BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange!

Hello, BlogClan! Icy and Sunny here, revealing a special holiday surprise! 😉

Don’t know what this post is about? That’s okay, because I’m here to explain. Starting today and running all the way to December 31st, it’s the second annual BlogClan Holiday Gift Exchange! (Some of you, myself included, may remember it from last year, with the name of Secret Santa.) The name has changed, but the fun hasn’t!

Should you decide to enter, you’ll be paired up with another BlogClanner, who will be your BlogClan Buddy. Creative, right? 😉 You’ll know who you’re making a gift for, but your BlogClan Buddy won’t know who made their gift! It’s part of the fun. 😉

If you want to enter, you have until November 25th to fill out this form! Then, after the 25th, Sunny or I will contact you with the name of your BlogClan Buddy. We hope to have everyone paired up by the 30th. You have until December 30th to finish your gift, and you can make art, fanfiction, whatever you’d like! 🙂 (So long as it’s appropriate for BlogClan, of course! 😉 ) When you finish your gift, post it or a link to it either here or the Tavern! Make sure to specifically address it to either Sunny or I. 🙂 We’ll get the gifts, and on December 31st, we’ll release a post (or a series of posts, depending on how many entries there are) full of gifts! 😀

If you’d like to join, just fill out this form! 😀

[The signup period has closed.]

Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)