to stay with her (that’s true love right there if you ask me). But the reason I think is most likely that he stayed, was that Riverclan was his true home. Just like how Graystripe ended up in Thunderclan after living in Riverclan for a while. It was his true home. So, in some ways, I’d say Appledusk made the right decision.

Don’t worry. This is the last reason. Number three: If Appledusk and Reedshine were never a couple, some characters would’ve never existed. Mapleshade herself says in Crookedstar’s Promise that Reedshine had a daughter, and she had a son. And that son was Shellheart, Crookedstar’s father. If Shellheart never existed, Crookedstar and Oakheart wouldn’t have, so Silverstream or Feathertail and Stormfur wouldn’t have either. Even Mistystar and Stonefur wouldn’t have been alive, etc. So this couple helped some big characters come into the story. And I’m certain about one thing: the story wouldn’t be the same without those characters.

So what did you think? Did I prove my point or do you still hate this couple? (Please, no rude comments). What should I do for my next article? Until next time! 😀

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  • I agree with Reedshine (I really don’t get why she gets so much hate), but Appledusk not really. Jetclaw and Sky bring up a good point.

    • Thank you, Lion! Although I gotta admit I don’t really like Mapleshade, but hey, everyone has their opinions 😛

  • It’s very well possible that Maple and Apple could have had another litter HAD APPLEBUTT AND DARKSTAR LET HER STAY. Then, those cats of the next litter could go on to have Shellheart.

    • But there was nothing Appledusk could’ve done to let Mapleshade stay. He was both just a warrior AND an exposed traitor. He had no authority or voice against the CLAN LEADER. There was nothing he could do.

      • HE COULD DO LOTS OF THINGS TO HELP!!!!!!!!!!! If he loved Mapleshade he would of let his self get exiled with Mapleshade!!!!! And not stay with REEDSHINE!!!! Appledusk is evil!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t like Appledusk, but Reedshine didn’t know about Mapleshade. Appledusk had kits with another cat without even breaking up with Mapleshade, but Reedshine did love Appledusk, and she didn’t even know about Mapleshade. Great article Sparktooth!😄

  • Hello ppl, i totally aggree with you sparktooth. Great artical as well.
    Mapleshade is like one of my fave characters, even though she is a murdering maniac sometimes. I think the story about her is SO unfair on her. Appledusk is just a jerk who only cares for pretty she-cats who might possibly like him. I nearly cried when Mapleshade’s kits got carried away by the river. (Did Appledusk care? NOPE!) Reedshine first comes accross as an evil she-cat who has no mercy for her haters, but she really isn’t. She just an innocent cat who fell in love with Mr. Jerk (aka Appledusk) and became preg with his kits. Now realising what Appledusk is like it wasn’t likely for him to tell Reedshine, just let his new and old mates meet and possibly kill eachother. I think Reedshine may have killed Mapleshade straight away she hadn’t been so soon to kitting. Then Mapleshade kicks Appledusk to Narnia by accident (jk, she killed him by accident). Reedshine looks at her dead mate, cries a bit, then heads back to camp with Appledusk’s apprentice. Obviously she tells her clan. Three guesses for what happens next. Then a short while later Reedshine goes POOF and is no longer fat. She has a son named Shellkit (Shellheart). And then Mapleshade watches Storm/Crookedkit (his son) learn stuff while she eats popcorn in hell. Now all grown up, Crookedjaw realises he was training with the cat version of the devil.
    Blah blah blah
    The end.

    • Actually YES, Appledusk did indeed care about the kits. I don’t understand where the whole misconception about Appledusk not caring about his kits came from. He was indeed very excited when he found out Mapleshade was pregnant (PREGANANANT), and he stated NUMEROUS times that he was proud of his children. He even attempted to SAVE them from the flooding river that they were forced into by Mapleshade. And the reason he yelled at her is because he blamed her and her recklessness for the death of the children, which proves he cared for them and was in grief when they died.

      Appledusk might’ve been a bad mate, but it doesn’t change that he was still a good father. Appledusk did many bad things and there is no need to make him out be worst than he already is. (Also it was Perchpaw that killed Mapleshade. Not the whole of RiverClan, lol).

  • Good job on this article Sparktooth. Although I really like Mapleshade I have nothing against Appledusk and Reedshine’s relationship, or Reedshine in general (all she did was fall in love, defend her love, and get her love as a mate and had his kits. Big deal) Appledusk however. I don’t hate him that much really that much, though I do hate him. Overall he’s ok.

  • Sorry, but I still dislike both of them. I’m not saying Mapleshade didn’t go off the deep-end a bit, but I can’t stand how flakey and hypocritical Appledusk and Reedshine are. The fact is even if Reedshine didn’t initially know that Appledusk had a mate, she still found out later, right? And instead of taking out her anger on the one who cheated on both her and Mapleshade, she took it out on Mapleshade alone. When your man cheats on you, you shouldn’t blame the girl unless she knew you were already in the picture. And yeah, Maple is guilty of this, too. But again, Reedshine knew that Appledusk cheated on her, cheated on Maple, betrayed his clan, and she still was like, “Oh yeah, Appledusk is totally innocent in this situation.” That’s idiotic.

    And Maple didn’t mean to kill her kits. She was upset, had just been kicked out of her clan, and wasn’t thinking clearly. Was it partially her fault? Well, yeah, obviously. She should have been more cautious and waited. But the fact that everyone lacks sympathy drives me nuts. This cat has just lost her home, her mate, her kits, and they want to sit there and pin all the blame on her when Appledusk was just as responsible for those kits as Mapleshade?

    Mapleshade was hurting because her mate and clan abandoned her, she made a mistake, and then all of the blame went to her instead of the cats who hurt her in the first place.

  • I agree. Mapleshade blamed Appledusk for killing their kits even though he didn’t, and Appledusk blamed Mapleshade for killing their kits even though she didn’t.

  • Mapleshade didn’t deserve this kind of respect from how appledusk treated so id say he did but in MV he was definitely a mouse-brained fool to mapleshade

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