A Rant About Blossomfall by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw shares their opinion about Blossomfall. Spoilers ahead, you have been warned!

Art by maracat0901

Blossomfall is a brat, not because she’s jealous of Briarlight, as everyone gets jealous sometimes, but because of what she did and how she reacted that made her a brat.

Just because Blossomfall’s jealous doesn’t mean she can join The Dark Forest with a good reason. Unlike most Dark Forest Trainees, Blossomfall knew the Dark Forest was evil.
“A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate.So that’s why I’ve ended up in the Dark Forest. I’m not stupid. I know it’s where cats go if they’re not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in, and I’m getting good training, better than anything we get here.”—Sign of The Moon page 246.
Blossomfall wasn’t forced to train there, she chose to. It was her own decision, and it’s not Millie’s fault at all. Blossomfall also said she hated her sister for being jealous.
“But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured.” -Sign Of The Moon, page 246.
Hating your sibling for getting more attention than you is wrong. It’s not like Blossomfall yelled at Briarlight “I hate you” while she was under a lot of stress in front of her like Dovewing did, she admitted her hate of Briarlight. She even made fun of Briarlight’s injury.
“Blossomfall snorted. “What’s the worst that could happen? We might lose the use of our legs?” -Sign Of The Moon, page 218.
Blossomfall didn’t think about how others, including herself, would feel if she became crippled like her sister. The Clan already had trouble with Briarlight’s injury. Not only that, but she’s making fun of her sister. Briarlight broke her spinal cord, and the only other case the cats living in this time have had with the same injury is Wildfur, who died very quickly. Briarlight is dying very slowly, and Blossomfall should recognize this as she’s her sister. Blossomfall’s words were childish behavior.

Blossomfall is not getting attention by training in the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest cats are obviously abusive, and Blossomfall knows that. The Dark Forest cats have not been nice to her. Blossomfall has gotten injured there, maybe that was a sign she should’ve left? Lionblaze and Tawnypelt have freely left before, so there’s no reason why Blossomfall couldn’t have. Cats are able to never return to the Dark Forest if they don’t want to, so there’s no reason why Blossomfall couldn’t have left. Blossomfall’s father is Graystripe, meaning she should’ve heard stories about how dangerous Brokenstar and Tigerstar were, especially since Brokenstar recruited her.

In Sign Of The Moon, Blossomfall goes into the tunnels with Ivypool, even though Ivypool directly tells Blossomfall it could be dangerous.
“Hey, look,” she [Blossomfall] meowed, pushing it farther. “We can see right down into the tunnel! Let’s explore!” A weird feeling crept over Ivypool as she gazed down into the hole. She felt strangely reluctant to go near it. “What about hunting?” “We can hunt later,” Blossomfall replied, her eyes sparkling. Fueled by excitement, she seemed to have thrown off her earlier exhaustion. “Let’s explore!” -Sign of the Moon, page 217.
Icecloud’s shoulder got dislocated when she first fell into the tunnels at the beginning of the book. She even needed to rest for quite a while. “Firestar raised his tail for silence.
“Cats of Thunderclan,” he began. “I think you’ve all heard about Icecloud’s accident. She fell into a hole and dislocated her shoulder, but Jayfeather put it back in place.” Firestar’s tone was firm and reassuring; Lionblaze saw how well he understood his Clan’s fears after what happened to Briarlight. “Jayfeather says she will need to rest,” Firestar continued, “but she should only be off her paws for a quarter moon.” -Sign Of The Moon, page 29.
Firestar told the whole Clan he didn’t want anyone else go into the tunnels.
“Meanwhile, Dustpelt and Brackenfur, you’re the best at building. I want a solid barrier around that hole by sunset today. We can’t fill it in, and we don’t want any other cats falling down there.” -Sign Of The Moon, page 29.

It’s not Millie’s fault Blossomfall is in the Dark Forest. Using that logic means that it’s Blossomfall’s fault Ivypool was in the Dark Forest as Ivypool never minded Dovewing getting more attention than her until Blossomfall gulit tripped her. Blossomfall’s an adult, she can make her own decisions. Crowfeather said the same thing about Breezepelt when he choose to fight with the Dark Forest.
“[Breezepelt’s] a warrior. He’s been making his own choices for a long time now.”-The Last Hope, page 309.
This also applies to Blossomfall, as she also chose the Dark Forest. If Blossomfall training in the Dark Forest was Millie’s fault, then why wasn’t Bumblestripe in The Dark Forest? It’s not because Bumblestripe had Dovewing, because he didn’t get with Dovewing until The Forgotten Warrior (Also by that “Bumblestripe had Dovewing” logic, Blossomfall should’ve found a friend instead of whining about her problems), it’s because he was mature and truly cared about Briarlight, enough to take the blame when Briarlight got out of camp and almost got killed. He also started to lose faith in Starclan a bit and was upset about Briarlight’s condition.
“Briarlight would have loved this. It’s just not fair! She was trying to help Longtail. Why did StarClan have to punish her?” – Fading Echos page 202.
I may not like Bumblestripe because of how he treated Dovewing, but he’s a good brother to Briarlight.

