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My Top Three: Favorite Cats by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares the reasoning behind their favorite cats.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hi!! This is Sorrelpaw with yet another article! In this article I shall be telling you My Top Three favorite cats and why I like them!

Let’s begin.

3- Dovewing
I know there are a ton of Dovewing haters out there, and I totally cannot understand why! Dovewing was such an epic cat. And she was not a Mary-Sue! She broke the Code to be with Tigerheart! And even if she was a Mary-Sue, would that matter? If you went picking through each book, you’d find that there are other cats who seem like Mary-Sues.

Dovewing was a great cat. She was not evil: she refused to use her powers to spy on others. She was not vain: as an apprentice, she valued Ivypool’s friendship far more than she wanted special training with Lionblaze. These are only a few of all the reasons why I like Dovewing.

2- Runningnose Runningnose, Runningnose, Runningnose. Not so much of a great character, but nonetheless one of my favorites. Runningnose was Yellowfang’s apprentice, and he was one of the few who believed that Yellowfang did not kill the two kits. Even though I’m not particularly fond of Yellowfang, she was still the main character in Yellowfang’s Secret and so I had to sympathize with her. Knowing that Runningnose did not think of Yellowfang as a murderer was nice to know. And I think it was kind of cute that he was a medicine cat who couldn’t cure his own sniffling!

Mapleshade! My favorite cat for ever and ever more! Okay, I’ll be honest and say that this position was almost replaced by Alderheart when I read The Apprentice’s Quest, but later on I didn’t think he was so great.

So Mapleshade. How exactly did she become evil? Well, she fell in love with Appledusk, a rival Clan warrior, gave birth to his kits and tried to keep them secret. Ravenwing discovered the secret and told the rest of the Clan. Mapleshade was banished so she tried to take her kits to RiverClan. They drowned in the river and Appledusk rejected her. To have revenge on the death of her precious kits, Mapleshade vowed eternal vengeance. Just to avenge the death of her kits.

In a way, she was only a protective queen. Her life was so miserable from the moment Ravenwing told the Clan about her secret, don’t you think she deserves sympathy? I do.

Cheers! That’s my Top Three favorite cats.

Now because I want to, I’m going to share my complete list of Top 18 Favorite Cats!

18. Ravenpaw
17. Hollyleaf
16. Pebbleshine
15. Sorreltail
14. Mistystar
13. Twigpaw
12. Fidgetpaw (LOVE THE NAME)
11. Crookedstar
10. Floss
9. Goosefeather
8. Mothwing
7. Bright Stream
6. Moth Flight
5. Ivypool
4. Nightstar (Oh yes…)
3. Dovewing
2. Runningnose
1. Mapleshade

There we go! My top favorite cats, complete 18. Aand yyyup.

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope you enjoyed!!

Keep faith!!

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