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AVoS Theories by Aurahunter

Aurahunter gives us a pre-Tigerheart’s Shadow list of theories.

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Hi everyone! This is my very first blog post on BlogClan and I wanted to share some theories and predictions I have thought of while reading Shattered Sky not too long ago.
Please be aware that this article contains SPOILERS for all three AVoS books, the SkyClan mangas, Code of the Clans, Firestars Quest, The forgotten Warrior, Bramblestars Storm, Hawkwings Journey, and the new book Tigerhearts Shadow.
Also be aware that on the date I am writing this article the latter hasn’t been released yet and I don’t know when this article will be published, therefore I can only rely on the part we are given in the sample on HarperCollins.com (about the first 10 chapters). If the story from chapter 11 onward or the upcoming book Darkest Night contradicts with any of my theories, it is because I didn’t know about it at the time.

1) Jessys origin:
Jessy is one of the kittypets that take refuge in ThunderClan during the great storm. Even though she is just a kittypet she already has very good tracking and hunting skills. She is also mentioned to be able to jump up to high branches in ThunderClan territory, even better than some of the warriors. When asked where she learned all of that she answeres that her mother taught her everything she knows. (Bramblestars Storm chap. 18)
When reading that I thought it was strange that a kittypet would be able to teach efficient hunting techniques to her kits or even have any reason to. And that got me wondering:
The ability to jump very high has always been a definite character trait of SkyClan cats and their descendants, as we know from Firestars Quest. And we also know that some of the ‘ancient’ SkyClan cats left to become kittypets after being attacked by the rats in the gorge.
Now, my theory is that Jessys ancestors are some warriors who left to live with Twolegs, whose Housefolk then moved to the Twolegplace near the lake.
Another descendant of the scattered ancient Clan we’ve met in Firstars Quest is Skywatcher, who told Firestar that his mother and another former SkyClan queen still tried to uphold the old ways by teaching their young what former SkyClan apprentices had to learn.
So Jessys mom teaching her the old SkyClan techniques in honor of her ancestors and the high jump-ability that run in her bloodline could explain Jessys warrior skills.
And it would also make sense from a storytelling perspective, because Bramblestars Storm is chronologically the last book before TAQ, therefore the Erins most likely already knew that they would somehow let SkyClan play a big role in the contiuation of the main story, after arc 5, and already established some characters that should later reappear.
This also opens up the possibility that there are other kittypets with SkyClan roots near the lake.
Plus, this might be a bit of a personal reason, but I think that Jessy was a way too awesome character to just „waste“ after one book of screentime and I’d like to see more of her. ^_^

2) Sol:
After Onestars speech in Shattered Sky we know why Darktail wanted to take revenge on the clans. He wanted to prove to them that he could have been a great warrior if his father Onewhisker, at that time, would have let him join. Before this reveal there have been a lot of speculation in the fandom about possible connections between Darktail and Sol, or even Sol being Darktails father. These theories were partly based clans Darktail tool over: SkyClan → ShadowClan. These exact two clans also are the ones who Sol wants revenge on for throwing him out. And even in the same order.
So now, Sol being his father is proven wrong, but I don’t think that that makes everything else nonsense as well. It’s more on the other side, the new reveals make them have a common motive: Revenge on the Clans who rejected them.
But what does that mean for the current series?
Well, I asked myself the question how did Darktail ever find SkyClan? Finding it by random is very unlikely, as it is about an over-a-week travel from the old territorys to the gorge. He couldn’t have heard it from any cats near the old Territory, where he was born, either since the only cats there who knew about the location were Firestar, Sandstorm, Ravenpaw and Barley. If we take a look into Hawkwings Journey (chap. 22) Dodge tells Leafstar and the others that Darktail passed through their part of the Twolegplace on his way to the gorge and that he „helped him out a bit“.
How ever, after further questioning he states that Darktail would have found them so or so, even without his help.
This means that Darktail already had clear directions and knew where he could find SkyClan. Whom could he have got them from? Here is my theory:
Somewhere Darktails pack of rogues roam around and randomly meet Sol. Sol, being the talker he is, comes into contact with their leader and finds out that he wants revenge on the clans just as bad as he wants and sees the strong rogues as an opportunity to finally take it. Winning Darktails trust he tells him about SkyClan and their habits, that he knew from his time there, as well as giving him a route to get to their camp. Maybe he also tells him about the lake-Clans and how fragile the leader structure in the clan of the pine forest (ShadowClan) is.
This gives Darktail the information he needed to plot his raids on both clans.