Blossomfall is not being neglected. Millie has good reason to worry for Briarlight as she’s pretty much dying. Millie showed obvious concern for Blossomfall when she snapped at her. She got angry because she was afraid. Briarlight is already suffering from a terrible condition, and having Blossomfall lost and potentially dead was terrifying for her. If I were her mother, I’d be upset as well! She could have lost a kit when she was already sick with grief over another. Millie’s snapping at Blossomfall was completely called for and understandable. Instead, Blossomfall chose to take it as Millie expressing hate for her. If Millie was neglecting Blossomfall, then she would’ve ignored Blossomfall after the tunnel incident instead of scolding her. Blossomfall is not being verbally abused either. Parents yell at their kids all the time (Unless you’re spoiled, which is a bad thing), it’s not verbal abuse. If it was, then all good parents would be abusive. And what about the rest of the Clan? Blossomfall could’ve talked to someone, since the Clan seems to care about her a lot. She could’ve been friends with Ivypool as Ivypool forgave her for how Blossomfall treated her as apprentices.

Thornclaw, Brightheart, Brackenfur, Sorrelpaw, and Pigeonpaw weren’t outright jealous of Cinderpelt and Deadfoot when they got attention for their disabilities. Brackenfur showed concern for Cinderpelt. Blossomfall is the only one who has ever been outright jealous of a disabled sibling.

Blossomfall wasn’t just a brat before Briarlight was injured, she was always a brat.
“No way!” Blossompaw’s horrified mew took Ivypaw by surprise. “She’s not properly trained! Can’t I have Dovepaw instead? At least she can hunt.” Ivypaw glared at the tortoiseshell and white she-cat. “I know how to hunt!” Hawkfrost just taught her two new moves! “You’ve hardly caught more than a mouse!” Blossompaw complained. “Dovepaw’s brilliant! She can hear prey anywhere!” -Fading Echoes, page 124-125

“Blossompaw was waiting on the wall surrounding the tumbledown nest. “You can’t even keep up,” she scoffed. “We’re supposed to be showing them we can work together” Ivypaw snapped. “Like I’m gonna give you a chance to hold me back” Blossompaw jumped down from the wall and headed past the plants Jayfeather carefully nurtured. The scent of them made Ivypaw’s mouth water, but she knew the warning given to every cat. Stay away from the catmint. It was the only cure for greencough, and more precious than poppy seeds. As she disappeared around the corner of the wall, Blossompaw called over her shoulder, “Just stay away from me!” -Fading Echoes, page 126-127.

“What did you have to show me up for?” Blossompaw hissed as soon as they were out of earshoot. “This is my assessment, remember?” -Fading Echoes, page 129.

“Fox-Dung!” [Blossompaw] cursed through a mouthful of feathers. “One wretched bird while you have to catch a squirrel!” She glared at Ivpaw. “If I fail this assessment, it’s all your fault!” -Fading Echoes, page 132.
This pretty much shows Blossomfall was always a jerk, even before the Briarlight incident. Before she trained in the Dark Forest, she was like Berrynose before Honeyfern died. Arrogant and very full of herself. After battles, she saw no point in practicing so she can fight even better, only caring about the fact that Thunderclan won the day. “Ivypaw poked another twig into a gap in the wall. “Why isn’t any cat talking about the battle? It’s like they don’t remember what happened.” “Why should they?” Blossomfall used her paws to squeeze the woven sticks together. “We won. What else should we be doing?” “We should be learning how we could have fought better.” Blossomfall stared at her. “But we won!” -Night Whispers, page 74.

