Top 10 Noblest Warrior Cat Leaders by Lilyshine

Lilyshine discusses the character traits of leaders from the series.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hello, my name is Lilyshine and this is my very first blog post for BlogClan. I am so happy to explain why these top ten noblest warriors. So here it comes, all you need to know about these cats and why they are especially a great aspect in my life:

10. Leafstar- brave, kind and hoping for the best, she is always optimistic and independent. The first leader of the reborn Clan, SkyClan, she is cautious and strong-willed and will go to risks to help cats in need.
9. Crookedstar-wise and true, Crookedstar will always be remembered as one of the truest and noblest cats in Clan history. Though his life is known to be a rough one, he always put his Clan’s needs before his own.
8. Half Moon- She was young and full of hope for the future, little did she know that a step in the next direction would change her life forever, as the first “Stoneteller.”
7. Thunderstar-honorable and heroic, Thunder always did what was best for the cats around him. Without the hardships he faced as a young cat, he would never have grown into the cat he was.
6. Mistystar- the wise daughter of Bluestar would always grow to be kind and loving towards others as her mother as a young warrior, so it was no surprise when Mistyfoot was chosen as deputy after the death of her brother, Stonefur.
5. Bramblestar-growing up in the shadow of his father, life was never easy for Brambleclaw. Raised by the watchful eye of Firestar, Brambleclaw flourished, and it was no surprise that when it came time for Firestar to find a new deputy, it was Brambleclaw as his first choice.
4. Bluestar- towards the end of her life, her grief and shame tormented her, but before then she was relentless in keeping her Clan safe from harm.
3. Sunstar- in the wake of Pinestar’s leave, Sunstar reigned long and gave every life he had for the sake of his Clan (though only gifted with 8). He was intelligent and modest and was always loyal to his Clan.
2. Tallstar-tragedy after tragedy, Talltail’s lust for revenge taught him several things about life and gave him something to fight for. He was always bitter towards how he was raised and why his life was always so confusing. After he returned from his journey of revenge, Heatherstar realized he was the one prophesied moons before he was born, and she made him the next deputy, who one day be a kind and noble leader to WindClan.
1. Firestar- unknown that one day he would be a strong and humble leader, Firepaw’s past as a kittypet always haunted him, especially as a young tom, being given a rank as a leader of a Warrior Clan. It was still a weak spot as he aged but never got to him as easily. His love and passion towards other and gift of courage and willingness to trust others led him to become the leader that died for his Clan, nine times.

Now, let these leaders live on in the silence of our hearts. I adore all of these leaders and their life’s stories.

Honorable Mentions: Gray Wing (I know he’s not a real leader but he’s one of my favorite cats in the books. ), Cloudstar, River Ripple…Hawkwing will make a good leader someday.

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