And what about Sol now? Well, even though Darktail is dead (most likely), some of his former followers are still out there, as Tigerhearts Shadow teases a bit. In a conversation between Tigerheart, Juniperclaw and Scorchfur Juniperclaw asks if the ShadowClan cats who didn’t come back after the fight died, to which Scorchfur only answers „Did we ever find their bodies?“ (chap. 4). So most likely Sleekwhisker and companions still roam the territory behind ShadowClans’. And I can clearly see them meeting Sol, who becomes their new leader and plans to attack the weakest of the lake-clans: ShadowClan.

3) Twigpaws future:
At the end of Shattered Sky Twigpaw and Violetpaw are faced with the decision of which clan they want to be part of. Violetpaw lost her only connection to ShadowClan with Needletail and Twigpaw is torn between her responsibilties for ThunderClan and her family in SkyClan. Tigerhearts Shadow reveals in it’s Allegiances that Violetpaw will join SkyClan while Twigpaw remains Ivypools apprentice in ThunderClan.
(I know Tigerheart states that Twigpaw would’ve joined SkyClan and needed to relearn all warrior skills (chap. 4), but on Twitter LiaMystic and some others aggred with me that this is originally meant to be Violetpaw in said line and the two of them simply got confused, since Violetpaw also didn’t appear in the ShadowClan camp so far, etc)
The prospect of leaving her friends and her foster mother, not to mention Alderheart, her ‘older brother’-figure, will probably hold her there.
But she is a SkyClan cat by birth and it is shown very often that Twigpaw values family very much (TaS chap.17). Therefore with both her father and sister in SkyClan it is not too far fetched to say that she will inevitably join SkyClan for the one reason or the other.
She also is a part of the prophecy „Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky“. This „clearing the sky“-part sounds pretty vague to me, but if we take a look at the german translation (Yes, I am from Germany =D) it becomes a bit clearer: „Nehmt auf ,was ihr in den Schatten findet, sonst sind die Wolken für immer verloren“ what can be translated as „Take in what you find in the shadows, otherwise the clouds will be lost for ever“. (SkyClan is called CloudClan in german) This means that the whole further existance of SkyClan depends on these two cats!!!
Yes, Twigpaw already showed SkyClan the way home to the lake, but as a prohecy fullfilling-act this was, to me, a bit too lame.
Something SkyClan has been struggling with ever since they had to leave the gorge and what makes them pretty vulnerable is the loss of their medicine cats. Frecklewish got lost during the attack, Fidgetpaw got captured by Twolegs and Echosong died. To the current date they are still without a medicine cat!
Twigpaw already has some healing skills from always hanging aroung in the medicine cat den with Alderheart, as shown in Thunder and Shadow, when she assists Puddleshine in treating the sick cats (chap. 19). She could make a good medicine cat and this role would suit her as a cat prophezised to protect her clan.
In my view if something like a huge battle, or an illness happens, leaving many SkyClan cats wounded or sick, Alderheart who has expressed a sense of responsibilty towards SkyClan, after recieving the prophecies about them, would surely go to help them and Twigpaw would go with him, to look after her family. This could make her realise how much they need a medicine cat and how much she could help them if she’d become one.
The concept of another clans medicine cat training a new med cat apprentice if all medicine cats of one clan die was established in the beginning of Thunder and Shadow with Leafpool training Puddlepaw, and I think that everyone here agrees that Alderheart would be training Twigpaw as SkyClans new medicine cat.
Twigpaw becoming a medicine cat could also be a way to preserve the closeness that the two always had, because even though they’d live in two different clans they would still be able to see each other.

