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What’s going on, bloggers? Sparktooth has written another article, that’s what! Today I was thinking about how kittypets seem to get treated like ‘fox dung’ sometimes. Most of the cats from the Clans, and even some of the fandom, will always think if they’re a kittypet, that cat is nothing but fat and lazy. But that’s not true at all. Today I’m gonna share my opinion on some kittypets/former kittypets in the Warriors books.

I’ll start with more commonly known kittypets/former kittypets, and work to cats who don’t make as big of an appearance in the series, but are still important.
One of my favorite characters. His story from joining ThunderClan as an inexperienced kittypet to leader of ThunderClan and savior of all the Clans is a classic in my opinion. He’s such a good character. Firestar has a kind nature and cares for everyone, no matter where they come from. I know some of the fandom says he ‘gets too much attention,’ but Firestar was a main character. Harry Potter got a lot of attention to if anything maybe a little more attention than Firestar! And they both are still great, heroic characters.
Again, another one of my favorite characters. Scourge started out as a little kittypet named Tiny, ending up as the powerful leader of BloodClan. I wasn’t surprised when I found out Scourge is Firestar’s half-brother. They both go through similar transformations. I’m certain everyone knows how Scourge killed Tigerstar with a single blow. But Scourge was never taught how to fight! He just learned and taught himself over the years; and he took down a highly trained leader really quickly. Do you still think all the kittypets are so fat and lazy now?
Millie gets too much hate. I love her character. I’m not gonna get into that because this article will be long enough XD. *Runs from an angry mob of Silverstream lovers.*
I find it a little sad that Daisy stayed in the nursery all the time. But that doesn’t mean I hate her. She does her part for the Clan, by helping care for the kits and keep them safe.
I think he has to be one of the most loveable characters in the series. He was brave enough to meet ‘forest cats’ despite the word of his fellow kittypets saying they were “vicious roughians” or something like that. I also love his friendships with Tallstar and Pinestar.
He was really nice and funny. I was so happy when he joined ThunderClan as an elder(I think that’s what happened, I haven’t read that part in the series for a while).
I think Princess was a pretty good character. Sure, she wasn’t as tough as some other kittypets, but she was ok. I didn’t really like it when she freaked out when Cloudtail introduced her to Lostface(later Brightheart). But then again, Princess isn’t used to injuries like that. She never lived in the forest, but she trusted Firestar enough to give him her firstborn kit to raise in ThunderClan.
Cody was a nice cat, and a great friend to Leafpool. It was so cute, the way she entertained Birchkit. Not to mention she was good at helping Leafpool care for some injured cats. I was sad when she left, but Clan life wasn’t for her.
He’s not really tough, but Smudge is so sweet! The only thing I didn’t really like about him is that he judged Clan cats a little too harshly. But he’s only one of tons of kittypets who do the same thing.
I don’t know if you remember her. She was Barley’s sister who almost died when he fled from BloodClan. Even though she’s lived most of her life as a kittypet, she can sure fight. Not to mention she’s brave enough to fight ex-BloodClan cats again. Ravenpaw himself states in A Clan in Need, that he even thinks she’s really brave.
He was the mean kittypet fought Graystripe and Millie in The Lost Warrior. I think he was rude, enough said.

*Sighs.* Wow! That was a lot of typing to do! What are your opinions on some of these characters? I hope to see you all next time *Silverstream lovers glare at me*, and may StarClan light your path, always. 😀

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  • I think most of the kittypets of the series are good. I especially liked Cody and wanted to see more of her character. I don’t like Millie or Daisy. Millie always felt like an unneeded random throw in character or an OC to me. I also don’t like her because she isn’t very nice to other cats. She yells at Squirrelflight for correcting Blossompaw. She responds apathetically when Hazeltail told her Blossomfall is sick. And she demeaned her daughter in front of the whole clan. Who yells at someone that came home hurt? Most people would respond in a caring manner if a love one came home hurt. She also is very disrespectful to Jayfeather, and never thanks him for the hard work he did taking care of Briarlight. She yells at Bramblestar when he is trying to get Briarlight to safety in Bramblestar’s storm. I could grow to like her if she matured, realized that other cats have feelings, and started being nicer to other cats.

    Daisy didn’t try to adjust to clan life, she just wanted to be protected. I don’t see why she gets out of warrior duties. She is an abled bodied cat, there is no reason for her not to be a warrior. When Firestar joined the clans Bluestar made it clear he would have to pull his own weight. Same in the Skyclan’s Destiny with Clovertail. It felt like the Erins were breaking their own rules with Daisy. If Daisy out grew her flaws like Clovertail did, I could like her.

    • Ok, ok. I agree with you on Millie, but you’ve got Daisy TOTALLY wrong.

      The life of a warrior- she DID try it! It simply wasn’t for her! Daisy found happiness helping queens with their kits. Yes, she’s not a warrior, but does that mean she’s useless?
      She just helps the Clan in a different, useful way!
      Turtle 🐢

  • *Silverstream lover* *glares*
    JK! Nice article! I agree with most of them except Millie. She’s more of a replacement character for Silverstream in my opinion. But anyway, love this article!

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