My Top Three: Favorite Ships by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares her top three favourite ships from the series.

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Hullo! I’m Sorrelpaw with my fifth (or sixth…?) article!

I shall tell you my top three favorite ships and why I like them!

3- Stormfur X Squirrelflight
I really like this ship. And before you get confused and go “Whaaaat?!” let me tell you that Stormfur did betray signs that he loved her on their journey to find Midnight. I don’t know about what Squirrelflight felt for Stormfur, but Stormfur definitely liked Squirrelflight.

So why exactly do I like this ship? Well, let’s begin with Leafpool. Leafpool was the sister of Squirrelflight, and the two were exceptionally close. There were many things similar about them, and many that connected them together such as their ability to sense eachother however far away. This closeness and similarity was kinda rare in the Warriors world and thus it should be treasured.

As we all probably know, Leafpool took a mate from a different Clan (Crowfeather). So I feel that Squirrelflight, being Leafpool’s sister, should also get a mate from another Clan. It’s complicated πŸ˜› Anyway.
Now hopefully you kind of get what I mean.

I also ship BrambleXSquirrel, though, so, yeah…

2- Mapleshade X Myler
Ooh, Mapleshade X a kittypet! What weird ship is this? Why ship one of the most ferocious Dark Forest leaders with a cringy kittypet? I have my reasons.

Myler and Mapleshade actually did show signs of closeness towards the end of Mapleshade’s Vengeance. So they would probably have made a pretty nice couple. No more to be said.

Ahhhhh my favorite ship! Yellowfang and Raggedstar were both short tempered cats, matching eachother well. I loved how Raggedstar and Yellowfang bickered a lot! It was such a GREAAAATTT AND FABULOUSSS ship!

And the medicine cat Code getting broken is just an added bonus.

And I have some honorable mentions-
Bumblestripe X Rosepetal (Yesyesyes)
Bramblestar X Jessy
Bluestar X Oakheart
Lionblaze X Cinderheart
Needletail X Alderheart πŸ˜›

Well, that’s it! Hopefully this will be over the word count and get published. I’d love to share my favorite three ships with the rest of BlogClan! Anyway, I’ll check it using the ‘handy-dandy word counter’. So, thanks for reading this article! I hope you enjoyed it. Share your opinions!

I’ll do more My Top Three articles πŸ˜›

Keep faith!

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  • Fallowpaw can't use emoji's because she is using her computer (insert sad emoji) at least I don't have my annoying spellingcheck then says:

    I used to ship MaplexMyler until I came up with MaplexSnow (I like to call it Mapletuft) and I also headcanon Myler as Barley’s ancestor because he’s also black and white and he lives in a barn near Clan territory.

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