Relating Cars to Warrior Cats (Part 2) by Sleetfall

Sleetfall follows up their interesting first article with a part two!

Hello, cats of BlogClan! I realized I didn’t include a lot of cars in my first article, here are the rest of them.

Sally/Sandstorm – They are both the main character’s love interest, and hated disliked the main character at first. Sally is McQueen’s love interest, much like the way Sandstorm and Firestar eventually became mates. The only difference is that Sally and McQueen never married, possibly due to his busy racing schedule.

Cruz Ramirez/Squirrelflight – I like to think of them as the ‘successor’ to the main character. Firestar was once deputy, now that is Squirrelflight. McQueen once ruled the racetrack with 7 Piston Cups… Now he’s old, so he became Cruz’s crew chief. I’m assuming Cruz Ramirez is now the star of the racetrack, but Cars 3 doesn’t go into detail with that. Also, Firestar is male. So is McQueen. Why there are so many male leaders/’racetrack stars’ is beyond me. That position is then replaced by a female, Squirrelflight/Cruz. Maybe Squirrelflight will be the leader in the future, for all I know. Both the characters are cheerful with upbeat attitudes.

Cal Weathers/Ravenpaw – They were both also one of the main character’s best friends. Both characters had to leave their profession early. Cal chose to retire after he couldn’t keep up with the Next Gen racers. Ravenpaw was terrorized by Tigerstar, and living in the barn with Barley was the best choice for him. But that also meant Ravenpaw never became a warrior.

Francesco Bernoulli/Dustpelt – They one of those characters that you aren’t quite sure whether they’re good or not. Francesco boasts that he is faster than McQueen, and often insults and teases him at the beginning of Cars 2. At the end of Cars 2, they’ve become friends. Dustpelt hated that Firestar was a kittypet, and also perhaps because Sandstorm loved Firestar instead of himself. Eventually, that hate faded away, presumably once Dust x Fern became canon.

Flo & Ramone/Ferncloud & Dustpelt – This is more of a canon ship similarity. Both of these couples are inseparable. Ferncloud and Dustpelt are the cutest couple in Warrior Cats. Flo and Ramone are the closest and cutest couple unless you count Sally and McQueen, but they are not married.

Miss Fritter/Mapleshade – These girls are big and destructive. 😀 Miss Fritter sort of has to be destructive since she’s a demolition derby champ. A demolition derby is a race where vehicles crash into each other, and the last one left standing wins. Her only soft spot is that she’s a big fan of Lightning McQueen. Mapleshade was driven (Driven, get it? As in a car? Even though she isn’t a car.) by her grief (and the fact that so much bad luck happened to her) and committed a lot of bad acts, like killing Frecklewish and Appledusk. Mapleshade was accused of drowning her kits as well. The only difference between Miss Fritter and Mapleshade is that Miss Fritter is ‘good’ and Mapleshade is ‘bad’.

Lizzie/Speckletail – I included this for the sole purpose of their age. Both of them are very old characters, and don’t do much. Speckletail dies of starvation because she is too old to travel on the Great Journey. Lizzie is still alive somehow, despite being a car from the 1910’s.

Junior Moon/Patchpelt – For one thing, they both have the same color, black. Another thing, both of them are really old.

Louise Nash/Daisy – Both had to over come discrimination. Louise is female, in a male-dominated world of racing. Daisy is criticized for keeping her name, and favoring Briarlight over her other kits. Daisy has good reason to, as Briarlight is crippled for life. Blossomfall needed to ‘grow up’ and stop whining, but that’s not my topic here…

Jackson Storm is Sol. Likewise, they use words to intimidate others. Storm taunts his opponents and discourages them. Sol made ShadowClan give up on StarClan for a while.

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