My Top Five Favorite And Least Favorite Characters by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw lists some their top and least favourite characters from Warriors.

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Hello! Ebonypaw here to list my favorite and least favorite characters from Warriors.
Note: I know I made a Top Ten Least Favorite Characters list before, but I changed my opinion on some of them. Anyways, let’s start with my Top Five Least Favorites.

I actually couldn’t think of one for number five. There are a lot of cats I dislike, but not enough to put them on the actual list, so sorry about that.

4. Silverstream
I find her overrated. She was too immature and kept on using the “I’m Clan Leader’s daughter” excuse just to prove she could get what she wanted. Though I will say she wasn’t that bad once she got into Starclan.

3. Raggedstar
Raggedstar was abusive to Yellowfang and showed favoritism to his son Brokenstar than to his other Clanmates, and he was Clan Leader! He seemed to care too much about trying to make Yellowfang jealous (One Example: Foxheart being deputy) to actually care for his Clan.

2. Blossomfall
I hate on her a lot, because of a huge bully she is to everyone just because she’s jealous. She could’ve easily talked to both Millie and Briarlight or find a friend/mate instead of guilt tripping them and training in the Dark Forest. She also claims she’s getting attention in the Dark Forest when she’s really getting beat up there. What great logic she shows!

1. Breezepelt
Breezepelt easily overreacted. He wasn’t too bad in Power Of Three, he was annoying, but also a character to feel a bit sympathy for. Then in OOTS, he supports the Dark Forest just because he has kin in Thunderclan almost kills a queen just to frame a disabled medicine cat for murder. He had a mother and a friend who both loved him, but he instead focused too much on the negativity in his life.

Dishonorable Mentions:
Thistleclaw (Kinda)
Darkstripe (Also Kinda)
Ivypaw (Ivypool as an apprentice, I like Ivypool as a warrior)
Sleekwhisker (I like and dislike her at the same time)

Top Five Favorites

5. Dovewing
Dovewing is underrated. She definitely isn’t a Mary Sue (For many reasons) and she’s got a good character. Her powers are also cool.

4. Millie
Millie is a great mate to Graystripe. She persevered into helping Graystripe and was patient with him after he got hit by a car/monster. She even gave up her peaceful life to be with him! Millie was also very nice to the kittypets in Bramblestar’s Storm. Her reaction was understandable when Briarlight first got crippled; at first she was scared and full of grief, but after a while she got used to Briarlight’s condition.

3. Briarlight
Like her mother, she’s full of perseverance. She managed to live with having a horrible condition like having a broken spinal cord and helped out the medicine cats.

2. Violetpaw
I’ve always liked Violetpaw, but it wasn’t until Shattered Sky in which I really started to like her. While she did fail to free the prisoners, she still did do a pretty good job. Also her friendship with Needletail is awesome.

1. Needletail
I’ve always loved Needletail, even in Thunder And Shadow. She’s a unique and well done character, as she never really fit in with Shadowclan. I’ve also written an article about Needletail where I talk more about her.

Honorable Mentions:
Pebble Heart
Sparrow Fur

So that’s my article, thanks for reading!

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  • I think that Silverstream and Blossomfall were nice, and I’m not really sure about Breezepelt because he had a hard kithood. But I definitely agree with Raggedstar. As for your favorites, I agree with all of them, but I haven’t read AVoS so I don’t know about Violetpaw or Needletail 🙂 Great article!

    • Blossomfall? eh…she’s kind of gossipy outside of the dark forest and she’s kind of a Bumblestripe follower…Breezepelt did NOT have a tough childhood. What about Spiderleg’s kits?

  • Yes, I’m glad to see someone else pointing out how abusive Raggedstar was. He was terrible. I disagree with Silverstream, but I’m also glad to see someone else who likes Squirrelflight.

  • Nice article, Ebonypaw! I agree with every single one of these (ESPECIALLY DOVEWING) except for Ashfur and sort of Crowfeather but not really 😛

  • Ooof don’t kill me yet ok I’m too young to die…
    *takes a breath* Breezepelt would probably be in my top tens because I ship him with Hollyleaf and he’s funny to read about xd
    (And Hollyleaf is life boi)

  • Oh, so I’m not the only one who has a weird thing against Blossomfall! You’re right, she is kind of a jerk. Yay, I’m not alone 🙂
    No offense to those who like Blossomfall, of course.

    I’ve said many times before, but I absolutely love Dovewing and I like Millie. 😛

  • I like how you seemed to keep it short and found good evidence to support your claim. You seemed more positive compared to some of the other people who talk about least favorites and favorites. Needletail, I really dislike her as a person, but her change throughout the story was great. I dislike her probably because we’d never get along if we met! Thank goodness you understand Millie! Some people dislike her for silly reasons and I get really mad when that happens. I seem to agree with you a lot!

  • Least Fav Cats:
    4. Disagree, Silverstream is WAY better than Millie
    3. Agree
    2. Disagree
    1. Totally agree.
    Fav cats:
    4. Strongly Disagree. I’m a Millie hater. I don’t care what you say.
    3. Disagree. She’s TO overrated. I strongly dislike her. She’s my least favorite disabled cats. I hate the ship BriarxJay. HalfxJay is WAY better.
    2. Agree
    1. Agree

    Note: Please don’t ask “Do you have a reason to hate them.” Or “Why do you hate them.” This is MY opinion! Not yours.

    • I don’t ship BriarXJay, I ship JayXStick 🙂 But why do you hate Briarlight? Things were so hard for her, but she kept on fighting and she never gave up. AND she never complained, she was always so optimistic despite everything that happened to her! Briarlight was a great character, it was so sad when she died. I honestly want to know, what is there not to like about Briarlight?

  • My top five least favorite:
    5. Ashfur
    Ashfur tried to kill numerous others just because Squirrelflight rejected him, and he killed Firestar with a fox trap, though this is often overlooked as it wasn’t Firestar’s last life, but he killed Firestar, no matter how people put it or how many lives Firestar still had.
    4. Raggedstar
    Spoiled Brokenkit/paw/tail too much
    3. Silverstream
    You already explained this one enough
    2. Leopardstar
    She was a TERRIBLE leader. First she joined (modern) TigerClan with Tigerstar, and did NOTHING when Stonefur was killed just because he refused to kill Stormpaw and Featherpaw! Then, in The Fourth Apprentice, during the drought she declares the lake belongs to RiverClan, when it belongs to all four Clans, and called the other Clans prey-stealers when all the Clans have the right to fish. True, RiverClan might be more entitled to the lake since they need it for food, but Leopardstar could have been a bit nicer about it. And in The Prophecy Begins, when WindClan is driven out, RiverClan hunts their rabbits FOR FUN, but now that they actually NEED it, they aren’t willing to hunt any other prey? They probably isn’t much, but there has to be a few squirrels on their territory. They could at least try to catch some, or maybe NICELY ask the other Clans “Sorry, but we need the lake for food, so can you please not fish in it?” instead of “STAY AWAY FROM OUR FISH, PREY STEALERS”.
    1. Breezepelt
    He said he would never forgive Jayfeather “for what he did” even though it wasn’t his fault that Leafpool and Crowfeather broke the warrior code! “You need to know what it feels like to be stared at” or something like that, when Breezepelt hardly knows that himself compared to Jayfeather.

  • I agree! Dovewing and Millie don’t deserve all the hate they get!

  • Crowfeather, Leafpool, Silverstream, Scourge, Ravenpaw, and Sorreltail are my favorite characters. I love a lot more, but I disagree for Silverstream-

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