Conflicting Feelings on Stormtail by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw shares their unique opinion of Stormtail.

Artwork by Lithestep

Hello, I’m Sorrelpaw [Sorrelstream] aka Sorzi. And I have yet ANOTHER article! Eh, like the eighth article I think.

This article is on Stormtail, Moonflower’s darling mate and Bluestar’s father. This isn’t a defense article, nor is it an offense article. Look at what this article is called. CONFLICTING FEELINGS on Stormtail. Conflicting feelings. Conflicting. So what exactly do I have to create conflicting feelings?

Read on, and beware of spoilers for Goosefeather’s Curse and Bluestar’s Prophecy.

Negative- Stormtail didn’t care for his kits
As written in the beginning of Bluestar’s Prophecy, Stormtail did not often play with his kits, seeing them once when their eyes opened and another time when Moonflower presented them to him. You call that a caring father?
I don’t.

Positive- Stormtail was a busy warrior
Also written in Bluestar’s Prophecy, Stormtail was an important warrior in the Clan and so his duties often kept him away from his kits. If he weren’t so important, maybe he would’ve checked on them more often. I’m sure he wanted to be a good father.

Negative- But other important warriors had time for their kits
Adderfang was also an important warrior, but “Adderfang’s always coming to visit the nursery to see Leopardkit and Patchkit!” (quote from Bluestar) which proves that a busy warrior CAN  make time for their kits.

Positive- Stormtail’s more important than Adderfang
Stormtail has more importance in the Clan than Adderfang! That explains the previous argument. He was invited by Pinestar to share prey in his den, for StarClan’s sake! Stormtail is a really great warrior.

Negative- He didn’t get to be deputy
When Tawnyspots went ill, Sunstar chose ADDERFANG to replace him as deputy, not Stormtail. If that proves that Stormtail is a better cat than Adderfang then I’m a mouse! Stormtail was just a simple senior warrior, nothing special.

Positive- But Stormtail was brave
He was courageous! Going into the raid on WindClan just like that, BAM. He would do anything to protect his Clan. Never a better warrior could be found!

Negative- Lots were like him
So many warriors didn’t hesitate to leap into battle and protect their Clan. Stormtail is just one of them. Being brave and willing to fight for your Clan proves NOTHING. I repeat, nothing special.

Positive- So what?
We’re not trying to say that he’s the most special, greatest warrior who ever lived. We’re debating on whether or not he’s good or bad!

*Shaking head*

I just realized I said ‘we’ when I, Sorrelpaw, am the only one writing this article.

Ah well, I suppose I got carried away. It was like having an argument with myself. Conflicting feelings, y’know. Self-arguments, y’know. I do that a lot 😛 Now, if you’ll excuse me… I should really get back to my article.

Okay. W

ell, where was I before I got interrupted by myself? Oh, I can’t really remember. Never mind, then, we’ll end the article right here.

Hopefully there’s more than enough words. Yep. That’s it to this article.

Keep faith!

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  • Wonderful article! 😀 It was so fun to read!!!
    I haven’t read Bluestar’s Prophecy in a while, so I’m not sure how to feel about Stormtail . . . though I remember reading a short scene with him and Moonflower in Tallstar’s Revenge that I thought was cute. 😛

    • Thanks <3
      I don't really remember any scenes from Tallstar's Revenge though 😛

      My memory's gone bad

  • I have no opinion on him since I haven’t read Bluestar’s Prophecy though I know the main plot. But this article was good! Nice job Sorzi (I love how “keep faith” is at the end of every article you do 🙂)!

  • Great article! I think Stormtail was a great warrior, but was very neglectful of his family. He never seemed to visit Bluestar and Snowfur when they were kits, and moved onto another she-cat *cough cough* Dappletail *cough cough* right after Moonflower died. In my opinion, that isn’t a very good sign in anyone, warrior or human.

    • Oh wait, I worded my old comment wrong. I don’t hate Stormtail for moving onto Dappletail after Moonflower died. Many cats in the series have done this and I don’t hate them, and they aren’t bad because of that. I didn’t like how Stormtail didn’t try to save Moonflower in battle and instead go chase Dappletail. It’s like he never truly loved Moonflower! That’s the thing I don’t like about Stormtail, not that he moved onto a different she-cat. That’d be like saying people who get re-married in real life are evil.

  • I don’t have an opinion on Stormtail. He wasn’t a very major character outside of some Super Editions and Novellas, and a lot of people hate him for moving on to Dappletail and not caring for Bluekit/fur/star and Snowkit/fur, but lots of cats (especially in the first series) were like that too 😛 so hating on Stormtail but not the other cats just doesn’t make much sense to me. Maybe it’s just because people love Moonflower, Bluestar, and Snowfur more than they love the other cats, but Jake did the same thing with Quince, Ruby, Socks, and Tiny/Scourge. I’m pretty sure he moved onto Nutmeg before his kits with Quince were even born! I know more people like Firestar and Princess than Scourge, Socks, and Ruby (Well, the whole Firestar VS. Scourge debate has been going on for a long tome 😛 ), but that still doesn’t mean Jake was any different than Stormtail 😛

  • While I do think he was a jerk at first (Goosefeather’s Curse), he wasn’t too bad of a father. I haven’t read Bluestar’s Prophecy in a while, but I think I remember Stormtail talking to his kits a few times, as well as Stormtail and Bluefur talking after Snowfur died. But then again, I haven’t read it in a while.

  • Great article, Sorzi! I really don’t like Stormtail, to be perfectly honest. He didn’t even greaves! Just moved on to Dappletail. One of the worst parents in warriors, in my opinion. (I’m looking at you, Rainflower)