Should Bluestar have given up her kits? by Sparktooth

Sparktooth wonders if Bluestar made the right choice to give up her kits.

Art by Mizu no Akira

You know it, bloggers! Presenting: the one and only Sparktooth! Who is writing one of many more articles on the way. For this one I’m gonna be debating if Bluestar giving up her kits was the right choice. We all know if she didn’t, Thistleclaw would’ve most likely become deputy. But what would the possible consequences be if she kept them? Would the result been as bad as Bluestar feared?

Most people say her reason in one simple sentence: She gave up her kits to stop Thistleclaw from being leader because he would lead the clan into unnecessary battles. But let’s look deeper into this. In Bluestar’s Prophecy, Bluefur has a vision when Thistleclaw walks into camp, of him covered in blood. It was obviously not some figment of her imagination. The vision hinted about the future if Thistleclaw was made deputy. So let’s suppose it happened, Sunstar appointed Thistleclaw the new deputy of ThunderClan. ThunderClan would most likely fight many unnecessary battles resulting in deaths on all sides. If you’ve read my third article, is Thistleclaw the cause of Scourge and Tigerstar, in part of it I mention Thistleclaw’s obvious hatred for kittypets. If he became leader, he would’ve never let Rusty join ThunderClan. The future of the clans would’ve shifted dramatically. I’m guessing it would’ve been a negative affect. And Thistleclaw would’ve never forgave Graystripe for taking a RiverClan mate the way Bluestar did. What about who he would appoint deputy? It would probably be Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw would’ve gotten what he wanted, and ThunderClan probably would become the most aggressive Clan in the forest. So I guess Bluestar was always meant to be leader.

I’ve always thought instead of giving her kits to RiverClan, Bluestar should’ve given her kits to another nursing queen in ThunderClan. Then she could become leader but get to see her kits every day. Mosskit wouldn’t have died, and Bluestar wouldn’t have gone crazy for a while. But there are some other consequences. Oakheart gave Mistykit and Stonekit to Graypool because her kits recently died and she had plenty of milk. If Graypool had never raised them, she would’ve been really depressed and could have even died. Then she couldn’t give Fireheart any information of how Oakheart died and about Bluestar’s kits (but she wouldn’t have to tell him info. about the last part because they’d be in ThunderClan). Something else to consider: ThunderClan would’ve never discovered that her kits were half-clan, because they thought Thrushpelt was their father. So when Tigerstar created TigerClan, Mistyfoot and Stonefur (and Mosskit, too, I guess) wouldn’t have been taken prisoner. Stonefur died protecting Stormpaw and Featherpaw. So if Stonefur was never taken prisoner, Stormpaw and Featherpaw would have probably been killed. And Fireheart, Graystripe, and Ravenpaw would’ve died or been seriously injured when defending Graystripe’s kits. Not to mention Sharptooth: who would’ve killed him? So maybe giving her kits to RiverClan was the best option.

There was always one question that bothered me: if Bluestar kept her kits, would Sunstar have even chose Thistleclaw to be deputy? You’re probably thinking, “Duh! Of course he would choose Thistleclaw! What’s wrong with you, Sparktooth?” But I actually think it’s good question to consider. I believe Sunstar might’ve chosen someone else to be deputy if Bluestar kept her kits. Why? Just read this:
“‘Thistleclaw would be a popular choice,” {Sunstar} conceded. ‘No cat could could doubt his courage, or his battle skills, or his pride in his Clan. But I don’t want my Clan to be led into endless fighting. Our borders enough without being marked over and over with blood. ThunderClan deserves to live in peace, and I believe you can give it that.’” -Bluestar’s Prophecy, pg. 493.
“‘Can I voice my fears about Thistleclaw?’ Bluefur risked, with a quick glance at him. Sunstar nodded. ‘I share them, believe me.’” -Bluestar’s Prophecy, pg. 495.
So maybe Sunstar would’ve never appointed Thistleclaw deputy. Bluestar could’ve kept her kits and raised them. But, there would a chance Thistleclaw would still have become deputy. In Crookedstar’s Promise, Mapleshade breaks the jaw of Crookedjaw’s fresh-kill so that Hailstar thinks it’s a sign from StarClan that Crookedjaw should be deputy. So a cat from the Dark Forest could’ve faked a sign from StarClan that Thistleclaw should be deputy. I can’t come up with any other options that Bluestar could’ve done, so I guess Mistyfoot and Stonefur were always meant to end up in RiverClan.

Do you think Bluestar made the right decision? Do you have any ideas that Bluestar could’ve done instead? Thanks for reading!

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    • Hmm that’s an interesting thing to think about! Great article, Sparktooth (wow you make so many! 😛😮) I would like to read Bluestar’s Prophecy myself so that I’d have a better overlook kinda of everything and then I’ll voice my opinion afterwards (but I honestly don’t know which was the right decision so I’ll just leave it at: Bluestar became deputy and gave up here kits. What’s done is done).

      • lol thx! 😀

        Writing is pretty much my life, and I just take the opportunity to do it on this website for practice, because I want to be an author when I grow up. That’s why I have so many out. I currently even have over 15 articles pending! (Not exactly sure how much, but it’s around that amount).