Blossomfall is also a jerk to Dovewing, even though Dovewing’s really nice to her and did nothing wrong. She mocked Dovewing just because Dovewing was friends with her brother Bumblestripe.
“You know, you’ve stolen my brother’s heart” the young tortoiseshell warrior murmured. Her [Blossomfall] tone was teasing, but the gaze turned on Dovewing was serious” -Sign Of The Moon, page 81.
“Bumblestripe was fine, but Dovewing, you need to do a lot more work,” [Blossomfall] meowed. “Your paws were all over the place. And you seemed to have forgotten you have a tail. It’s there for balance, you know.” – The Forgotten Warrior, page 200. Blossomfall thinks it’s okay to guilt trip Bumblestripe for finding a new friend.
“Excuse me, but who’s your littermate? You could show a little loyalty, you know.”-The Forgotten Warrior, page 198. Blossomfall is even being a hypocrite by saying that. According to her, it’s okay to hate a sibling for getting more attention than you, but it’s not okay to be partners with a friend rather than a sibling. Really Blossomfall?

Sure Blossomfall fights for her Clan in the end, but she showed no signs of getting over her attitude problems or her irrational abandonment issues. She still acted like a brat even after the Dark Forest battle by being happy that Bumblestripe broke up with Dovewing.
“What’s this I hear, that Bumblestripe and Dovewing aren’t mates anymore?” Rosepetal asked. Surprised, Bramblestar flicked a glance around the clearing and saw that the two warriors were eating on opposite sides of the group, about as far away from each other as they could get. Both of them looked downcast, and kept their gaze firmly fixed on their prey. “That’s right,” Blossomfall replied to Rosepetal, “But I never did think Dovewing was right for my brother. She’s always been a bit…different, hasn’t she?” Rosepetal murmured in agreement. “I’m sure Bumblestripe will find another mate soon,” she mewed. “He’s so nice.” Blossomfall gave her a friendly prod. “I’ll put in a good word for you, if you like!”-Bramblestar’s Storm, page 449.
Blossomfall does not get to decide who’s mates with who.

Blossomfall needs to grow up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around her. She doesn’t need to guilt trip everyone just because she doesn’t get all the attention, especially when she’s fully grown up. I’ve known people who’ve been in Blossomfall’s place, they too have had families who pay attention to their disabled/ill/mentally ill family members all the time. But you know what? They don’t end up in a group of shady people! They never threw a tantrum about attention, they were there for their family members. Blossomfall was overreacting.

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  • Omg I agree with every single word! I’ve always hated Blossomfall and loved Millie. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, that’s just how I feel. How do people not notice all those things Blossomfall says? Great article, Ebonypaw!

      • I understand the same with you. I’ve submitted a LOT of stuff below about my opinion on Millie and Blossomfall… 😛

  • You make some good points, but I take issue with your statement that she could have left freely. Remember what happened to Beetlewhisker?

    I love Blossomfall still, and while I do admit she did some bad things, it is understandable why she did some of those things. This was a great artice, and while I may not agree with everything you say here, this was really well put together and had some obvious effort put into it! Nice job!

  • Woah, Woah, Woah.

    I TOTALLY disagree. Respectfully.

    Blossomfall was in a state of confusion and near-depression. She felt like her mother hated her and hated herself for disliking her sister’s injury(not her sister, but the injury). She felt like she DESERVED the Dark Forest.

    Also, saying that Dovewing stole Bumblestripe’s heart was not taunting. That was a bad piece of evidence. She was serious and wanted to tell Dovewing about it.

    Blossomfall did care about Brairlight and her feelings – more so than Millie did, I must admit. While Millie did nothing but make Briarlight distressed about her siblings, Blossomfall tried supporting her sister. Yes, her support was less than Bumblestripe’s, but what about Graystripe?

    Also, Blossomfall was simply wary of Dovewing. It’s hard to see someone you’ve considered a part-friend blasting off interesting powers. Plus, she wasn’t deciding who was mates with who. She was simply helping Rosepetal!!! That was a friendly and loyal act!!

    She never guilt-tripped Ivypool into joining the DF. Ivypaw did that herself. You don’t hate on Ivypool because she joined the DF out of jealousy, do you? You might say, “Oh, her jealousy was reasonable!” but so was Blossomfall’s.

    Hm, I’m sure that your friends in Blossomfall’s place were in a better one and didn’t have her personality. Blossomfall was actually sensitive inside, but she tried covering that up with ice because she was scared of her own feelings. Also, imagine that your mother seems to hate you, your sister always gets attention and you hate her injury and hate yourself for that, your father ignores your family 90% of the time, and your brother was chasing after a she-cat over you.

    You’d feel pretty bad about yourself. Blossomfall was stressed and in a state of near-brain trauma. She was merely trying to gain her family back, as she felt like she had no friends and could never make any.

    Imagine that you know someone in Blossomfall’s situation. She was a brave, friendly, and kind person until her life fell and she started blocking out her true emotions. Are you going to write about how much you hate her? I don’t think so.

