[Graystripe sits beside Millie and looks over his shoulder at a ghostly Silverstream who is ascending into the starry sky]

Who is the Worst Mate? by Sky

Sky considers who is the worst mate in the love triangle between Graystripe, Silverstream and Millie.

Art by Alisa222

Who Was the Bad Mate?

I’m here to tackle the most famous love triangle.

Who was the better mate: Millie or Silverstream?

Now, the majority of you know that I LOVE SILVERXGRAY AND HATE MILLIEXGRAY. And I always will. But…… I’ve been thinking a bit. One of Prowlclaw’s comments inspired this article, really. Prowlclaw and I share almost the exact same ideas XD.


After a lot of thought, I’ve come to the conclusion that……


Think about it.

First, he hangs up with a RiverClan she-cat and then they have kits. After she dies, he moves to her Clan before moving out again.

At first, he seems like a loyal mate who loves his mate and simply knew that he wasn’t needed in RiverClan anymore.


After two series, he gets captured by twolegs. He meets a kittypet named Millie, and they become friends. Millie decides to help him get back to the Clans. It just so happens that this Millie cat looks exactly like Silverstream.


Isn’t that a bit fishy? Doesn’t it seem like Graystripe just wanted a Silverstream reminder? And don’t you think that it hurt Silverstream to see him with some other cat?

Next, they arrive at the Clans, and a few books later, Millie gives birth to three of Graystripe’s kits – Bumblekit, Blossomkit, and Briarkit. Graystripe seems to be totally happy with his family, he loves them a lot, yakka yakka yakka, greencoungh, yadda yadda.


His kits grow up, and he seems to be more distanced from them, even when Briarlight breaks her leg.

Now, recall how much he fawned over his kits with Silverstream.

Also, this is just a note from me that I’ve never been able to quite picture Briarlight, Blossomfall, and Bumblestripe as Graystripe’s relatives. Whenever I read about these three cats and think of their family, I think, “Wrongly geneticed(yeah that’s not a word, grammarly don’t kill me) kits of Millie.” I simply don’t include Graystripe, for some reason. It’s just my brain, I guess, but I don’t picture Blossom, Briar, and Bumble in Graystripe’s little fam.

Anyways, we’re off topic.

It seems like, overall, Graystipe saw Millie as a clone mate. He was unfair to her and her kits, while he fawned over Feathertail and Stormfur. I will say that Millie was a bad parent, so I think that’s why he distanced himself from her. But when Blossomfall most needed a caring parent, he didn’t step in. He hardly helped Bumblestripe with his love problems and didn’t step in against Millie when she attacked Blossomfall. This is partially because he doesn’t want to lose a mate again, AKA he doesn’t want to lose Silverstream clone again.

I feel like Silverstream, watching from above, was actually sympathetic towards Millie, which is why she wanted Millie to survive during the greencough epidemic.

So, overall, I feel like Graystripe was the worst mate. Millie was totally clueless to the fact that he merely saw her as a clone, and I’m sure she was hurt when he didn’t support her – not that I’d want him to join in on her attacking Blossomfall.

But I also think Graystripe was unfair to Silverstream. He basically forced her to push aside her feelings and feel guilty so that he could be happy.

He was also a bad father to Millie’s kits.

Don’t you think Blossomfall’s story would have changed if Graystripe had stood up to Millie? I know that Millie would be really hurt, but it’d be the right thing to do.

Seriously, in the big scene where Millie yells at Blossomfall, it’s mostly Whitewing and Brackenfur reacting a lot. Graystripe was just slinking around in the background.

So I think that Graystripe was the worst mate and father, with Millie standing second and Silverstream last.

I’ll try to respond to all of your comments! Please express your opinions, I won’t get hurt at all.

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  • Okay, I see where you’re coming from. But the whole “clone” thing, doesn’t stand.

    Okay. So I have a grandpa. He has had three wives, they all look a whole lot alike! And that is because everyone has an appearance they are attracted to, if that makes sense. So like for me, it’s like, brownish-blondish people, or their full blown green and have a shell but that isn’t the point 😛 Anyways, the point is, this proves Graystripe is attracted to silver-gray tabbies.

    He fawned over his first kits because they didn’t have their mother anymore, they were the closest things he had to Silverstream. But when he had kits with Millie, if you remember, he was worried about her dying in childbirth too, I believe he said if Jayfeather? Or was it Leafpool? Had to save Millie or the kits, to save Millie. I don’t know why he would have drawn away from his family, it might be the fact he had less screen time, but if you think about it, he might’ve just been worried if he intervened with Millie and Blossomfall, that he would lose another kit, or another mate. In a more heartwrenching way than death.

    • You are correct, everyone is attracted to the different things, yet these things are usually similar. And Graystripe may have bonded with his kits “off-screen”. Either way, I still hate Silver x Gray, but this is a world of opinions.

  • Nice article!! i agree with some things and i don’t agree with others, but i’m not going to get into it so, Nice article!!

  • Nice work Sky! I also do not like Graystripe that much. i haven’t read much with Milli X Gray, but since I’m a Silver X Gray fanatic, i’m pretty sure I won’t like it.

  • I feel like Graystripe is a good mate but a bad father. The whole comic of him and Millie was about their relationship. He was there for her the whole time and taught her how to hunt, act like a warrior, etc. I do feel like Graystripe should shape up and act like a father. Only like once does he check on Briarlight. At least Millie is there encouraging her and checking on her. I’m personally neutral on the ships but I think that Silverstream was better for him.

  • “Isn’t that a bit fishy?”
    Oh the puns
    I luv em

    Anyway, after reading this article, I totally agree with you, Sky.
    Can’t wait to see more of these articles 🙂

  • Honestly, this is a good article but I completely disagree, also about the “clone” thing, the Erin’s didn’t actually mean to make Millie and Silverstream alike, one of the Erin’s promised someone else that Millie would look like his cat which happened to look like Silverstream,

    Also, it’s actually states in the books that Silverstream approves of Graystripe having a new mate

    Also I feel as if Silverstream and Graystripe’s relationship was to rushed, they met, they meet up a few times, and then they have kits in a matter of 2 books, Graystripes and Millie’s relationship lasted so many series and books

    And one more thing, Millie never disliked any of her kits then the others she loved them with all of her heart, the only reason why Millie snapped at Blossomfall is because she didn’t want her getting hurt, she had already almost lost Briarlight, she doesn’t want to lose another one of her kits.

  • I totally agree with this! These were my thoughts exactly. I really did feel bad for Silverstream. I thought that you wrote this with a lot of thought. I do feel like Graystripe might go back to Silverstream in starclan, mainly ’cause that’s his personality.😼

  • You’re right. Poor Millie doesn’t understand that Gray just wants Silver back again. Nice article!

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