My Theory For The Last Hope by Bluepaw

Bluepaw gives us an interesting look at their predictions for The Last Hope.

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Hello!!! So this is my next Article. I am currently reading The Last Hope. If you haven’t read it yet. Don’t read this Article. So I am writing this Article as a theory Article for what I think is going to happen in the Final Battle. I know like… most of the cats that die. Because… umm…. spoilers… Anyways… Final Battle.

Well I think it would either go down in ThunderClan territory or in the Dark Forest. I know that Firestar will kill Tigerstar then get crushed by a tree… OH. I wonder if there will be like a thunderstorm during the Final Battle?? And maybe the forest sets on fire… causing the tree to catch on fire… causing it to kill Firestar!! Hmmm… sounds about right? Doesn’t it?

So Firestar got to settle scores with Tigerstar. I think Brambleclaw should fight with Hawkfrost during the Final Battle. They have to settle their brotherly feud. I mean yeah Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost. So I think either Brambleclaw or Ivypool will be the one to finish off Hawkfrost once and for all. Or maybe both of them? That would be cool!

Okay so I haven’t read Crookedstar’s Promise yet but I think it was him who had struggles with Mapleshade? Eh I could be wrong. But if not. I definitely think they should share the Final Battle together. Or maybe Ivypool?? That would be interesting. I don’t know.

Okay this is one I seriously hope happens. Bluestar and Thistleclaw. Final Showdown. I haven’t read Bluestar’s Prophecy yet either but I know they are enemies. And I think this would be an epic battle to read. I mean Bluestar is my favorite character and I want to read her fight again. And it would be a great part of the book to read about her finally defeating Thistleclaw. I mean… Snowfur may not be too happy but hey… OH. What if Snowfur invites Thistleclaw to StarClan? What if Thistleclaw changes? What if he actually becomes good? But what will Bluestar think of that? Will they constantly fight in StarClan? Will Snowfur grow a bad reputation for letting Thistleclaw in?

Omsc I can’t wait to read it! It is going to be amazing!! By the time this comes out I will have finished it and will be either almost done or done with the entire series. So I hoped you enjoyed my theory Article. I know it was mainly of Final Battles and who should fight who. But you get my reasoning right? No? Okay fine then. Bye!!

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  • Fun article! I’ve already read The Last Hope of course and Tigerstar and Firestar get their final showdown (Firestar would have died of his wounds though if the tree had not fallen), and Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. Idk if Bluestar ever fought with Thistleclaw but perhaps. It is also most likely that is Snowfur and Thistleclaw came face to face in the battle, they would not have hurt each other and gone for some other cat. 🙂 This would be very interesting for those who have not read The Last Hope yet. Nice job!

  • Good job. I’ve read the book before, but nice theories!

    Honestly, I wish that Thistleclaw and Snowfur could have gotten their happy ending. It’s the DF’s fault for torturing him every day and making him evil. And Bluestar for chasing him out of StarClan.


    Anyways. 😛

    • Uh, you know Thistleclaw realized what he was doing was wrong and he continued with it anyways, right? He has control issues (Wanting to get his way with corrupting his kit and Tigerpaw.), Borderline Sociopathy (Which Tigerpaw shared), and he continuously went after Bluefur/star even though she never did anything to him.

  • great article!

    i am currently reading the last hope to!(if you didnt already read it)i am just at the part that tigerstar and firestar fight. its actual pretty obvious that they fight. scourge killed tigerstar when firestar thought they would fight in book 6 serie 1.

    i have some questions for whoever reads this.

    1 why is my article stil not published? it was more than 350 words and i put it in like 5 weeks ago. i did not put a foto with it. may that be the cause?

    2 why does nobody write an article about dawn of the clans?

  • Oh dear. Cringy bleh. Sp embarrassing 😛 I got so excited writing this haha. Pictures on google mad it seem as though Firestar was crushed by the tree, but now I see it was because of his wounds. I was right about a few things at least 😛

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