Doctor Who Characters and their Warrior Counterparts (MAJOR SPOILERS) by Willowpaw

Willowpaw compares Doctor Who characters to characters of Warriors.

Artwork by MiniMew10

Hello! I am Willow that Travels in TARDIS and I am a huge Dr. Who fan. I started in April on Christopher Eccleston and now am on Peter Capaldi (Season 10). So let’s begin!
(“SPOILERS!” – river song)
SPOILERS FOR DOCTOR WHO (All renewed) AND WARRIORS (pretty much all)

Rose Tyler – Sandstorm
These are two strong female characters who are both compassionate, empathetic, and brave. They both have fun in doing what they love and don’t need a man to be brave. Rose Tyler is my favorite companion because she is so brave, and her relationship with the doctor is so heartbreaking. Do we remember Doomsday? She wanted to keep traveling and having adventures, not be stuck in Pete’s World (Sorry Pete). But they always come back, don’t they? Sandstorm is like Rose in the way that they both love adventure. At Sandstorm’s parting of the ways, she was in the middle of an adventure. She lived a long life with many adventures besides Firestar. These two have a thirst for adventure but don’t forget to feel bad. In Dalek, Rose meets and was the only person to ever be compassionate for a Dalek. Sandstorm is one of the most compassionate cats in the Warriors universe. She gives in to Firestar, tired of watching him be made fun of for being a kittypet. I hope you see how that pairing is accurate!

Amy Pond – Squirrelflight1
These two redheads are feisty, brave, and overall amazing! Amelia Pond first meets the Doctor when she was seven and didn’t hesitate to run off with him. And she waited, but the Doctor didn’t come back. So she spent the rest of her life going to psychologists and hanging out with Mels and ditching Rory. But when he came back, Amy and Rory helped the Doctor save the world before running off with him. The two got married and then had more adventures before Amy found out she was pregnant. But in that time soon after she found out, she got swapped with a Ganger and her real body was trapped in Demon’s Run. Then after a long period of time, she gave birth to River Song (Melody Pond). Then she realized Mels was really River all along and River tried to kill the Doctor. She and Rory got into a big fight, but they mended. And then… PLOT TWIST! Amy and Rory get killed by Weeping Angels. Squirrelflight has a much different story. She grows up the daughter of the leader and all of a sudden the forest is being destroyed so Squirrelpaw, Brambleclaw (her lover), and a bunch of other cats who we will not name go on a journey to find new land! They come back and journey with the rest of the clans back to the lake! Squirrelflight is back in the background till… boom! She raises her sister’s kits! And shortly after, the great battle. And then she has kits of her own! Amy and Squirrelflight are both feisty and can be seen annoying. Amy is feisty, and bosses around Rory and the Doctor half of the time. Squirrelflight bosses around Brambleclaw and likes to take control of the adventure a lot. Amy is basically exactly like Squirrelflight- now proven!


You can argue all you want, but Donna and Dovewing are very alike. Let’s start out with a history of Donna. Donna appears in the TARDIS in her wedding gown with no clue who the doctor is whatsoever. But when she and the Doctor work with each other more and become friends, Donna saves the Doctor’s life. Later on, after Rose and Martha are gone, Donna sees the Doctor while investigating the sinister Adipose Industries who they stop triumphantly. Donna travels with the Doctor to Pompeii, the Ood planet, and then they team up with Martha to stop the ATMOS devices. They meet the Doctor’s daughter, Agatha Christie, then work with River Song to stop the Vashta Nerada in the Library. Then, Donna sees a fortune teller on a strange alien planet and messes up the world by changing her past and not meeting the Doctor. If it wasn’t for Rose Tyler helping Donna out, the world would basically be doomed. But then, as worlds collide, Donna is stuck in the TARDIS with only the Doctor’s hand. But when she touches it in a time of great danger, a meta-crisis Doctor forms, and Donna gets a time-lord mind. When they defeat Davros and the Daleks, the Doctor knows he has to wipe Donna’s brain. Although she knew, she was barely accepting her fate. Dovewing was always feisty from the first moment we saw her. She was brave, strong, and in the Great Battle, an amazing warrior. She and Donna are alike because they both are feisty heroines with their mind set on doing what’s right.