        And you should totally read Bluestar’s Prophecy. It’s one of my favorite Super Editions out, but everyone has their own opinions. 😛

    • I feel like the arrival is very sad but I also think blue star made the right choice I am a huge warriors fan and blue star is my fav character so I was really sad when all this happend and the blue star has to give up her kits I am also right now reading blue stars prophecy and it is really good

    • I actually have read this article, and it’s really good, too! Although I don’t agree. Bluestar is one of my favorite characters, but that’s just my opinion. 😛

  • At the time, Bluestar didn’t know what would happen, just that she couldn’t let Thistleclaw become deputy. She made the right decision, even if she regretted it later.
    Mosskit should’ve been able to live, though. It could’ve just as easily been young Mistystar or Stonefur!
    M O S S K I T !
    B L U E S T A R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • I agree to that. But I wrote this article focusing on consequentialism (I spelled that right even though it looks wrong lol). Which means I studied the timeline change from this action

  • Great article, Sparktooth! I believe that everything in warriors happened for a reason, and Bluestar giving up her kits meant something.

  • Great article! It’s interesting to see how the plot line changes if Bluestar (or Bluefur) kept her kits. I think Silverhawk (Thistleclaw’s Dark Forest mentor) would have made a sign like Mapleshade did to make Thistleclaw deputy. The Dark Forest’s plan at this point was probably to control the four Clan leaders, meaning they would have ruled the Clans without most of the Clan cats knowing.

  • Excellentarticle Sparktooth!!
    HoweeverI shall stick to my belief that Bluestar made the right choice. Okay, maybe Sunstar didn’t like Thistleclaw. However, a she-cat nursing kits is not allowed to become deputy. Maybe Sunstar would have to make Tjistleclaw deputy for fear of breaking the rule!!

    I agree that Bluestar’s action of giving away her kits caused her much pain. But it also helped peace to exist for a while between ThunderClan and RiverClan when Mistystar became leader!!

    • I don’t think there is a rule that says she cats nursing kits can’t be deputy, after all Squirrelflight nursed kits during her time as deputy.
      I think it depends on the situation whether the clan can afford to have it’s deputy so compromised for half a year.
      I don’t remember what the situation was, but I think it was definitely trying for the clan and there is the likelihood that the Dark Forest would’ve interfered to make it so that Thistleclaw would be made deputy.
      That being said if Bluestar had kept her kits I think there is a very slim chance of Sunstar not picking Thistleclaw, but the question there is does he pick Bluefur and have Thistleclaw be temporary deputy (but then there’d be those saying he should just pick Thistleclaw outright), does he pick another cat to serve during Bluefur’s time in the nursery, or pick someone else entirely.
      It’s a difficult position for Sunstar to be in. I’m sure as much as he’d want to pick Bluefur he just couldn’t risk to not have a deputy for so long.

  • Oooh, very interesting 🙂 I never realized how Bluestar giving away her kits could’ve caused such a ripple effect on the history of the Clans, especially the bit about Featherpaw and Stormpaw being killed!

    I always wondered why no cat realized that the two kits of Bluestar that had supposedly died, were the same cats as the ones that popped up as apprentices in RiverClan with the exact same appearance, age and name as Bluestar’s kits! I mean, it’s pretty obvious right?

    I definitely think she should’ve kept them, but if she had stayed as a ThunderClan queen, then I agree – Sunstar wouldn’t have chosen Thistleclaw. Sure, it would’ve made Thistleclaw and the Dark Forest angry, but Sunstar wasn’t stupid and he’s my favourite leader 🙂 He could have chosen Windflight, Fuzzypelt, White-eye or maybe Rosedawn, so it wasn’t like he was stuck for choice.

    Anyway, brilliant, detailed article!

    • Exactly. In terms of Mistystar and Stonefur being whisked away to RiverClan without anyone connecting them to Bluestar always baffled me. I mean two kits with the same look, age, genders and names show up in RiverClan at the exact same time as a ThunderClan queen looses her kits? I’m surprised no one ever made the connection beside Crookedstar and I think Graypool.

  • I actually thought that she made the right desicion for quite a while but i have recently champnged my mind. I think that Sunstar wouldn’t have a pointed Thistleclaw ad even if he did, I have a feeling that Thistleclaw would have realised that he needed to think of the clans future and try and protect the cats he was in charge of. He would have appointed Tigerclaw as deputy but Tigerclaw would have probably been content with ruling ThunderClan and wouldn’t have taken over the other clans.
    Darkstripe may well have followed him in leadership but he would have been getting older so may not have made it.
    So who would the next deputy be ?
    There would not be any evil cats left in ThunderClan Tigerstar would go of how good they were at fighting, so I think it might have been Stonefur.

    Also on the topic of Thistleclaw I think that he wouldn’t have survived being deputy, he would have still throw him self in to needless battles and would probably of died fighting one of them. By that point Bluefur would have finished nursing her kits and couldn’t be Deputy

    This is just my opinion

    • The Blog allows for spoilers from books released a very long time ago, such as Bluestar’s Prophecy. :3

  • Well, I dunno if that is 100% true, because like you said, it was basically Thistleclaw’s fault that Scourge and Tigerstar happened.
    Either way, Thistleclaw dies at the end of “Bluestar’s Prophecy” because of being killed by a Riverclan Patrol in his frenzy of fighting.
    This goes to show that he can’t have been THAT good at fighting!
    As a conclusion, he probably would have died soon enough, being leader or not.
    Think about it; If Thistleclaw becomes leader and dies, most likely Tigerstar will take his place, and then chaos will start.
    When Bluestar becomes leader, Tigerstar tries to become leader anyways, and then chaos will start ANYWAY.
    So would it have really made a difference?

  • Well, even if the chaos started, Firestar saved the day. Thistleclaw wouldn’t have allowed him to join if he was leader. So, things might have gotten… messy.

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