Analyzing Firestar: Why I Think He’s a Great Character! by Sparktooth

Sparktooth takes a look at Firestar’s character throughout his life.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Heyo bloggers! Sparktooth is in the house! (lol). Today I was thinking about how half of the fandom doesn’t really like Firestar. That surprised me. Don’t think I have a problem with Firestar-haters, ‘cause I don’t. I’m just confused by the reasons why they claim to hate him. I honestly found him to be one of the most interesting and relatable characters in the series. So I’m gonna analyze his character, and state my opinion on this ThunderClan leader!

Firestar was born as a kittypet named Rusty. As he grew up, he became restless and bored inside his Twoleg den, and dreamed of roaming the wild and being free. Whiling he’s dreaming, notice how at home he feels? He doesn’t mind being in an alien setting. Instead of living a soft, quiet life, Rusty craved to be outside and have adventures. This sounds a lot similar to kits in the clans. They all want to explore. So clearly Firestar was always destined to be a warrior. This courage also lead him to wander into the forest. When he was attacked by a stranger(Graypaw), he turned to face him and fight. Bluestar was impressed by this and offered Rusty a spot in the clan, thinking he might be the cat from the prophecy: Fire alone will save our clan.

He was renamed Firepaw. Firepaw always tried to prove himself to the Clan that he was worthy of being a warrior. Dustpaw and Sandpaw would constantly tease him about being a former kittypet. The ambition to prove them wrong made him try harder than the other apprentices. During all of this, he befriends Ravenpaw and Graypaw. Skipping ahead, when Ravenpaw says he saw Tigerclaw kill Redtail, Firepaw is curious and tries to figure out the truth of how Redtail died. When he becomes a warrior, Fireheart and Graystripe expose Tigerclaw’s true colors and because of this Bluestar makes Fireheart deputy. Why wouldn’t she? Tigerclaw almost murdered her! Fireheart also helped ThunderClan find hope again when Bluestar went a little crazy, and lead all four clans into battle against BloodClan. I believe he more than deserved to be leader. He was the leader ThunderClan needed.

So I’m done analyzing Firestar’s character. Now I’m gonna list some reasons people says why they hate him, and state my opinion on them.

“He broke the warrior code to much!”
Sometimes, disobeying the code is the only way to keep the peace. Firestar had always been considerate of all the Clans. He knew ThunderClan and WindClan didn’t need to fight the battle, he only asked to try making peace. I don’t get why people get mad at him for that. When Firestar and Graystripe brought prey to RiverClan, their intentions were good. No nice cat wants to see anyone starve. And they were punished for that. Plus, he looked beyond the code to rebuild SkyClan.

“Firestar killed his half-brother(Scourge)!”
Firestar had no idea Scourge was even related to him. They had different mothers. Plus, Scourge was trying to force the Clans out. If he succeeded, you could kiss the Clans goodbye.

“He noses into other clans business!”
Not much. The only time he really did was to try to warn them about the forest when it was being destroyed. What’s the matter with that?

“He brings in outsiders!”
So he let a few kittypets join Thunderclan. So what? Kittypets are tougher than they get credit for. Scourge was a former kittypet, and he was one of the most powerful characters in the series!

“Firestar never leads his clan into battles ‘cause he knows they’ll lose!”
Okay. Firetsar is just a peaceful leader. He’s the opposite of Tigerstar, who would’ve turn ThunderClan into a bunch of murderers. And the reason is because he doesn’t want bloodshed.

“He’s so conceited and gets all the fame!”
Honestly, I think this just sounds like an excuse. Firestar had never been full of himself in the whole series! And of course he would be a little famous. He saved all the clans and exposed Tigerstar’s evil scheme. Fame is never what he wanted, only peace!

So that’s gonna wrap it up. What did you think? Is Firestar now a great character in your eyes? Thanks for reading! 😀

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