    • I feel grateful that Blossomfall has found a mate and mothered kits. Maybe now she can understand what Millie felt when Briarlight got crippled and realize her mistakes. 🙏 🍀 😸

    • OMST I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THAT SKY SAID (I would put this comment under hers but it won’t work for some reason)!!!!! Man I really wish you helped me with my “Blossomfall: Misunderstood” article. I could have used lots of that advice! I don’t love Blossomfall but I sure think she was misunderstood and had good reason to be in the DF. Ivypool was jealous of Dovewing and sometimes rude but not all the time. And do we hate her (some of us do but lots love her)? What right do we have to judge Blossomfall when Ivypool had the almost same problems kind of (don’t get me wrong I like Ivypool)?

    • Hmmmm…I have to admit you do make some good points, Sky. 😉 However, I disagree with most of them.

      Blossomfall knew the Dark Forest was for bad cats. She spoke it out loud in the example Ebonypaw used in this article. She even said, “I guess I won’t go into StarClan because I hate my sister for being injured,” which isn’t cool. Briarlight is her littermate! Instead of running around being ‘jealous’ of her sister’s injury, Blossomfall should be helping and caring for her dying sibling! Millie was probably giving Briarlight a lot of attention to also make up for Blossomfall’s absense. Bumblestripe may have not been the best mate for Dovewing, but I still like him a little because he was actually concerned for Briarlight and wished she could’ve trained with them.

      “Blossomfall snorted. “What’s the worst that could happen? We might lose the use of our legs?” -Sign Of The Moon, page 218.

      “Briarlight would have loved this. It’s just not fair! She was trying to help Longtail. Why did StarClan have to punish her?” – Fading Echos page 202.

      Bumblestripe said the second one. Notice the difference, though? Blossomfall is just being a jerk, taunting her sister’s injuries like that. Briarlight wanted to be a warrior. She would have made a great warrior, too. Trying to save Longtail was a great act of bravery. Getting her legs crushed was a terrible accident, and it made Briarlight feel so useless to the Clan. Sort of like how Cinderpelt felt after she got her injury, only Briarlight crushed her spinal cord, which is much more fatal. So how did Blossomfall care about Briarlight’s feelings more than Millie did?

      Millie doesn’t hate Blossomfall. Not at all. Those times when she’s yelled at her were mainly out of worry and love for her kit. No caring mother would wants to see their kits in pain. Millie used to live a soft, cozy life as a kittypet. She’s not used to injuries. One her her kits was already in a bad condition, and Millie was under a lot of stress from it; praying to StarClan Briarlight would survive and be okay. So Blossomfall going in the tunnels when she knew it was dangerous (once again, like all the examples Ebonpaw used) was not good behavior! If Millie didn’t do something about it, then Blossomfall could’ve thought she could get away with things like that with no concaquences (lol I can’t spell) whatsoever. Rainflower is hated for ignoring her injured kit and giving all her attention to Oakheart, so why do so many people hate Millie for being there for her dying daughter?

      Also, the other examples from the articles are pure proof from the books that Blossomfall was a jerk, teasing Ivypaw(pool) and such and running off to the Dark Forest when she doesn’t get any attention. Look at all those things Blossomfall has said in the article! Millie had never said anything like that! She never made sharp comments to fellow warriors, decide it was okay to do something when the entire Clan clearly showed it was dangerous and they didn’t want anyone doing it, or CHOOSE to train in the Dark Forest. Millie fought for ThunderClan, caught prey for her Clanmates, followed the warrior code, etc. She gets so much hate when she doesn’t deserve it! This is why I (and Ebonypaw, too, I guess XD) hate Blossomfall and like Millie.

      • Um, Millie yelling at Blossomfall after she came back from the tunnels just made Blossomfall think even more that her mother hates her.

        “But what if we do (die)? Do you think Millie will miss me?”
        ~ Sign of the Moon pg. 245

        Of course it’s bad to be jealous of a littermate! And Blossomfall knew that very well, which is why she thought she DESERVED the DF. Now you may argue that oh she could just stop feeling jealous and think about her sister’s needs. Well, sometimes you just can’t stop feeling jealous! I mean I love my sister and sometimes I even get jealous of her even when I shouldn’t and I know it’s bad. You can’t force a cat how to feel. No one can just suddenly stop feeling jealous and suddenly have sympathy and empathy, especially when you’re feeling as depressed as Blossomfall is. She thinks her mother hates her and doesn’t love her. But Blossomfall doesn’t know Millie does love her because this is Blossomfall’s feelings. Even MY mom wouldn’t do such a thing. When my sister was sick with pneumonia, sure my mother sat with her in the hospital and was with her ALL THE TIME. BUT, I was there too and she payed just as much attention to me (haha mostly because I was crying. I was very young) and comforted me. Millie is not a bad mother. But everyone deserves a mother’s love all of their life (even in college aka warrior/senior warrior).

