Ferncloud did NOT have too many kits! by Sparktooth

Sparktooth explains why Ferncloud didn’t have too many kits.

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Hi there, fellow bloggers! Sparktooth is writing again! I have a pretty strong opinion on the topic I’m writing about today. So much of the fandom thinks Ferncloud had too many kits. If you’re someone who’s reading who thinks that, I’m sorry, but I disagree with you. But everyone has their opinions, and I don’t care if you think that; even if you read and this article and still disagree with me. I just wrote this article to state my opinion. 😀

Contains a few spoilers for the series, mainly having something to do with FernXDust. This is your only warning!

First things first, it’s kind of sad the thing Ferncloud’s most popular for is having seven kits, three who are with StarClan at the moment. (I haven’t read AVOS yet so if one of them died in that already then I didn’t know). But she did much more than that, she just doesn’t get much credit. Ferncloud fought and served her Clan as much as any loyal warrior. She and Dustpelt also really loved each other, so it was their choice to raise three litters. At least Ferncloud stayed with Dustpelt and didn’t move on to a different mate. Also, having kits means new hope for the Clans. Although, sometimes I do wonder if occasionally the Erin Hunters would need to introduce more characters; so they just made those new characters the kits of Dustpelt and Ferncloud. Even if this was the case, which I seriously doubt it, I personally would have no problem with it.

In real life, there are a lot of people who have a lot of children. Have any of you seen the show The Loud House on Nick? My little sister watches it sometimes, so I’ve seen a couple episodes. In the show, the parents have eleven kids! Ferncloud and Dustpelt only have seven. I’m sure there are a ton of people in real life who have even more than that. So why should Ferncloud get all this hate for having seven kits?

I’m sure a lot of you reading know how Ferncloud dies. She is killed by Brokenstar when defending Brightheart. This is a great example of a very noble death (besides Stonefur’s death, his was VERY brave a noble). Ferncloud died protecting an old and dear Clanmate. This redeemed her character for a lot of the Warriors fandom. It also caused me to have more respect for the ThunderClan queen. Just because she had a lot of kits doesn’t mean she can’t defend her Clan. A lot of the fandom underestimated her just because of having three litters! It’s not like she stayed in the nursery all the time and didn’t provide for the Clan. I’m sure a lot of you thought of Daisy when I said that. Well, I don’t think Daisy is that bad either, but that’s a topic for a different article. At least Ferncloud hunted for her Clan and helped fight in The Great Battle.

So, you got my opinion on FernXDust’s kits. Did you change your mind on her while reading, or still disagree? Or maybe some of you don’t have much of an opinion on this, or just never minded Ferncloud having three litters. See you next time! Sparktooth is out, peace! 😉

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  1. Cherryblaze
    March 26, 2019 at 1:11 pm

    I know! I know a real family with twelve kids, and they don’t have too many either! As long as they can care for the kids, it’s fine. With Ferncloud, it’s the perfect amount for a big, happy family. Especially since six of the seven are dead.

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