A Rant About Blossomfall by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw shares their opinion about Blossomfall. Spoilers ahead, you have been warned!

Art by maracat0901

Blossomfall is a brat, not because she’s jealous of Briarlight, as everyone gets jealous sometimes, but because of what she did and how she reacted that made her a brat.

Just because Blossomfall’s jealous doesn’t mean she can join The Dark Forest with a good reason. Unlike most Dark Forest Trainees, Blossomfall knew the Dark Forest was evil.
“A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate.So that’s why I’ve ended up in the Dark Forest. I’m not stupid. I know it’s where cats go if they’re not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in, and I’m getting good training, better than anything we get here.”—Sign of The Moon page 246.
Blossomfall wasn’t forced to train there, she chose to. It was her own decision, and it’s not Millie’s fault at all. Blossomfall also said she hated her sister for being jealous.
“But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured.” -Sign Of The Moon, page 246.
Hating your sibling for getting more attention than you is wrong. It’s not like Blossomfall yelled at Briarlight “I hate you” while she was under a lot of stress in front of her like Dovewing did, she admitted her hate of Briarlight. She even made fun of Briarlight’s injury.
“Blossomfall snorted. “What’s the worst that could happen? We might lose the use of our legs?” -Sign Of The Moon, page 218.
Blossomfall didn’t think about how others, including herself, would feel if she became crippled like her sister. The Clan already had trouble with Briarlight’s injury. Not only that, but she’s making fun of her sister. Briarlight broke her spinal cord, and the only other case the cats living in this time have had with the same injury is Wildfur, who died very quickly. Briarlight is dying very slowly, and Blossomfall should recognize this as she’s her sister. Blossomfall’s words were childish behavior.

Blossomfall is not getting attention by training in the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest cats are obviously abusive, and Blossomfall knows that. The Dark Forest cats have not been nice to her. Blossomfall has gotten injured there, maybe that was a sign she should’ve left? Lionblaze and Tawnypelt have freely left before, so there’s no reason why Blossomfall couldn’t have. Cats are able to never return to the Dark Forest if they don’t want to, so there’s no reason why Blossomfall couldn’t have left. Blossomfall’s father is Graystripe, meaning she should’ve heard stories about how dangerous Brokenstar and Tigerstar were, especially since Brokenstar recruited her.

In Sign Of The Moon, Blossomfall goes into the tunnels with Ivypool, even though Ivypool directly tells Blossomfall it could be dangerous.
“Hey, look,” she [Blossomfall] meowed, pushing it farther. “We can see right down into the tunnel! Let’s explore!” A weird feeling crept over Ivypool as she gazed down into the hole. She felt strangely reluctant to go near it. “What about hunting?” “We can hunt later,” Blossomfall replied, her eyes sparkling. Fueled by excitement, she seemed to have thrown off her earlier exhaustion. “Let’s explore!” -Sign of the Moon, page 217.
Icecloud’s shoulder got dislocated when she first fell into the tunnels at the beginning of the book. She even needed to rest for quite a while. “Firestar raised his tail for silence.
“Cats of Thunderclan,” he began. “I think you’ve all heard about Icecloud’s accident. She fell into a hole and dislocated her shoulder, but Jayfeather put it back in place.” Firestar’s tone was firm and reassuring; Lionblaze saw how well he understood his Clan’s fears after what happened to Briarlight. “Jayfeather says she will need to rest,” Firestar continued, “but she should only be off her paws for a quarter moon.” -Sign Of The Moon, page 29.
Firestar told the whole Clan he didn’t want anyone else go into the tunnels.
“Meanwhile, Dustpelt and Brackenfur, you’re the best at building. I want a solid barrier around that hole by sunset today. We can’t fill it in, and we don’t want any other cats falling down there.” -Sign Of The Moon, page 29.

