My Favorite And Least Favorite Warriors by Skyeyes

Skyeyes lists some of their favourite and least favourite characters from the series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

My favorite and least favorite warriors cats:


1- Featherwhisker- Featherwhisker, I feel like was always a cat who didn’t question things that much, and happily obliged when something didn’t go exactly as planned. When Goosefeather was going senile, who was there to take over most of the medicine cat duties? That’s right. Featherwhisker. He was always kind and compassionate in my opinion.

2-Brackenfur-Yes, I put him over Feathertail. In fact, Brackenfur is tied with Featherwhisker. Brackenfur went through so much, and deserved a much better life then he got. Look at a MAP about him with the song King. It’s heartfelt.

3-Longtail-Honestly, I didn’t really like him at first, but I grew more and more attached to him. I feel like he was always ready to do something, and after the rabbit blinded him, he always was calm with Mousefur and one of the only cats she could bear. I cried a little bit when he died too. Okay, I cried a lot.

4-Crookedstar-I feel like he should be higher up, but it’s just not possible. I have to put him at a fraction above Feathertail

5-Feathertail-Admit it, you cried for about an hour when she died. Yeah, I did to. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is a no-brainer. She sacrificed herself to save others. She was so sweet, and we all cried.

6-Cinderheart-I feel like adding her here because she’s strong and bold, and can handle just about anything that comes her way.

7-Tigerstar-Tigerstar was just taught wrong and learned the wrong things. I bet if he got a different mentor, let’s say, Bluefur, he would’ve never been how he was.

Least favorite:

1-Rainflower-I absolutely hate her. She is the most shallow cat ever. She only cared about looks. Oh, one of my sons broke his jaw? He’s ugly now and will never be a strong warrior. That’s what I feel like ran through her mind. Props to Shellheart for breaking up with her and discouraging her changing of Crookedstar’s name.

2-Spottedleaf- I just hate her. She fell for a cat she barely just met, and knows that she can’t break the code. Props for that, but overall, I just don’t like her.

3-Breezepelt-I understand the fact he doesn’t tha half clan cats, but he’s always so bitter for no reason. Heck, he once attacked Jayfeather.

4-Crowfeather-I feel that after Leafpool, he suddenly became bitter, and was rude all the time.

BONUS: And for the most underrated warrior ever………

BRACKENFUR! He went through so much, yet got so little.

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  • great article! i now think tigerstar could of been a better cat. and i’ am totally with you on crowfeather he was so mean to breeze,kit,paw, and pelt!!!

  • Spottedleaf was a rather decent cat without her affection for Firestar, she genuinely tried to help her Clanmates and work hard as a medicine cat, plus you can’t really control your feelings. I do support SandxFire, but I don’t get why everyone hated Spottedleaf so much just because she liked Firestar(although she was being kind of a stalker in Firestar’s dreams)

    • I don’t think she was a stalker. Imagine that you loved someone and then you died. Wouldn’t you want to help and protect them?

  • I was really happy when Feathertail and Spottedleaf died. They both were WAY older AND already related to the cat they loved, and only interacted with them for about five minutes of their books. I actually laughed when they died. Nightcloud x Crowfeather and Firestar x Cinderpelt foreverrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

    • Wait a sec. How are they related to the cats they love. Feathertail and Crowfeather… they are from different clans, not related. And Fireheart came to the forest first as a kittypet, Spottedleaf was already there. So… yeah. And also Nightcloud and Crowfeather did NOT work out. And as for them only interacting for about 5 minutes of the book, I disagree. Spottedleaf and Fireheart interacted alot, and as for Crowfeather and Feathertail.. they went on a quest together!

      Correct me if I am wrong about any of this.

  • Sorreltail is also underrated. When she was a kit, she was poisoned, and almost died. Then, she lost her father, a couple of moons after that, she lost her mother. On the same day that she had her kits, she lost one of her brothers.Not too long after that, she lost her son and her other brother. Then, a year or so later, she lost one of her daughters.

  • I love the book A Shadow In RiverClan. So good! I never knew that Feathertail felt like that…Nice article!