First of all, thank you, for who ever read this whole text! It has become very long but it was fun to write down my thoughts and I’d also like to discuss some of your ideas in the comments.
Maybe I’ll write some more articles in the future. Until then have a nice day!

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  • I merely skimmed through this since I haven’t read AVOS (well I know what happens kinda. Oops lol) but this was very well done! 👌🏽

    • Thank you very much, for still reading it. I am very happy that my first article got such nice reviews.

      And you definetly have my recommendation to READ AVOS!!!! It is very good! =D

    • Well, this doesn’t entirely interferes with my prediction, since Alderheart could become SkyClans medicine cat AND mentor Twigpaw, though I think he would most likely only go there temporarily and then decide to remain there as Twigpaw’s mentor. I first wanted to include him in Twigpaws part, but I kinda didn’t find enough clear evidence to mention it in this article. (And it already was very long like this ;P)

      Thanks for reading! =D

    • It could definetly make for an interesting storyline and would also tie Sol into the whole story, where he’d be the main villain for the last three books, disrupting the still vulnerable clans as they try to rebuild after Darktails attacks and have to accomodate to being one more clan around the lake.

      Thank you for liking my theory. =D

  • Great article! In Tigerheart’s Shadow, I’m pretty sure that Twigpaw and Violetpaw both joined SkyClan(although there is confusion about that). At least, I hope they did!

    • Thank you for reading my article! =D
      I, too, am more than certain that eventually they both join SkyClan, but in TS only Violetpaw is there, in my opinion. When Tigerheart asks Ivypool for help she mentions that Twigpaw saw him and Dovewing meeting in the night, which indicates that Twigpaw and Ivypool are still in close contact. (I originally wanted to include this in the article, but somehow forgot it ‘^^) It would also make more sense, as Violetpaw doesn’t have any reason to remain in ShadowClan after Needletails death, but Twigpaw has a “brother”(Alderheart), a mentor and Clanmates she grew up with in ThunderClan. So it would naturally take her more time to make her descision.

  • Very interesting article, AuraHunter.

    When I read the part about Sol, I thought of the possibility that maybe Sol is Darktail’s half-brother? It’s probably really unlikely, but you know how in the second book of the manga arc SkyClan and the Stranger, Sol tells his backstory? He had a bad mother named Cinders who lived in Twolegplace. The father appears at some points and his name isn’t mentioned. Onestar would be Onewhisker, I think, in this time period. The unnamed father COULD be Onewhisker, and he said he found a different mate near the end of the backstory. That different mate could be Smoke, and they had Darktail, which would make Darktail and Sol half-brothers. This occurrence can explain how Cinders knew about the Clans. Onewhisker told her the stories; remember how Onestar said he went around telling kittypets stories about the Clans when Onestar was a warrior? And, Onewhisker rejected his family with Cinders like he rejected his family with Smoke. In the manga at the back of Tallstar’s Revenge, though, it has Onewhisker in it and Onewhisker and the father from SkyClan and the Stranger look totally different…oh well. Just a mere possibility.

    Again, very good theories, AuraHunter! 😀

    • I haven’t read the manga arcs yet, but I don’t think this is possible, because Sol is about as old as Onestar and the two of them have met before, yet never recognized each other. Also Onestar already had one secret child turned villain and it would simply be lame if the Erins now just repeated this story with the same character.
      Plus, the stories Cinders told Sol sounded more like they were solely about SkyClan (“cats from the sky”, “escaped enemies into trees and caught birds” – according to the wiki) than about the Clans in general and Onewhisker never knew about them.

      Still, thank you for sharing your thoughts! =D

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