It’s not Millie’s fault Blossomfall is in the Dark Forest. Using that logic means that it’s Blossomfall’s fault Ivypool was in the Dark Forest as Ivypool never minded Dovewing getting more attention than her until Blossomfall gulit tripped her. Blossomfall’s an adult, she can make her own decisions. Crowfeather said the same thing about Breezepelt when he choose to fight with the Dark Forest.
“[Breezepelt’s] a warrior. He’s been making his own choices for a long time now.”-The Last Hope, page 309.
This also applies to Blossomfall, as she also chose the Dark Forest. If Blossomfall training in the Dark Forest was Millie’s fault, then why wasn’t Bumblestripe in The Dark Forest? It’s not because Bumblestripe had Dovewing, because he didn’t get with Dovewing until The Forgotten Warrior (Also by that “Bumblestripe had Dovewing” logic, Blossomfall should’ve found a friend instead of whining about her problems), it’s because he was mature and truly cared about Briarlight, enough to take the blame when Briarlight got out of camp and almost got killed. He also started to lose faith in Starclan a bit and was upset about Briarlight’s condition.
“Briarlight would have loved this. It’s just not fair! She was trying to help Longtail. Why did StarClan have to punish her?” – Fading Echos page 202.
I may not like Bumblestripe because of how he treated Dovewing, but he’s a good brother to Briarlight.

Blossomfall is not being neglected. Millie has good reason to worry for Briarlight as she’s pretty much dying. Millie showed obvious concern for Blossomfall when she snapped at her. She got angry because she was afraid. Briarlight is already suffering from a terrible condition, and having Blossomfall lost and potentially dead was terrifying for her. If I were her mother, I’d be upset as well! She could have lost a kit when she was already sick with grief over another. Millie’s snapping at Blossomfall was completely called for and understandable. Instead, Blossomfall chose to take it as Millie expressing hate for her. If Millie was neglecting Blossomfall, then she would’ve ignored Blossomfall after the tunnel incident instead of scolding her. Blossomfall is not being verbally abused either. Parents yell at their kids all the time (Unless you’re spoiled, which is a bad thing), it’s not verbal abuse. If it was, then all good parents would be abusive. And what about the rest of the Clan? Blossomfall could’ve talked to someone, since the Clan seems to care about her a lot. She could’ve been friends with Ivypool as Ivypool forgave her for how Blossomfall treated her as apprentices.

Thornclaw, Brightheart, Brackenfur, Sorrelpaw, and Pigeonpaw weren’t outright jealous of Cinderpelt and Deadfoot when they got attention for their disabilities. Brackenfur showed concern for Cinderpelt. Blossomfall is the only one who has ever been outright jealous of a disabled sibling.

Blossomfall wasn’t just a brat before Briarlight was injured, she was always a brat.
“No way!” Blossompaw’s horrified mew took Ivypaw by surprise. “She’s not properly trained! Can’t I have Dovepaw instead? At least she can hunt.” Ivypaw glared at the tortoiseshell and white she-cat. “I know how to hunt!” Hawkfrost just taught her two new moves! “You’ve hardly caught more than a mouse!” Blossompaw complained. “Dovepaw’s brilliant! She can hear prey anywhere!” -Fading Echoes, page 124-125

“Blossompaw was waiting on the wall surrounding the tumbledown nest. “You can’t even keep up,” she scoffed. “We’re supposed to be showing them we can work together” Ivypaw snapped. “Like I’m gonna give you a chance to hold me back” Blossompaw jumped down from the wall and headed past the plants Jayfeather carefully nurtured. The scent of them made Ivypaw’s mouth water, but she knew the warning given to every cat. Stay away from the catmint. It was the only cure for greencough, and more precious than poppy seeds. As she disappeared around the corner of the wall, Blossompaw called over her shoulder, “Just stay away from me!” -Fading Echoes, page 126-127.

“What did you have to show me up for?” Blossompaw hissed as soon as they were out of earshoot. “This is my assessment, remember?” -Fading Echoes, page 129.