        “Hazeltail stepped forward to intercept Blossomfall as she headed toward Brambleclaw. “Blossomfall, are you okay?” she asked, concern in her eyes.
        Blossomfall halted. “Yes, I’m fine.”
        “I don’t think you’re fine at all,” Hazeltail responded sharply. “Hey, Millie!” She waved her tail at Blossomfall’s mother, who was crossing the clearing toward the medicine cat’s den. “I think Blossomfall’s sick.”
        “What?” Millie glanced at Blossomfall. “Oh, she’s fine. I have to go check on Briarlight.”
        Ivypool spotted a flash of anger in Blossomfall’s eyes as her mother spoke, but Millie was clearly unaware of it as she bounded away and dispersed behind the bramble screen.”

        My argument may not be as valid as Sky’s but it’s what I have (and what my confusing strange logic says).

        • While I do see your points, I still have to disagree.

          Every one in the world who has a sibling will fight. No one can stop that from happening. But that doesn’t mean you have to HATE your sibling. If anything, Briarlight was very jealous of Blossomfall for being able to become a warrior. The main reason I don’t like Blossomfall is because as soon as Briarlight has her accident, she instantly turns her back on her. I know you could argue she turned her back on her because she was jealous of Millie’s undivided attention, but I’ll get back to that as soon as I point this out. Just because you’re jealous of how much attention your sibling gets doesn’t mean you have to turn your back on them. Briarlight was dying, for StarClan’s sake! Crookedstar never turned his back on Oakheart when Rainflower was showering him with attention. The only difference with Rainflower and Millie is that Millie was paying attention to her kit that needed her help most, and who still ran the risk of joining StarClan. Rainflower just turned her back on her injured son altogether.

          Okay, I feel like Blossomfall just overreacts a lot. She could have talked to Millie about how she felt, or at the very least confide in one of her friends. Instead she runs off the the DF where she knows it’s a place for bad cats. And it wasn’t Millie’s fault she did this! I don’t know what Millie did to make you say ‘even MY mom wouldn’t do such a thing’, because the worst she did was yell at her daughter. Your parents probably yell at you, and do you hate them? Millie yelling at Blossomfall was out of worry because Blossomfall could’ve died! And that was what made Blossomfall think Millie hated her. I mean…seriously Blossomfall? Just because your parents yell at you sometimes doesn’t mean they hate you. Briarlight’s accident made Millie blind to everything else. She just wanted to make sure she would be okay. Jayfeather told her another medicine cat had an injury like Briarlight’s, and that they died. So Millie was worried, very worried. It’s not like she killed anyone, broke the code, tried to get out of doing Clan work, etc. I don’t understand all this hate against Millie.

          You make some pretty compelling arguements for liking Blossomfall. 😛 I know I can’t change anyone’s opinion, but I can at least try to have you rethink it by stating mine.

            • Actually, that’s a great idea! Sky and Fawkes Tail, can I copy the debate and submit an article with all our names on it? I thought I should ask permission first XD.

              • Haha sure! I love your points too, Sparktooth! We can all agree that everyone is different and handles different situations differently (ex. Crookedjaw and Oakheart and Rainflower. They are different cats from Blossomfall and Millie).

                This would be a good ANI (affirmative, negative and interesting) chart essay!

                We All Bleed The Same

              • Sure thing! I just posted another comment in the debate, so make sure to include that. Give credit to us, please! Also, we can leave it off with a question to the readers of the article. Something like, “So, what do you think of Blossomfall?” That way it’ll have a neutral ending.

                • Sure thing! I haven’t submitted it yet so I’ll be sure to include those. 🙂

          • I can’t even rethink mine XD


            Not all siblings have sibling rivalry – one of my good friends has a super-close connection with her sibling. But the truth is is that every cat is different.

            Blossomfall did not hate Briarlight. She was upset at her mother and family, and was jealous of her sister for having all the attention. She needed to sort out her feelings and feel respected. It’s not like she could have stopped herself from feeling one way or another. It just came up!!!!!!

            Blossomfall DID NOT turn her back on Briarlight. She felt like approaching her sister would make unwanted emotions arise, and she didn’t want that to happen. She was actually trying to protect herself and Briarlight – kinda like Elsa.

            Who was she supposed to confide in? At this point, she felt like her family abandoned her, and therefore she was driven in one of those, “I have no friends and my family hates me” states.

