My Top Five Favorite And Least Favorite Characters by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw lists some their top and least favourite characters from Warriors.

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Hello! Ebonypaw here to list my favorite and least favorite characters from Warriors.
Note: I know I made a Top Ten Least Favorite Characters list before, but I changed my opinion on some of them. Anyways, let’s start with my Top Five Least Favorites.

I actually couldn’t think of one for number five. There are a lot of cats I dislike, but not enough to put them on the actual list, so sorry about that.

4. Silverstream
I find her overrated. She was too immature and kept on using the “I’m Clan Leader’s daughter” excuse just to prove she could get what she wanted. Though I will say she wasn’t that bad once she got into Starclan.

3. Raggedstar
Raggedstar was abusive to Yellowfang and showed favoritism to his son Brokenstar than to his other Clanmates, and he was Clan Leader! He seemed to care too much about trying to make Yellowfang jealous (One Example: Foxheart being deputy) to actually care for his Clan.

2. Blossomfall
I hate on her a lot, because of a huge bully she is to everyone just because she’s jealous. She could’ve easily talked to both Millie and Briarlight or find a friend/mate instead of guilt tripping them and training in the Dark Forest. She also claims she’s getting attention in the Dark Forest when she’s really getting beat up there. What great logic she shows!

1. Breezepelt
Breezepelt easily overreacted. He wasn’t too bad in Power Of Three, he was annoying, but also a character to feel a bit sympathy for. Then in OOTS, he supports the Dark Forest just because he has kin in Thunderclan almost kills a queen just to frame a disabled medicine cat for murder. He had a mother and a friend who both loved him, but he instead focused too much on the negativity in his life.

Dishonorable Mentions:
Thistleclaw (Kinda)
Darkstripe (Also Kinda)
Ivypaw (Ivypool as an apprentice, I like Ivypool as a warrior)
Sleekwhisker (I like and dislike her at the same time)

Top Five Favorites

5. Dovewing
Dovewing is underrated. She definitely isn’t a Mary Sue (For many reasons) and she’s got a good character. Her powers are also cool.

4. Millie
Millie is a great mate to Graystripe. She persevered into helping Graystripe and was patient with him after he got hit by a car/monster. She even gave up her peaceful life to be with him! Millie was also very nice to the kittypets in Bramblestar’s Storm. Her reaction was understandable when Briarlight first got crippled; at first she was scared and full of grief, but after a while she got used to Briarlight’s condition.

3. Briarlight
Like her mother, she’s full of perseverance. She managed to live with having a horrible condition like having a broken spinal cord and helped out the medicine cats.

2. Violetpaw
I’ve always liked Violetpaw, but it wasn’t until Shattered Sky in which I really started to like her. While she did fail to free the prisoners, she still did do a pretty good job. Also her friendship with Needletail is awesome.

1. Needletail
I’ve always loved Needletail, even in Thunder And Shadow. She’s a unique and well done character, as she never really fit in with Shadowclan. I’ve also written an article about Needletail where I talk more about her.

Honorable Mentions:
Pebble Heart
Sparrow Fur

So that’s my article, thanks for reading!

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  • I agree with all of these except for Blossomfall. This is the reason she trained in the DF because she knew she shouldn’t be jealous and knew that she didn’t talk to Millie or Briarlight about it. Besides, Briarlight wanted Millie to pay attention to her other kits. But did she listen? No! If she wanted to do what Briarlight wanted, then she should have listened to her. Briarlight is a great sister and knew Blossomfall was jealous so she tried to get Millie to slack off a bit on her and put some of her attention on her other kits. But nope. Jayfeather also told Millie that Briarlight is fine and is stressing out BECAUSE of Millie. Millie needs to know when to give her kits some space, heck privacy. It’s good to be concerned of your child, but that doesn’t mean you have to smuggle and hog them and freak out all the time. It’ll only cause more stress from the child which will make the mom even more stressed out that her kid is stressed out and she’ll try to help but really she’s making things worse. So….yeah. However I don’t love her and she’s not my fav character. 😉 I believe both her and Millie were at fault. 🙂

    Anyway this was well done and I agree with you on everyone else (ugh Raggedstar is so annoying). Silverstream I don’t have an opinion on. Ahhhh I really want to read AVOS!!!!!! 😛 Ugh so much school! ☹️

  • No why Silverstream

    Nice article! I hate Breezepelt with great passion too 😛

  • I agree with MOST of them 🙂

    I like Blossomfall but I won’t defend her right now (I’ve done too many Blossomfall defense posts)

  • Nice article! I like that you put Crowfeather in the honorable mentions. I LOVE him!

  • Great Article! I think I am one of few people who actually likes both of Graystripe’s mates.

  • Cool list!
    My opinions
    Least favourites
    5. I couldn’t agree more.
    4.I find her annoying for exactly the same reason.
    3.I don’t really have an opinion on Raggedstar
    2.Blossomfall did have some right to be annoyed, but she did overreact.
    1.I felt really sorry for Breezepelt in PoT, but he did turn evil in OotS
    P.S How could you not like Ivypool? Even as an apprentice, I think she’s awesome!
    5. Just my opinion, but Dovewing is the whinyest cat in the entire series and my least favourite character
    4.I really like Millie, Millie x Gray is far better than Gray x Silver
    3.I feel sorry for Briarlight, but she’s not one of my personal favourites.
    2.Violetpaw is great, much better than Twigpaw, who is pretty much Dovewing the Second
    1.Needletail is awesome, and she showed such loyalty to Violetpaw, being in my opinion the second bravest cat apart from Ivypool.
    P.S Ivypool Rocks!!
    All my opinion of course. It’s great to share opinions on the books and it’s fine if you disagree.

  • Great Article! I agree with every single cat you mentioned except these ones:

    Raggedstar-I like him.

    Ashfur-He went insane just because Squirrelflight rejected him. I find him very obsessive and very pushy.

    It’s like you read my mind with Millie. 😛

  • Good article 😀

    It’s refreshing to see Dovewing on a favourites list! And I agree, she’s definitely not a Mary Sue

    I think I mostly just disagree with Ashfur – I don’t particularly like him

  • I disagree with Flametail, though all I really remember is that he’s Tawnypelt’s son and he SPOILERS drowned in the lake =(

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