BlueXOak: Another Analasys! by Sparktooth

Sparktooth analyzes the relationship of Bluestar and Oakheart.

Artwork by Kajathedog

Sup again, bloggers! Sparktooth here! On my first article, ‘GrayXMillie: Why you should re-think hating it’, Bluefire of Stormclan commented suggesting that I make an article analyzing BluexOak. I thought it was a great idea, so I made it! By the time this article gets published, I will have a LOT of articles out already. Sorry to keep you waiting so long, Bluefire of Stormclan XD.

When Bluestar was an apprentice, the first time she saw Oakheart was when he got his warrior name. All the cats were crowding around him and she could barely even see the top of his head. Later they meet again when RiverClan reclaimed Sunningrocks. Bluefur snapped at him, getting angry, and thinking he was annoying, or something like that. But I love how Oakheart’s so ‘lovey-dovey’ over Bluefur when they meet, and Bluefur’s just like: “Yeah, whatever.”
“‘Sorry.’ Oakheart got to his paws. ‘I couldn’t resist such a sunny spot.’ ‘You couldn’t resist?’ Rage choked her. ‘You arrogant furball!’ Without thinking, she launched herself at him, claws swiping at his face. He ducked and she missed. Bluefur stopped with her paws dug into the stones to stop herself from falling over. Were his whiskers twitching? I’ll teach him!” -Bluestar’s Prophecy, pg. 337.

It’s a great love story plot, and very realistic. It shows not all couples instantly fall in love at first sight. Other couples like FireXSand, and BrambleXSquirrel show this too. I just think BlueXOak does the best way of showing this.

As we continue in the story, Bluestar gradually begins to realize her feelings for Oakheart. I completely understand how overwhelmed she felt when she found out. Bluefur had her heart set on becoming leader. How could she do that if other cats found out about her having a RiverClan mate? Bluefur was under stress, and all she wanted was to make the right choices for her Clan, like taking a ThunderClan mate. But poor Bluefur didn’t feel the same way for any cat in her Clan, even Thrushpelt; who had an obvious crush on her. Oakheart walked in her thoughts, time and time again.
“Bluefur woke with a start. Oakheart’s gaze was burned in her memory.” -Bluestar’s Prophecy, pg. 422.
“Thrushpelt glanced admiringly at the moorhen. ‘Nice catch,’ he purred. ‘Thanks.’ Bluefur didn’t meet his gaze. Somehow the ThunderClan warrior’s praise didn’t spark the same thrill in her as Oakheart’s had done.” -Bluestar’s Prophecy, pg. 409.

So when Oakheart pulls Bluefur aside in RIverClan territory, asking if they could meet alone at Fourtrees the next night; of course she said yes! The scene where she teaches him to climb is so sweet. When Oakheart is scared out of his mind on the tree, he still continues attempting to keep up with Bluefur. It shows he trusted her. The two have fun their all night, and Bluefur even forgets to be worried what StarClan will think of her. Both were willing to go behind their Clans back, and even risk the judgement of StarClan to be with each other.

Getting back to trust, Bluefur trusted Oakheart enough to give him their kits to raise on his own (with the help of Graypool). Bluefur knew he would give them a good life in RiverClan. Can you imagine being a parent, and giving up your kids to your mate for them to raise? I’m sure you’d think it’d be heartbreaking. (If you don’t think it would, then idk what to say except good luck find a mate!) Giving up her kits, and never getting to hangout with her beloved mate again was VERY VERY hard on Bluefur when she became Bluestar. But they got to be reunited when she died, because Oakheart died before her, and never had to show their feelings in secret. Yay! Another happy ending! (lol).

Bluestar and Oakheart is one of my favorite ships. (You’d already know that if you’ve read my article ‘Top ten favorite warriors couples’). But before I finish, I couldn’t help but wonder if a few of you would comment asking something like this: “Sparktooth, BlueXOak is very similar to GrayXSilver, so why do you like one and not the other?” Well to be honest I think BlueXOak had great chemistry in the books, and that they suit each other well. Not to mention their relationship developed on-screen, unlike GrayXSilver. There are a few other reasons, and if you’re curious about them don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments! Tysm for reading and I hope to see you all next time!

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