            It did seem like no one cared about Blossomfall. When Blossomfall had come back from the tunnels(I KNOW she wasn’t supposed to do this, but if I were a parent I would still care about my daughter’s well-being!), what happens? A fit from Millie, that’s what. Even Graystripe didn’t support Millie, and every cat in the Clan was astonished by her behavior.

            When Blossomfall is sick, what happens? Utter ignorance from Millie, that’s what. Yes, you can argue that many cats did not even speak with their parents, but that was because the Erins didn’t pay attention much to the ancestors of the main characters of the first arc.

            Blossomfall thought that Millie hated her because of those things! She thought that she DESERVED the DF, if anyone will listen to that, because of how she felt. She wanted to make herself suffer and she thought that she would end up in the DF for her emotions.

            I tend to think of Blossomfall as a cat who acts sassy, cold, and sarcastic on the outside, but is pretty sensitive on the inside. Maybe YOU wouldn’t feel how she did in her case, but she probably did because she was sensitive to how others treated her.

      • She never ran off to the DF. They invited her and she felt just like Ivypool.

        Blossomfall hated herself. That’s why she said all of those things. Her daughter is a fellow Clanmate and warrior. How mean was she to her? Just read Fox’s comment.

  • i’m okay with Blossomfall, but she does need to not be with shady cats. Good article though 🙂

  • I’d have to disagree to at least some degree.

    One of the major issues I find when people are ranting about cats they don’t like is that they always say something along these lines: “They shouldn’t have done that! I mean, look at this character, they went through the same thing and didn’t go all crazy!” But there is one issue I see with that. We’re all wired differently and have different thought processes.

    Now with this:
    “A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate.So that’s why I’ve ended up in the Dark Forest. I’m not stupid. I know it’s where cats go if they’re not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in, and I’m getting good training, better than anything we get here.”—Sign of The Moon page 246.

    What I see from this, is a distressed cat. Ah okay, this reminds me a bit of Regina. Haha okay never mind let’s stick to Warriors 😛

    Yes, she knew the DF was evil. The reason she stayed, and why that quote is here, is not because she wants to be evil. I see it as a cat who thinks she is a terrible person for her emotions that she believes she DESERVES that fate. She believes that hating her sister for something her sister can’t help, is evil and wrong, and that she deserves to be punished for it.

    Now, the whole part with her being a brat beforehand. Sometimes, that’s just people’s personalities. I mean, take a look at BlogClan, we have the sweet, kind, and shy, and then we have the bratty rude people (me) and the people in between. Blossomfall is just a bit more snarky that’s all. Nobody is perfect, not everyone is going to be nice and sweet.

    For Non-Fans of Millie

    Now, honestly, I also understand Millie a bit, but she didn’t have to be so blunt. She was worried about losing another kit so she lashed out and buckled under the stress. I honestly think it was something that was building up inside her that couldn’t contain itself so it just spilled over. But believe me, that is NOT an excuse. No matter how much she was angry and scared she should have put on a brave face and gone out of camp and scratched trees or something to calm down.


    But overall, the main point of this is the fact that every cat is unique and has a different personality. And sometimes, when it comes to opinions, nobody seems to realize that other people/cats think differently than you may do. Now, I know from experience, meeting people wire differently than you can be the most freaking frustrating thing in the history of the world. But sometimes, you just have to accept it, no matter how much it drains your life.

  • I kind of just skimmed through it since I’ve seen so many Blossomfall haters that I just know the evidence.

    Yes, she was a jerk. Yes she chose the DF. But she had very good reason. How would you feel if your brother and your mother barely even paid attention to you and didn’t even care if you got hurt? Blossomfall knew that Millie had to take care of Briarlight but she also felt as if she was being neglected. Blossomfall didn’t know that Millie wasn’t neglecting her. That’s just how she saw it through HER eyes, not through anyone else’s (including us!). She can get attention from the Clan, but that doesn’t matter. You know why? She wanted her FAMILY to notice her. Not just any other random Clan cat. It hurts to have YOUR OWN FAMILY neglecting you and never encouraging you for anything. Millie paid attention to all her kits then, but when Briarlight got hurt Blossomfall felt hurt when she began to realize her brother’s and mother’s lack of love for her. I would go on but I’ll let other good debaters talk. I don’t love Blossomfall but I do believe that she was misunderstood and that deserves forgiveness of her rudeness. She became a great cat later didn’t she? She’s mother to Thornclaw’s kits so yeah.
    This article was well done and defended though!

    Good article, but I disagree.

