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Why Ravenpaw Deserves a Warrior Name by Bluefire

Bluefire explains the reasoning behind Ravenpaw’s name.

Artwork by TrashScoot

Okay, here’s a few reasons why Ravenpaw (a VIC [very important character] from the Prophecies Begin arc) deserves his warrior name.

1. He was the only one who witnessed Tigerclaw kill Redtail. If he hadn’t, who knows what Tigerclaw/star could’ve gotten away with? Ever Firestar (Firepaw/heart at the time) wouldn’t have had any reason not to trust him!! He’d probably have ended up taking over Thunderclan, then slowly the rest of the forest! So Ravenpaw definitely deserves a warrior name for that.

2. He was brave enough to stand up to Tigerclaw, in his own way. He was kind of shy and jumpy, but he stood up to Tigerclaw/star and told his friends Firepaw and Greypaw what was going on. If he hadn’t, well, Tigerclaw probably would’ve killed him just in case, and what happened for the first reason would still happen.

3. He existed. Ravenpaw was a very important part of the arc, pretty much a main character. If he hadn’t existed, there would’ve been no one to witness Tigerclaw’s actions in the first place. Also, Ravenpaw, along with Barley, helped the Windclan cats when they’d been pushed from their territory, and helped the leaders and medicine cats while they went to visit the moonstone.

4. He was loyal to his clan. Even though it meant disobeying his mentor, he was willing to risk his life to make sure that Thunderclan wasn’t taken over by an evil dictator (cough TIGERCLAW cough). Even if Firepaw and Greypaw whisked him away to Barley’s farm in the end, he probably lived every day after that battle knowing that Tigerclaw could come and kill him at any moment for what he knew. But he never tried to run away on his own. He stayed until his friends made him leave (for his own good, of course).

5. He’s RAVENPAW. I mean, if Firestar deserves to be leader, Ravenpaw at least deserves a warrior name. Come on, people.

So, if we’re all agreed, I’d like to hear some suggestions for a warrior name for Ravenpaw. I’ve got a couple…..


If you have any other suggestions, post them in the comments. Please don’t suggest Ravenfeather though, the suffix ‘feather’ is way too overused in my opinion (AHEM Crowfeather and Jayfeather).

I hope you enjoyed the article!

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  • He was offered his warrior name but turned it down, likely because he’s simply been known his whole life as Ravenpaw and that he’s a warrior in all but name. Receiving a warrior name wouldn’t have changed much.
    One of the Erin’s has said they would name him Ravenwing, but personally I like Ravenheart.

  • He was offered a warrior name by StarClan but turned it down. He’s simply been Ravenpaw his life, and he knows that, while he is still partly Clan-like, he is not a Clan cat. He has been, and will be, Ravenpaw forever.

    Personally, I enjoy Ravenheart and Ravenbreeze. Get ready for a silly name that I like…. Ravenbrave

  • Ravenclaw
    raventalon ….
    This was a good article! I totally agree with you, and also, in Midnight, he helped brambleclaw out bigtime! This is awesome Bluefire, good job!

  • Yes, I believe he does deserve a Warrior name, but he probably doesn’t need or want one.

    And I don’t think one of you points stand, I’m pretty sure Firepaw would have gotten suspicious of Tigerclaw even without Ravenpaw.

    Anyways, nice Article.

  • Yeah, he didn’t want a warrior name, but I like Ravenflight. I think one of the Erin said that if he had had a warrior name, it would have been Ravenwing.

  • I heart Ravenpaw!!!! He’s one of my fav characters! I have always been curious of what his warrior name would have been (the Erins said Ravenwing but that’s already a cat. Not that it matters anyway). Awesome article, Bluefire!

    Ravenpaw 4 da vin

  • Starclan knows he deserves it(Like, they literally know😛) but he turned it down.

  • Great article, Bluefire! Although, Ravenpaw was offered a warrior name, but refused to have it. He wasn’t completely a Clan cat anymore, but would always be Ravenpaw.
    For his warrior name, I love the name Ravensong. I think it would’ve been a great name for him. Except in one of my fanfics about Warriors, I gave Ravenpaw a warrior name and decided it to be Ravenwood. I just think the names Ravensong or Ravenwood would suit him. I wonder if the Erins named one of ThunderClan’s earlier medicine cats Ravenwing because that would’ve been his warrior name.

  • This is a great article, and I agree that he definitely deserves a warrior name. However, when offered one by Bluestar, he explicitly stated that he didn’t want one and I think it’s important to respect his wishes. Ravenheart is my personal headcanon because he’s very kindhearted and follows his heart.

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