Happy Birthday, Jayfrost!

BlogClan celebrates the birthday of our one and only deputy!

Happy birthday, Jayie! 🙂 (Did you enjoy your birthday donuts?) I felt the above picture was appropriate for the occasion. 😉

You’ve been a part of BlogClan for so many years now, it’s hard to imagine a BlogClan without you! 😀 I think I’ll make it a tradition that you get donuts on your birthday every year from now on. Hold me to it. 😉

As a gift, I thought I’d include this very embarrassing poem I wrote for Jayfrost Appreciation Day last year. Enjoy.

“Jayfrost, Jayfrost, she’s the best!
Unique and special, different from the rest.
She helps to keep BlogClan in shape.
Without her, I think BlogClan would need a lot of tape.”

I’m sorry you had to read that. 😛 I think I fancied myself a bit of a cheerleader then.

Happy birthday, Jayie. 🙂 It’s your day, so go out and have some fun! 😀 BlogClan loves you and wishes you a very, very happy birthday. 🙂


Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)