• Avatar Dovekit is going to change her name to Briarkit. On BlogChat, she will let the Chatters decide the Warrior name. says:

    All right, yesterday I finished River of Fire, and whoa, I think I realized something. For a girl who can go with a dry eye for everydeath in this seires, wow. I actually made a frown and got tears in my eyes when a certain charecter died. I realized that Dovewing isn’t my fav charecter, and that this cat is. I’m going to change my name in honor of her. I’ll put a frown next to her name. Cats who die: ( 🙁 )
    Briarlight 🙁
    Nettle 🙂
    If there is anyone else, tell me. Bye! First comment!

  • Hi guys, im trying to find out which book Darktail takes over Sc but I can’t find anything, can you help please?
    Also, I wish Dovewing still did have feeling for Bumblestripe, he’s a nice guy.

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