• Third, as of now.

    I hope that this book will be about him in AVoS, redeeming himself. It’ll also probably have flashbacks from HIS perspective. And his feelings about Leafpool, and a bit about Feathertail, and perhaps a bit about Nightcloud(ergh I don’t like her) and Breezepelt(I have zero sympathy for him).

  • I think that this will be about Crowfeathers life as a kit and family, and what lead him to become who he is today.

  • I pray this is about AVOS. And the idea of flashbacks is honestly 10/10. That is what we need. And then we can actually see the Windclan camp in depth. And I’m ready to see some BreezeXHeather.
    Too bad we have to wait like 9 months

  • Poor old Crowy; he’d keep a team of psychotherapists is business for years. I hope this book shows him finding peace in the end.

  • I really hope we aren’t forced to automatically feel bad for Nightcloud and/or Breezepelt. I always found Nightcloud to be more abusive than Crowfeather and expects too much from him. She was also a bad mother and doesn’t really have an interesting story. Who knows though, maybe this book MIGHT make me sympathize with her more.

    Breezepelt on the other hand is irredeemable. He did horrible things with a bad excuse. And why does he get a happy ending and Mapleshade doesn’t?

    Sorry for the short rant.

    Otherwise, I’m very excited for this book. I really like Crowfeather and think he’s a flawed and interesting character. Though I don’t really want him to become leader (Mostly because Harestar is proving himself to be an amazing leader and is probably my second favorite WindClan leader. I can’t believe he used to train in the Dark Forest!), it would be kinda cool (And it sure is better than Nightcloud or even worse: Breezepelt becoming leader).

    • Harestar is honestly becoming the second best Windclan leader right behind Tallstar, in my opinion. With how he handled his first gathering as a leader it proved he’s calm and clear-headed which is two great traits for a leader.

    • Why did Breezepelt deserve to stay in the Clans? He fought for the Dark Forest in The Last Hope. I hate his smug look…

  • I wish she would finally run off with Leafpool. Again.
    Twilight (the warriors one) was one of my favourite books in the whole series. I was so sad when they came back to the clans after a day. Less than a day.
    However, the possibilities of this is ten kamillion to one.

  • I’m so excited for this one! 😀 I expect it to be starting from him as a kit and through his life, like all the other Super Editions so far except for Bramblestar’s Storm and Firestar’s Quest.

    • (and Tigerheart’s Shadow) I don’t know what to think yet about what time it might take place, but I hope at least some of it is during A Vision of Shadows! 😀

  • A Crowfeather Super Edition? That sounds cool! We haven’t really had a WindClan POV since Tallstar’s Revenge! I am excited!

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