Thank you! That’s all for now, but please comment if you’d like to see some more! I’m planning on working on more later. Thanks!

Willow that Travels in TARDIS (aka Pondpaw)

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  • I haven’t watched much doctor who but from what you have said they all make sense

    • Which speedy mod is it please reveal your self
      Because I am lonely here at the moment

  • I scanned through this sort of since I’ve never seen Doctor Who before (yes I know *gasps*) but I’m pretty sure you are accurate on these characters from it and who they’re like in Warriors. You explained them very well and their lifestyles and stuff and why they are alike. I have no idea who they are but in general, nice job 🙃😉

  • Ooh nice article! 😀 I agree with most of them, but I think that Donna doesn’t really have a character like her in Warriors..she’s too… Donna-ish 😛

    • I agree Donna is very unique and well Donna. Dovewing just isn’t the fit for her.

      Whereas Dovewing was often second guessing at times, busy falling in Love, Donna beat to the rhythm of her own drum. No one could tell her what to do, she’d do her own thing and if you tried to tell her otherwise she’d let you have it. Donna talks a lot, and tends to be very nosy, vocal wanting her opinions to be known, and is just well Donna.

      Dovewing just isn’t a match you compared their events and eventual powers rather than their characters.but even then Donna was a regular person up till the end, and then she paid the price for her powers. If anything Hollyleaf or Ivypool could be a closer match, but Donna was never able to get sooo I dunno hung up on stuff. Plus Donna could get hysterical at times.

      I almost think Sandstorm might be a better match for Donna now that I think about it. Both were antagonistic towards Firepaw and the Doctor at first. Very stubborn, vocal, they were companions and had a brief rise before settling into normal life.

      To be honest I might flip Rose Tyler with Donna Dovewing could be more Rose Tyler and Sandstorm is more Donna.

      Rose Tyler kinda got roped into things and as time wore on eventually discovered her other side Bad Wolf. Then she lost her powers and eventually lost the doctor forcing her to accept a normal life without the man she loved. This caused a great deal of struggle for Rose until she fought her way back to her home Dimension and ended up with Ten.too.

      I find this parallels more Dovewing as Rose Tyler had this importance about her kinda from the start and Dovewing had that too being the cat from prophecy. Then they both eventually lose their power and are forced to be separated from their significant other (Rose loses the doctor, Dovewing has to pull away from Tigerhear), until eventually they’re brought together again.

      I never got to Amy Ponds stuff so I can’t really commentate on her.

  • I agree with Jet’s comment above but the rest of your article is awesome! I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who and Warriors so I can relate to what you are saying, and Amy Pond/Squirrelflight really fits the best, I think. Nice job overall! 😀

  • I L O V E Dr Who and this really made my day! 😀 I think that all of these are true, Sandstorm definitely matches with Rose and what I thought was interesting that you (maybe unintentionally) drew attention to how both Squirrelflight and Amy had complications with their children. Donna…at first I thought WHAT?!!! How has #QueenOfComeBacksAndAttitude been paired with a character that is part of a prophecy to save the Clans but doesn’t want the power and mostly is feeling miserable about it? Then I read your explanations and I realize that it makes sense. But maybe not the attitude bit. Dovewing doesn’t really have the Donna attitude 🙂

    So, seeing as you seem to be another Dr Who fan – which do you prefer, DoctorxRose or DoctorxRiver? I’d go DoctorxRiver because they are the same but also complete opposites in their motives which works well, but DoctorxRose is very cute.

  • Honestly, just adding on, (THANKS FOR ALL THE COMPLIMENTS BTW!)

    Recently, my friend and I have realized that

    River Song is Sandstorm.


    Actually no it’s just from a spoofy fanfiction I was writing… I really made it believable. *wink wink*

  • I love Doctor Who! I agree with all of these. I left Blogclan to look for something like this, then it circled right back ’round to here! Amy is very much like Squrrelflight. The red heads united!

    • Yes I agree!!
      I don’t understand half of it and may have just spoiled a ton of stuff for myself but I agree that Rose is very Sandstorm!!!
      I haven’t met Amy yet and I haven’t seen that much of Donna but this was really interesting!

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