    Sure, Blossomfall was jealous of Briarlight. And why was she jealous of Briarlight? Because Millie paid lots and lots of attention to Briarlight, but for Blossomfall it was always a few quick words or a reproach.
    Blossomfall had reason to be unhappy. She did not hate Briarlight for being injured– she hated the extra attention Millie paid her.

    Blossomfall had potential. Her first training session in the DF brought good results. But in the waking world away from the DF, she was practically NOBODY. Even her own mother didn’t pay much attention to her, for StarClan’s sake! The feeling of being neglected is horrible. Naturally Blossomfall would want somewhere where she received attention, and THAT was the Dark Forest.

  • I disagree with you.

    Blossomfall told Dovewing that she had stolen her brother’s heart because she wanted Dovewing to be aware that Bumblestripe liked her; and to avoid breaking his heart. I don’t see what was wrong with her feeling that Dovewing was wrong for her brother. She doesn’t want her brother to be miserable and have no mate. As we see in Bramblestar’s Storm, she encourages Rosepetal to pursue a relationship with him. Considering the way Dovewing treats Bumblestripe, I think Blossomfall has some solid reasons not to like the idea of Dovewing becoming Bumblestripe’s mate. Dovewing is mean to him on multiple occasions in the books and she doesn’t seem to return his feelings.

    Millie’s reaction to Blossomfall when she returns to camp is irrational. First of all Millie does not know how Blossomfall spent the morning. Unless she was out of camp watching her the whole time she knows nothing. Therefore, there is no way she can conclude that Blossomfall wasted the morning. Blossomfall and Ivypool could have very well encountered a fox or enemy warriors. While parents do yell at their kids, it depends on the circumstance surrounding the situation. Blossomfall was missing and came back to camp injured. If one of the adults in your family disappeared for hours and came home hurt, would your first response be to yell at them for not completing chores? The rest of the clan is concerned that she is roughed up and wonders where she and Ivypool had been all morning. Millie doesn’t even try to find out what happened first, she just jumps to a conclusion. There was no reason to humiliate Blossomfall in front of the entire clan. She should have just let Firestar handle it.

    Blossomfall doesn’t want all the attention, she just wants to be loved as a family member/clanmate. All people want love and attention at some point. Millie isn’t concerned when Blossomfall is ill/injured. Hazeltail mentions that Blossomfall is limping. Millie just insists she is fine without even looking at her. She is not even a little concerned. Whitewing tells Millie that Blossomfall is back and she looks roughed up. Millie doesn’t care and yells at her for no reason. If Millie yelling at Blossomfall was justified then it would not have shocked the clan. No one reaches out to Blossomfall out Millie yells at her. She doesn’t seem to have the support of her clanmates.

    She joins the Dark Forest because she feels like she deserves to be there. A lot of her bad decisions are made in moments of emotional mental weakness. In the tunnels she asks Ivypool if Millie would be sad if she dies down there. Imagine being in such a state of emotional weakness that you feel like no one would care if you died.

    Blossomfall later admits that joining the Dark Forest was the worst decision she has ever made. Cats can’t leave the Dark Forest once they are recruited, not without bad consequences. Remember what happened to Crookedstar when he left.

  • While it is true, all parents yell at their children. There is a line between justified yelling and belittling. Most parents yell at of love or with the intent of correcting inappropriate behavior. Lets look closely at what Millie says:

    “…Whitewing called out to her. ‘Millie, Blossomfall and Ivypool got lost. It looks like they’ve had a tough time.’ …’Where have you been?’ Millie snapped. ‘You’ve wasted a whole morning when you could have been hunting!’ Glancing back at Briarlight, who was struggling to join the group at the fresh kill pile, she added, ‘Your sister would give anything to be able to help feed the Clan! It’s time you grew up,…”There’s no harm done,’ Brackenfur meowed, blinking at Blossomfall in concern. ‘Both cats are home safe, and that’s the main thing, isn’t it?’ Millie drew her lips back in a snarl. Her eyes full of bitterness as she went back to Briarlight.”(Hunter 255 Omen of the Stars Warriors Sign Of the moon).

    If someone came home hurt, would your first response be to yell at them? How would you feel if you came home hurt and everyone yelled at you for not doing your chores? Millie isn’t even concerned that Blossomfall is injured, she is angry and bitter. What reason does Millie have to be angry and bitter at Blossomfall?

