Is Millie a Bad Mother? by Dawnpaw

Dawnpaw considers how Millie acted as a parent towards her kits.

Artist Unknown (Source: Warriors theory Wiki)

Lots of people have done this article before. People have different opinions about Millie. This is because she had lost of good moments and bad moments that are shown in the books. Before I start overwhelming you with Millie facts, I just want to say that I will not do anything with Silverstream and Millie being better mothers and stuff like that. I also am completely neutral on this topic.

Some people claim that Millie was a bad mother because she gave more attention to Briarlight then she did to Blossomfall and Bumblestripe. Millie gave more attention to Briarlight when she got injured. In my opinion, that’s fine. But when Jayfeather tells her to give Briarlight space, give her some space! On top of Millie’s head is only thinking about if Briarlight is alright because of her injuries.

I admit, Blossomfall is a warrior, and shouldn’t be acting as if she was a kit or apprentice. But Blossomfall’s personality makes her do that. Blossomfall wants attention. She wants to please her mother, or at least that was how I understood it. Then Millie starts to give more of Blossomfall’s attention to Briarlight. It’s understandable, but Blossomfall doesn’t see it that way. I believe she thinks that Millie doesn’t love her as much as she loves Briarlight. As for Bumblestripe, I don’t think he ever wanted attention from his mother. He just wanted to live a happy life and be a good use to the clan. You might ask, why can’t Blossomfall be like Bumblestripe? Simple. Their personalities are way too different.

Even though I feel like Millie should have noticed that Blossomfall just wanted to please her, Millie was caring about her injured kit. I think I can feel the pain she was feeling. She feels that Briarlight might die, or live a long life unhappily. She cares about all her kits, but gives a little more attention to Briarlight. If you’re parents found out that your sibling was injured, they’d give your sibling more attention.

Millie yelled at Blossomfall in front of the whole clan. If we’re being realistic, if Millie hadn’t yelled at Blossomfall in front of the clan, where would she? Take Blossomfall out into the forest and yell at her there? It is normal for parents to yell at their child if they think whatever they did was wrong. However, Millie is always comparing Blossomfall to Briarlight. I believe she said that if Briarlight wasn’t injured she would have hunted for the clan or something like that. If Briarlight wasn’t injured, Blossomfall and Briarlight would both “seem” to have their mother’s love. Bumblestripe would, too, but as I said before, he never wanted to please Millie.

So that concludes my article! If I had any wrong information, please tell me in the comments. Thank you for reading my first article!

P.S. I submitted this article on 8/27. I wonder when it gets published! (Embertsar answer: Halloween!)

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