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Kindheart theorizes about the mental stability of Bluestar.

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Hey Blogclan I’m BACK!! So a while back I did a Mapleshade theory where I figured out Mapleshade may have Schizophrenia! Check it out if you have the time. Today I’ll be covering whether Bluestar has depression. Now this is a very serious topic and Believe me depression is nothing to be joked about.So just a quick warning there are SOME topics here about this serious topic. so yeah. With that taken care of lets get to the theory!

First thing we need to go over is the different kinds of depression.
There are 4 distinct types of depression.
The first is Major Depressive Disorder
Major depressive disorder is characterized by a fairly lengthy period of time (at least two weeks) during which a person feels sad or hopeless or lacks focus in life, on a daily or almost daily basis, for the most part of each day. This condition is associated with many other symptoms which can have repercussions emotionally, socially, professionally and in other significant areas of life.

The second is Seasonal Depression
There is a type of depression that occurs in association with a loss of daylight, as happens during the winter in Canada. This “seasonal depression” is also referred to as seasonal affective disorder or SAD, and affects between 3% and 5% of Canadian adults. For those that suffer from this form of depression, the symptoms usually come on in the fall and lift with the arrival of spring.

The Third is Postpartum Depression
Following the birth of a child, a woman’s hormone levels dip quite profoundly. This may result in the new mother feeling depressed. This is known as a postpartum depressive episode. It is believed that postpartum depression may be linked to rapidly shifting hormones.

and The last one is Bereavement
This one to put it briefly is grieving, Grieving is a normal and necessary response to a loss. Depending on the individual, this period can last weeks, months or even years. A significant loss can trigger genuine depression. However, grief does not normally lead to depression. Which makes it the most likely one that Bluestar is dealing with.

There is one problem I’m sure you noticed by now that the last line there is “Grief does not always lead to depression” So that is the roadblock isn’t it? Lets have a look at what causes depression to see if Bluestar truly is a candidate.

I won’t list all of them but I’ll list a couple of the major ones
Family history – depression can be something that runs in families.
Difficult life events.
Gender – women are more likely to develop depression than men.
Increased work demands – during such times people have a greater likelihood of becoming depressed
Low income, living alone or divorce can bring out symptoms of depression.

Are some of the causes of it. and already I can tell there are a couple that match Bluestar like a glove… er collar…er nevermind you get the point. Lets look over them.

Family history – depression can be something that runs in families.
Thankfully from what I can tell from Bluestar’s Prophecy none of her family seems to be affected. so this one doesn’t go through to her.

Difficult life events.
Uh heck yes!! I think having the clan betrayed by your deputy and nearly being KILLED by said deputy counts as Difficult life events! Notch up a point for depression symptoms.

Gender – women are more likely to develop depression than men.
She is a female…so another point!

Increased work demands – during such times people have a greater likelihood of becoming depressed
She certainly has increasing work demands! the clan has to be reassured that everything is okay, Tigerclaw has to be dealt with, not to mention Riverclan, normal clan life, everything. It is definitely increased work demands!

Low income, living alone or divorce can bring out symptoms of depression.
She doesn’t get payed soo… Yeah But she does have the loss of her kits. But I think that the clan has made up for that soo I will not count this one.
Now lets look at symptoms
These symptoms are related to emotions. A depressed person may feel sad, hopeless, have little interest in things they used to and may feel overwhelmed

Little interest in things they used to? sound familiar? Like clan affairs? furthermore
The impact of depression is not always “mental,” it can affect the body as well. People with depression may complain of unexplained aches and pain. This includes a smaller appetite.
Well where have I seen this? Half a rabbit eaten?

When a person suffers from depression, they may behave differently. A person who is lively and cheerful may become slow and uninterested in what is going on around them.
That is Bluestar right there. she used to think positively and always take interest in clan affairs. after Tigerclaw betrayed her, she kind of backed away, and seemed uninterested.

Depression can also impair one’s ability to think and reflect and can affect memory.
This one seals the deal. She sometimes has trouble remembering things. like when she seemed to not remember who Ravenpaw was? Not to mention think and reflect. Fireheart thought she seemed confused, and unsure of what to do. People who have suffered through depression say that they feel like thy’re thinking in slow motion. Definitely what Bluestar is going through.

Lets have a look at what evidence we have towards Bluestar having Depression.
Honestly it’s very, very evident that she might well have it.
She has waay to many symptoms not to have it not to mention the causes match up perfectly. and it honestly makes you think about her actions in the books. it shed s a whole new light on what was really going on. she would be battling with herself and unsure of what to do.

Thats all I have for you guys for today! I really hope it got you thinking. and hey I just thought I’m becoming Like the Game theory of Warriors! I will ruin this series for you!!!! Anyways Until the next Article! Cyo 😉

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  • Yeah, to me it was pretty obvious that she had clinical depression. She lost the motivation to do things (e.g. eat, lead the Clan) and had a low sense of self-worth (thought that her entire Clan hated her/were traitors). Plus, it would make sense after the difficult life she went through. Just a few things with your article, though:

    – Being female in and of itself isn’t a symptom of depression lol. Also that statistic is about human women, not sure about cats!
    – A cause for depression doesn’t mean that you /are/ depressed! Some people can be depressed despite there being no events in their life that would particularly cause a low mood; it’s just literally caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain, although that can be caused by things like loss etc (which Bluestar definitely went through).

    But good article!