“Fox-Dung!” [Blossompaw] cursed through a mouthful of feathers. “One wretched bird while you have to catch a squirrel!” She glared at Ivpaw. “If I fail this assessment, it’s all your fault!” -Fading Echoes, page 132.
This pretty much shows Blossomfall was always a jerk, even before the Briarlight incident. Before she trained in the Dark Forest, she was like Berrynose before Honeyfern died. Arrogant and very full of herself. After battles, she saw no point in practicing so she can fight even better, only caring about the fact that Thunderclan won the day. “Ivypaw poked another twig into a gap in the wall. “Why isn’t any cat talking about the battle? It’s like they don’t remember what happened.” “Why should they?” Blossomfall used her paws to squeeze the woven sticks together. “We won. What else should we be doing?” “We should be learning how we could have fought better.” Blossomfall stared at her. “But we won!” -Night Whispers, page 74.

Blossomfall is also a jerk to Dovewing, even though Dovewing’s really nice to her and did nothing wrong. She mocked Dovewing just because Dovewing was friends with her brother Bumblestripe.
“You know, you’ve stolen my brother’s heart” the young tortoiseshell warrior murmured. Her [Blossomfall] tone was teasing, but the gaze turned on Dovewing was serious” -Sign Of The Moon, page 81.
“Bumblestripe was fine, but Dovewing, you need to do a lot more work,” [Blossomfall] meowed. “Your paws were all over the place. And you seemed to have forgotten you have a tail. It’s there for balance, you know.” – The Forgotten Warrior, page 200. Blossomfall thinks it’s okay to guilt trip Bumblestripe for finding a new friend.
“Excuse me, but who’s your littermate? You could show a little loyalty, you know.”-The Forgotten Warrior, page 198. Blossomfall is even being a hypocrite by saying that. According to her, it’s okay to hate a sibling for getting more attention than you, but it’s not okay to be partners with a friend rather than a sibling. Really Blossomfall?

Sure Blossomfall fights for her Clan in the end, but she showed no signs of getting over her attitude problems or her irrational abandonment issues. She still acted like a brat even after the Dark Forest battle by being happy that Bumblestripe broke up with Dovewing.
“What’s this I hear, that Bumblestripe and Dovewing aren’t mates anymore?” Rosepetal asked. Surprised, Bramblestar flicked a glance around the clearing and saw that the two warriors were eating on opposite sides of the group, about as far away from each other as they could get. Both of them looked downcast, and kept their gaze firmly fixed on their prey. “That’s right,” Blossomfall replied to Rosepetal, “But I never did think Dovewing was right for my brother. She’s always been a bit…different, hasn’t she?” Rosepetal murmured in agreement. “I’m sure Bumblestripe will find another mate soon,” she mewed. “He’s so nice.” Blossomfall gave her a friendly prod. “I’ll put in a good word for you, if you like!”-Bramblestar’s Storm, page 449.
Blossomfall does not get to decide who’s mates with who.

Blossomfall needs to grow up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around her. She doesn’t need to guilt trip everyone just because she doesn’t get all the attention, especially when she’s fully grown up. I’ve known people who’ve been in Blossomfall’s place, they too have had families who pay attention to their disabled/ill/mentally ill family members all the time. But you know what? They don’t end up in a group of shady people! They never threw a tantrum about attention, they were there for their family members. Blossomfall was overreacting.

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  • I think she scold her cuz she was worried about her, my parents used to scold me when I was doing something dangerous, that might be the case why Millie scold blossomfall when she got out, cuz she does care for her, I know some people might think she might not scold biarlight, but it’s probably cuz she is in much pain already since she really really wants to run and walk.

  • Amazing article!! It was really well written! I didn’t have much of an opinion on Blossomfall, but now I really hate her! I 100% agree!

  • Even so she still was neglected by her mom and dad. Graystripe didn’t care for her like he did his past kits and it was made obvious BY THE AUTHORS she was so focused on brairlight she didn’t pay attention to her other kits. Blossomfall felt it was the only way to even get her mom to look at her, and yet her mother simply yelled at her not caring and went back to brairlight. Of course brairlight needed attention, but she hovered over her a lot and blossomfall didn’t even exist to her. She joined the dark forest because she thought she didn’t BELONG. No one ever made her feel like she belonged besides ivypool. She was self aware she was jealous and HATED it. You also bring up a lot of things when she is an apprentice, but she was an apprentice! All cats are stupid at that point and she was simply angry, she can’t be perfect.

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