The Heroes Through the Villains’ Eyes by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw thinks of how the villains would’ve viewed the heroes of the Warriors series.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi! The return of the mighty sorcer-cat Sorzi has come!!

Greetings, I’m Sorrelpaw, otherwise known as Sorzi. I’ve written quite a few articles and I don’t know if this is my fourth or fifth 😛 Anyway… In this article, I shall invite two Warriors villains to have their say on their rivals.First, we have Tigerstar the Terror to talk about Firestar the Fabulous!

Alright, ready, Tigerstar? Begin your tirade.
Tigerstar: Hi BlogClan. I can’t say I’m pleased to meet you bunch of lazy spoiled kits, but I’m glad to have someone listen to me talk about Firestar. I hate Firestar. Oftentimes I asked myself, “How in the name of the Dark Forest did Firestar ever become a Clan leader?” And I’ve always replied to myself, “That mouse-heart only became the leader because Bluestar was a weak coward like him.” He was never fit to be a Warrior. He was a kittypet! Not a single drop of warrior blood runs through his cursed veins, only soft kittypetness. He only wanted to follow the Warrior Code and StarClan! He never did anything to make ThunderClan strong. He would talk rather than fight, he would ally rather than spite! All signs of kittypet softness. And they all thought he was such a great and noble leader! There’s nothing more untrue. Sorrelpaw: Well, he did defeat you in the final battle…
Tigerstar: That was pure luck. He said I was never a leader, but I was, and a better leader than him, too. I brought ShadowClan to its height and greatest glory! Firestar was too cringy. He knew nothing about true strength. Without StarClan to chide us, without the Code to restrict us, we would be invincible. But he was too soft, too cowardly to try anything except obey the Code and their starry ancestors! He was all softness, no sign of a real warrior. True warriors love battle! But Firestar tried to avoid battle, excusing his action as ‘stopping unnecessary bloodshed!’
Sorrelpaw: I see. Well, thanks, Tigerstar! Your turn is over.

Well, that’s Tigerstar. Now we will welcome Hawkfrost to share his opinion on our friend Bramblestar! Right. Begin the rant!


Hawkfrost: Bramblestar! He was a coward and an idiot. He didn’t take hold of his chance to become Clan leader by killing Firestar! I don’t understand how such a mouse brained cat could become the Clan leader. I mean, I deserve it more than he does, right?
Sorrelpaw: Maybe…?
Hawkfrost: Ha, maybe. I do deserve to be Clan leader more than he! I was ambitious and willing to work to achieve my ambitions, while all Bramblestar knew was to be a loyal warrior and do only what is expected of him. Mouse-heart. I and Tigerstar had been hoping that Bramblestar would have been a brave and strong tom who would be our greatest ally in our Clans takeover, but we turned out to be wrong. More wring than anything. He was a coward! He could not even pass Tigerstar’s first test. He does not deserve to be a leader when he’s so cowardly and dumb!
I remember that when he was first made deputy, he said StarClan had sent a prophecy to Leafpool saying that he should be deputy. Ha, what use is StarClan?! They’re just as mouse brained and weak as Bramblestar. Both should be banished, away, away, away! He certainly does not deserve to be leader, That should have been my honor! But he killed me. He killed me! TWICE!!!!!!
Sorrelpaw: Don’t unsheathe your claws at me, Hawkfrost, we don’t want any bloodshed here.
Hawkfrost: Then you’re just as bad as Bramblestar! Just as weak… Oh, the whole of BlogClan is a bunch of cowards!
Sorrelpaw: SHHHH! You’ll hurt their feelings. Come on, quick, your turn is over.

Well, there we go! That’s it for this article!

Keep faith!

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  • i couldn’t read the Hawkfrost section because it would spoil, but i loved the Tigerstar part! So funny, and also probably pretty true…

  • Yes, Hawkfrost, he did kill you twice, so how come you are right in front of us?!

    • 🍁Mapleshine🌟 has so many friends!!! (Well, she thinks so.) Also, you can call me Cheetahpaw/song, or Dragonclaw! says:

      Mapleshade: Where am I? I SHOULD BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Me: Mapleshade, calm down. This article was really good.
      Mapleshade: NO! IT WASN’T!!!!
      Me: Why?
      Mapleshade: Bc I WASN’T IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hawkfrost: Mapleshade, stop having a temper tantrum.
      Mapleshade: I could kill you RIGHT NOW if I wanted to!
      Tigerstar: Quit it! I’m trying to take a nap on this old, dead tree!! It’s SO comfortable!
      Mapleshade: The df needs to step up it’s game.
      Hawkfrost: Yeah, it does.
      Me: Yeah, you kinda do.
      Frecklewish: I killed Mapleshade’s kits! I killed Mapleshade’s kits!
      Me: Can you guys stop fighting for like, one minute please?
      Mapleshade: *Points at Frecklewish* She started it!
      Frecklewish: Did not!
      Me: You guys are acting like a bunch of kits.
      Mapleshade: LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Me: I’m going to visit Starclan. *Leaves*