• Hello, people! Welcome to today’s edition of Moon’s Book Reviews, aka Moon Rants for Five Paragraphs About the New book she just read in one day. Yippee!!

    I just read Crowfeather’s Trial, and I got it just earlier today, from the library (which took WAYYYYY too long in my opinion 😛 ). I would like to say I have a love-hate relationship with the book. I liked a lot of it – like how Crowfeather finally bonded with his son and WindClan mate, Nightcloud. But I absolutely hated the way Crowfeather interacted with Onestar. Onestar is such a… piece of fox-dung? That’s all I can think of without cursing. More on my thoughts about that soon. The stoats were creative, I guess. Not the best choice, and it really seems they’re running out of ideas, but I guess it was kinda nice not having more rogues or foxes or something like that. I just wish they could have come up with something else, not that I can think of something right now.

    Let’s start off postive. Here are some of my favorite points about why I LOVED this book (some of it, anyways).
    -Crowfeather is a beast. He should just slay his dumb leader all ready. Onestar deserves it. Crowfeather is annoying and I both like him more and hate him more after this book. He’s frustrating and stupid, but I like his temper. Fiesty, like me 😛
    -THE SUSPENSE!! Face it – we all knew Nightcloud was alive, since she’s on AVoS, but
    I almost checked the AVoS allegiances again because her death seemed so convincing. I have a connection to Nightcloud that I’ll explain soon, and I loved how moved I felt at the thought of her death. It was great, though kind of worrying, despite knowing she was alive anyways.
    -It’s… FAMILY BONDING TIME! YAY! It was so satisfying to see Crowfeather trying his best to give Breezepelt a chance. When I first read the sample, I wanted to punch Onestar in the face for talking to Crowfeather like that. Everything Crowfeather thought and said he had right to, and he was right. He had given up so much for his clan, and his leader was questioning his loyalty. His son had tried to murder somebody, and fought on the Dark Forest’s side, but his leader said Breezepelt was “loyal” and “brave.” GAHHH! While Breezepelt was a little out of character, I really like the new him. He tries to think more and snap less, and cares about Heathertail and Nightcloud. I appreciate Crowfeather’s attempts to make things up. I don’t think I can begin to explain how happy it made me when he was standing up for Breezepelt. At first, I always hated Breezepelt and never thought he should have been forgiven. But I found myself changing my mind – I like Breezepelt, and while he wasn’t that nice or great, he’s still a cool character. I can argue for both sides, that he deserves forgiveness or doesn’t. I think I’ve talked too much about this bit…
    -Ashfoot. Pretty simple. I’ve always liked Ashfoot as a minor character, and I’m glad she kinda had a part in the story.
    -The characters! Very vague, I know, but I really liked how the characters (mainly Crowfeather) grew as the story progressed. I found my own mind about Breezepelt change as Crowfeather’s did. I’m not sure how to say it, but it was really cool and I felt myself grow to not hate Breezepelt, just like Crowfeather did. I think I’ll stop there.
    -CrowXHeather was cute, and became a lot more explainable why Heathertail loved him. SHIP SHIP SHIP!

    The negatives:
    Onestar. I hate him. He made me so mad, I wanted to give up on the book.
    The stoats were kind of boring. I liked the thought of a non-cat enemy, and the stoats were challenging, I just wish there was a different animal. I feel that it didn’t really fit into the end of the Great Battle like a different enemy could have.

    All in all, the book was very nice. I always felt bad for Nightcloud after watching a MAP, and I felt this was good for her family. In short, I have a love and hate relationship. I hated so much of it, but loved even more.

    I congratulate anybody who read until the end. I tried to make this comment as short as possible, so… haha

    • Crow x Heather??? Do you mean Breezepelt? I haven’t read this book but reading that line didn’t make any sense to me.

    • I haven’t finished the book yet, but I mostly agree with all of your positive points 🙂 (and yes, I have kind of mixed feelings on Breezepelt. Before this book I liked him as a character/villain, and I thought he was really cute/funny in Power of Three before he was evil in Omen of the Stars, and in this book, I have mixed feelings on his portrayal. On one hand, YES BREEZEPELT HAS A REDEMPTION ARC, but on the other hand, he seems kind of out-of-character? And some of the cats (including Crowfeather himself) were kind of acting like he was just a poor misunderstood kit? I really want to finish the book though! Mostly, I just want Breezepelt to at least regret his past actions and not continue blaming Crowfeather for everything. 🙂 )
      I don’t really have much to say about your negative points though. I still like Onestar in Shattered Sky, but I can see how he was annoying in this book. I just think it might have something to do with 1. How prideful he is, 2. Maybe he didn’t want Crowfeather to make the same mistakes he did, but he didn’t want to admit what HE had done in the past, and 3. I really just think that the fact that he said all that in Shattered Sky, despite how prideful he is and how long he waited shows a lot 🙂

  • I just wanted to say something 🙂

    Dear Warriors Team,

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve brought me. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve loved Warriors for a long time. I’m so happy that such a wonderful team of authors has come together to bring the world one of the best series I’ve ever read. It’s what helped me get through stress, to bury myself in a Warriors book when I didn’t have any friends to talk to. Most importantly, it helped me discover this place, but that’s a whole other story. Overall, thank you so much, Vicky, for asking Kate to write about feral cats. Thank you, Kate and Cherith, for writing magic.
    I’ll continue to read for a very long time yet.
    ❤, Rain

  • Kate, is Deadfoot also Eaglekit’s father? I believe him to be. Deadfoot is Crowfeather’s father and Eaglekit is Crowfeather’s older brother, Ashfoot’s son from the first series who vanished from the storyline. It matches up.

  • I had Crowfeather’s Trial preordered for like 7 months before it came out. 😛
    When it finally came out I sped through it like I do with any good book.
    Like any Warriors book, it was 100% worth the wait.

  • Crowfeather is now one of my favorite characters the way he matured is amazing I also loved the development between him and his mother because we never really got to see it before I would honestly LOVE to have more WindClan P.O.V becaause they seems to have more realistic problems within their own clan like disagreements, cats that don’t get along etc. whereas In thunderClan is really PC and everyone likes everyone kind of … you can tell Onestar and Crowfeather really REALLY butt heads a lot even before this book. It’s honestly more interesting to see the dynamic of cats that don’t get along/ stubborn leader.. than cats with special powers. No shade

  • Honestly, the whole stoat thing in this book was a little messy, but I don’t care. It was so awesome to see Crowfeather finally make it up to Breezepelt and Nightcloud. I loved it.

  • This book was really good. I always liked Crowfeather and I am really happy that he started becoming a better father for Breezepelt, and that he came to an understanding with Lionblaze and Nightcloud. I honestly think that Windclan is underrated (I mean if you look at the allegiances page there are almost the same amount of cats in the clan as in Shadowclan (and in Tigerheart’s shadow Shadowclan fell apart because of cat shortage!)) so I really liked reading a Windclan perspective for once.

  • I saw this book in Barnes and Noble so I started it, but I wasn’t allowed to get it so I’m coming here for spoilers 😛

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