    Many Millie fans insist Millie was justified in yelling at Blossomfall because she spent time in the tunnels. I have to point out that Millie does not know what Blossomfall did with her time that morning. All she knows is what Whitewing just told her. Her reaction is irrational. If someone told you a family member got lost and looks roughed up, would you respond the way Millie did? The way Millie responds she seems to hate Blossomfall, there is nothing in the way she responds that expresses concern. Bringing up Briarlight made it seem like she is angry at Blossomfall for being strong and healthy while her sister is sick. Millie belittles Blossomfall in front of the whole clan. There was no reason for her to respond so harshly.

    BTW, I’m not justifying Blossomfall’s choice to go to the dark forest. That seems to be a common assumption people have of Blossomfall fans.

    I get that Millie is stressed because Briarlight is ill and disabled but, she doesn’t need to take all her anger out on Blossomfall. To be fair, I have dealt with situations with sick family members before. People who behave like Millie make the situation worst for the whole family. Everyone is trying to deal with their grief and take care of the sick family member. Having one person unload his or her emotions on everyone does not help.

    Millie doesn’t just take her anger out Blossomfall, she also takes it out on Jayfeather. Millie needs to handle her grief and anger in a way that doesn’t involve using other cats as scratching posts.

    I also feel like Blossomfall’s clanmates could have stepped in and comforted her when Millie belittled her. Or that Firestar could have defused the situation by silencing Millie. It amazing how he always seems to know when other clans need help, but is pretty paws off when it comes to the problems in his clan.

  • First off Millie handled the situation in an inappropriate manor. Verbal abuse includes belittling, humiliation, and degrading. All which Millie is guilty of, so she was verbally abusive.
    Yelling is not an appropriate thing to do when handling an injured person because it causes them become more stressed and could cause them to injure themselves more. Yelling is an ineffective means of communication. When people get yelled out, they become angry and often yell back or shut down. It is also possible to scold someone without yelling. Look at how Bluestar handled Firestar and Graystripe when they were young warriors. Look at how Mufasa handled Simba in The Lion King.

    The first order of business should have been to get Blossomfall medical attention. After Blossomfall was patched up Millie could have talked her privately and found out what happened. Then appropriate disciplinary action could have been taken.

    Millie did neglect Blossomfall, she responded with apathy when Blossomfall was hurt. There was nothing preventing her from being kind to Blossomfall or showing that she cared in her words in actions. Millie had plenty of chances to show she cared, she chose to express anger and grief instead of love. All people, even adults need to be loved by their families. Love is a basic need. If you notice in the Warriors series, cats depend on each other for emotional strength and support. Fireheart and Brackenpaw felt neglected when Graystripe was off seeing Silverstream. Squirrelflight and Leafpool often turn to each other for support. Same with Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Part of the reason Breezepelt is the way he is, is due to a lack of love and support. Adult cats often take care of each other. Sorreltail told Dustpelt to go to the medicine cat den because he had a cough in Power of three. Foxleap comforts Dovewing while they are journeying to the mountains. What about all the times cats share-tongues.

    Blossomfall was upset about Bumblestripe choosing to train with Dovewing because she was feeling left out. Her mother only snaps at her. Graystripe is distant. Her clan mates seem to care less. Nobody stepped in to defuse the incident with Millie. No one reached out to comfort her, after her mother was mean to her. She felt totally alone at that point.

    While it is true that Blossomfall was a bully as an apprentice, she grows out of it as a young warrior. Dustpelt and Longtail were both bullies as junior warriors, yet nobody hates on them.

    I don’t see a reason to hate on Blossomfall because she disapproved of Dovewing as her brother’s mate. Bluestar didn’t approve of or like Thistleclaw for her sister and nobody hates on her for it. Dovewing is not exactly nice to Bumblestripe, so I can see why Blossomfall may not like the idea. Dovewing snaps at Bumblestripe in Bramblestar’s Storm. If your brother had a girlfriend that was mean to him would you like his girlfriend? Probably not. It is not like Blossomfall wants him to be alone forever. She wants him to be with someone who will love and appreciate him. Rosepetal adores Bumblestripe, so that’s why Blossomfall encourages her to pursue a relationship with her brother.

    Cats don’t choose the Dark Forest, the Dark forest chooses them. They go to sleep and wake up there. They have no control over it. Who can really control what they dream while they are asleep? Erin Hunter even mentioned that Bramblestar never quit the Dark Forest, Tigerstar continued to train him in his dreams without him knowing.

    Lionblaze and Jayfeather who are much older than Blossomfall also explore the tunnels.

    During Bramblestar’s Storm, Blossomfall worked hard to prove herself.

  • I sort of agree with this but sort of don’t. I agree that Blossomfall is a bit of a jerk, but for the Dovewing part I guess she had a right to be concerned, if she was concerned that it was going to be toxic. But Dovewing did nothing wrong.