Cats Who Never Should’ve Been Given Power by Lilyfrost

Lilyfrost talks about some characters and why they shouldn’t have been given positions of power.

Art by DrakynWyrm

(I do express some of my personal opinions here, so please don’t be offended if they contradict with yours! c:)

Greystripe- I don’t personally believe that he was meant to be deputy instead of Whitestorm. I understand that family is extremely important and causes lots of cats to break the code, but I feel like Greystripe made selfish decisions too easily. Kind of like how he abandoned Hollypaw in that one battle to help Millie. If he stayed deputy I can imagine some of his duties would be neglected in favor of Millie or his kits.

Foxheart- The only reason she was made deputy was because Raggedstar wanted to make Yellowfang jealous. This only managed to inflate Foxheart’s pride and tendency to look down on everyone else. She used her authority to get under Yellowfang’s skin, and act however she wanted.

Hawkfrost- So maybe at the time Mistyfoot was gone he seemed like an ideal choice for deputy, but I find it hard to believe no cat noticed him always disagreeing and challenging her decisions and experience. Even before it was made clear Hawkfrost was evil, I think his desire for power and authority should have been obvious.

Brokenstar- Again, the only reason Brokenstar was made leader was because of Raggedstar’s stupidity. He was too proud of his son to realize Brokenstar’s hunger for power and violent streak. He also specifically stated that the only reason Cloudpelt was deputy before Brokenstar was so Shadowclan wouldn’t think Raggedstar was picking favorites (even though Cloudpelt was a GREAT deputy!). No cat did anything about his dangerous leadership until it was too late.

Raggedstar- I think that Raggedstar was a good warrior, but the second he became deputy, his good qualities fell apart. His relationships with Yellowfang and Brokentail/star interfered too much with what a leader really is, and Raggedstar led Shadowclan with little to no likability.

Tigerstar- Here’s the obvious one. I was actually pretty disappointed when he was made deputy before Whitestorm, and it took Bluestar waaaay too long to realize his true intentions. That first taste of power is what pushed Tigerstar forward as the main antagonist of the series, and it was made clear early that he would not stop until he’d achieved the role of leader, and owned of the entire forest.

Blackstar- I suppose this one is the most opinionated, as I have a hard time getting past the fact he was Tigerstar’s right hand man even today. He never really apologized or even acknowledged his past mistakes. And even for Shadowclan, he tended to be a very hostile leader towards outsiders and the rest of the forest. We can’t have a Shadowclan leader like Cedarstar anymore…?

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  • I totally agree with the Graystripe part! (totally didn’t just submit an article about that…) You are so right! Actually, i think I agree with them all. 😛 These are so close to my own opinions, it’s amazing! Excellent job, Lilyfrost!

  • I actually agree with you on this!
    Although Graystripe is a personal favorite character of mine, I do agree that he does get a lot careless when it comes to this kind of power.
    I don’t think Brokenstar should’ve been made deputy by his father from the start. His attitude made most cats fear him more than like him.

  • I hate Leopardstar. She is probably THE worst leader of all time. Ever. She was just such a snotty, selfish, stuck-up, obnoxious little diva. (sorry to Leopardstar fans) Plus, she just went right along with everything Tigerstar said, even though she KNEW it was wrong, but she “didn’t want to lose the respect of her clanmates”. UGH She makes me sick. Also, when the clans wanted to leave the forest she didn’t lift a single PAW to help them, because her own clan wasn’t suffering. I cannot stand Leopardstar. (again, sorry to Leopardstar fans)

  • *sigh* I feel bad for ShadowClan. The clan is made to look “evil” but they’re just a aggressive clan. ShadowClan hasn’t always been the evil clan. They used to be way better. I mean, look at the times when Cedarstar or Tall Shadow were leaders. Way better. I love the article, btw

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