Ship I Will Defend by Sky

Sky talks about a few ships in the fandom and her opinions on them.

Art by Sirmaril

Yes, yes, I’m doing this.


Sky’s favorite ships she will war about(Not actually)!

Keep in kind that I love many more ships, these are just the ships that never worked out perfect in the books that I love that have a lot of hate towards them, or have another competing ship. You may inquire about other ships I love in the comments, tnese are ones that just need defending

SILVERXGRAY – Okay, can we all pause and think about the chemistry of GrayXMillie to GrayXSilver chemistry? Graystripe and Silverstream sacrificed evrrything for each other. Millie saved Graystripe from dogs using her ‘stunning’ abilities, and they became mates.

Graystripe and Silverstream are both, fun, stubborn, a bit obnoxious, friendly, and kind. They really loved each other, and a non-warriors reader could see them as mates.

GrayXMillie on the othr hand, have nothing in common. Millie always freaks out, is not cool and collected like Graystripe, and yells at her kids. Graystripe didn’t really even pay that much attention to her. Those little GrayXMillie sweet moments literally just came to show MillieXGray wasn’t fully dead.

I doubt Graystripe feels as much mateship towards Millie as he does to Silverstream.

HONEYXBERRY – I know this one wasn’t really featured, but Honeyfern dying and Berrynose laying himself on her sister made me RKP MY HAIR OUT. What is a less obvious show of Berrynose’s obvious obnoxiousness?

He obviously wanted a Honeyfern2, and thought Poppyfrost was the closest thing he could find, so he mated with her.

When he was talking to her, he probably saw Honeyfern, not actual Poppyfrost.

I feel pity for Poppyfrost, mostly because she doesn’t realize anything.

I guess PoppyXBerry is more developed, but from the very start of PoppyXBerry I realized that the book had had it out for BerryXHoneyfern the whole time. What better way to have cheap drama and more kits?

SQUIRRELXBRAMBLE – How many times must I repeat that bickering is PART OF THIS COUPLE? It’s called fire VS fire, and it could make for a strong, fun couple. AshXSquirrel would never have worked out, and I doubt Squirrelflight ever had any romantic feelings to Ashfur ever.

JAYXHALF – No people, Vicky specifically said that no amount of time is gonna stop these guys. Who cares? Doesn’t that show a strong couple?

These two were soooo cute and fabulous together, consistantly teaching each other and having each other’s backs.

FALLENXHOLLY – I admit that we didn’t see much of these two, but they were really mysterious and cool together, I couple I’d call a ‘power couple,’ like SquirrelXBramble.

They really did care for each other, and the scene were Fallen Leaves sees Hollyleaf’s dead body was heartbreaking.

DOVEXTIGER – Why, why, whyyy do so many people like DoveXBumble? Not only is he the biggest jerk of a crush ever, he also doesn’t consider Dovewing’s feelings and her perspectivd. In the B&N special chapter in Shattered Skies, it showed Bumblestripe totally ignoring Dovewing’s comments and trying to be mates with her to have kits. Excuse me?

Dovewing needs someone like Tigerheart to free her up an let her go wild, not someone like Bumblestripe who is fussy, a control-freak, and a jerk to her.

LEAFXCROW – FeatherXCrow is a cute ship as well, but I really prefer LeafXCrow.

Leafpool and Crowfeather gave up their lives for each other, and even though Crowfeather wasn’t there for his kits, that scene in the Lst Hope was so sweet, and I know they’ll be together in the stars – for sure.

CLEARXBRIGHT – Clear Sky wouldn’t have ten million mates if she had been alive, and he wouldn’t be as jerky. Bright Stream could give birth to Thunder, and Thunder could choose to leave to make his own Clan, wanting to follow his father’s footsteps. It’s also be more genetically correct for Thunder to be Clear Sky and Bright Stream’s kit.

Anyways, this couple was so cute. Bright Stream balances Clear Sky perfectly, as a she-cat who is kind and thoughtful, but knows how to convince and calm people. She’s also unafraid to stick up for herself, a good trait against someone who can be so ferocious like Clear Sky.

And that’s it, other than I’d just like to say that Ivypool should be single.

The end. I do love many more ships, and you can ask if you want!



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  • Well, I don’t really like LeafxCrow. I think is weird for Leafpool to fall in love with another Clan’s cat, especially they didn’t met each other over like…ten times? She just fall in love for no reason. I like ClearxStorm more than ClearxBright, I love the ship GrayxSlate. FallenxHolly is a good ship, and JayxHalf is a really sad ship. Good article!!!!!

  • I agree with all of these, and with this article you have shifted my GrayXSilver placement from Disliked to Neutral. I agree with all the rest. (Man oh man why do people ship BumbleXDove?) And all of Clear Sky’s ships were annoying except for ClearXBright. Good article 🙂

  • I pretty much agree with all of these except BramblexSquirrel and that’s because Brambleclaw was such a jerk to her. Oh and DovexTiger because I just don’t care about either of them(But I really love BriarxDove, so thaere’s probably biased there too). Oh and there’s something I want to say about BerryxHoney. I really love these two together and thought it was ridiculous that she was killed off. There was always something wrong about Berrynose quickly moving onto Poppyfrost, his dead mate’s sister, within six moons. It just doesn’t feel right and seems like Poppyfrost is rebound instead of someone he really loves.

  • I’m probably one of few people who actually ship both GrayxSilver and GrayxMillie… but both ships are purrfect! :3

    • I used to feel like that about a lot of ships, and still do with some!

      For example, I used to like FeatherXCrow and LeafXCrow equally, but once I thought a bit, I realized that LeafXCrow was my preferred.

  • Nice article! I think LeafxCrow and TigerxDove were suuuuuuuuper overplayed and TigerxDove and the effect that had on DocvexBumble was unrealistic and rushed, but you have good defenses. Current DovexBumble is horrible!

  • I agree with all! And Ivypool was better when she was single but the only thing I disagree with is ClearxBright, he LOVED Star Flower and she was prettier and better for him and he deserved her, Bright Stream ain’t good enough

    • Uh… Does being pretty matter to Warriors? And Bright Stream was ‘pretty’ pretty lol

  • I don’t like LeafxCrow because it came out of nowhere and was just completely random and rushed. They didn’t have any development and were very forced in my opinion