Warriors and their Zodiac Signs by Windspirit

Windspirit talks about some characters from the series and what their Greek zodiac signs would be.

Art by kaboomkat (deactivated account)

Hey! It’s Windspirit, and today I am going to talk about some cats from the first and second series and telling you their zodiac signs!

Crowpaw — Crowpaw is one of the cats prophesied to go to the sun drown place and discover Midnight. He is a determined, stubborn cat who would do anything for his clan, even if it means he must be violent with others. I believe he is an Aires for being courageous, determined, confident and honest. He can be moody, short-tempered, impulsive or aggressive. But as a fire sign, he is a fierce and determined leader.

Tigerstar – Tigerstar tends to be more of a dark streak. He was born in Thunderclan, but after many murders and attempted murders, he was banished. He later took over shadowclan and riverclan (Tigerclan) until he was killed by Scourge and overthrown by Lionclan and Firestar. Okay, okay, I know what you might be thinking. BUT CROWPAW IS GOOD Y U MAKE MA SIGN LOOK BAD. But don’t worry, Tigerstar way overly aggressive than Crowpaw, and I am not trying to make you look bad so be calm. He is an Aires because he is short tempered (#HULKMODE) violent, etc. etc., it is pretty self explanatory.
Feathertail – Feathertail is the daughter of Graystripe and Silverstream (So sad 😭) and is one of the for cats on a journey to the sun-drown place. She constantly plays the role of the friendly sooth-sayer. Because of this, I assume her sign to be that of Pisces. She is quite gentle, wise, and compassionate. Pisces are passionate in justice and romance (wags eyebrows at Crowpaw) and has a wide variety of friends *cough, cough* sun drown place cats *cough* Midnight.

Squirrelpaw – One of the fierce daughters of Firestar and Sandstorm, and traveled with Brambleclaw to find Midnight in The New Prophecy. Yeah, yeah, how can she be water when she is obviously a fire element? Well, she may be a water element, but this doesn’t make her any less fierce. In the books, she is evidently brave, stubborn, passionate, and determined. These can be traits found in many Scorpios. She is very resourceful and smart. She is very faithful to her longtime friends, and loves playfully teasing them. She doesn’t like it when people keep things from her, like when Brambleclaw kept his new dream from her when she requested updates on the prophecy. She is a fun-loving character and a full-on Scorpio.

Leafpaw is the apprentice of Cinderpelt, and the daughter of Firestar. She has a very strong connection to her sister, practically her polar opposite. I think Leafpaw is a Libra, because they are said to be very cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, and FUR- minded.(So cheesy!) She wants peace and harmony, and sharing her knowledge and herbs to those who truly need it. She is a sweet gentle she-cat and I think Libra fits her nicely.

Cloudtail – Cloudtail is the nephew of Firestar, and the son of Princess, a pampered kittypet. He and the Leo have a lot in common. He is very prideful since he is such an able warrior. He can be quite arrogant, and stubborn, but he is quite generous and warm-hearted. These qualities show when he helps Brightheart to fight after she has been attacked by the dog pack. He is also quite humorous and energetic. What do you think?

Yellowfang – OK, this maybe a bit confusing so here we go…. Yellowfang was a medicine cat then she fell in love with the leader of Shadowclan, Raggedstar, then they had Brokenstar and he killed his dad, and became leader of the clan killing kits (I HOPE YOU ARE SUFFERING BROKENSTAR!) Ummm…..
And then Yellowfang killed her son and then she died in a fire. (Sigh…) I think that she is a Virgo because she is very analytical, practical, and hard-working. She is a very strong character and is organized in her ways. I love Yellowfang don’t you?

Cinderpelt – Cinderpelt was set to be a warrior, until she suffered a leg breaking, (and heart breaking 😿) injury that forced her into medicine cat apprenticeship. She is a Virgo because she is loyal, fierce and strong, hard-working, and loving. She is very proper and can be a bit hard on herself, and a little bit hard on Leafpaw, but this trait isn’t bad at all. It helps her to teach Leafpaw to learn about being a medicine cat the way Yellowfang taught her. I feel like these two medicine cats are perfect Virgos.

So that’s my list! I hope you like it, and if you want, I couldn’t figure out what sign Firestar was so I challenge you to figure it out! I hope I can do this again later on! BYE!!!😺😺😺❤❤❤

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