Why Clear Sky is a Good Character by Mouseleg

Mouseleg takes another look at Clear Sky’s character in Dawn of the Clans.

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

A lot of people under estimate Clear Sky, mainly being a bad character. Of course he has flaws, but these flaws make him great either way. A lot of problems of his also affects Gray Wing too, but Gray Wing takes it so much differently, which makes this absolutely flawless interaction with Clear Sky. Both are depressed by their sister, Storm, and Bright Stream.

At first Clear Sky’s depression doesn’t really do anything, as his sister dies, and they watch her buried by stones. He is sad, but we don’t get a mindset of him in this book, just Gray Wing, who takes a reasoning to be in the mountains. After when he and Jagged Peak catch up to the group, Clear Sky is overwhelmed with happiness as he will be the father of Bright Stream’s kits. But when the tabby and white she-cat is carried away, Clear Sky’s future in his mind is destroyed. He may feel that he had caused the death of this because he didn’t tell Shaded Moss.

When the cats arrive to the moor, Clear Sky is more eager too eat and is now not grieving His mate’s death. However, Gray Wing still feels that her death was caused by him. After the two groups settle, Gray Wing confesses how he feels about Bright Stream’s death, but Clear Sky is soon remembered of her, and falls deep again. He says it’s not anyone’s fault, so Gray Wing doesn’t mind.

Soon after, the rouge Storm meets Gray Wing and they have a close bond after a few moons. When Gray Wing is about to ask her to be her mate, he crushes Turtle Tail and she visits Bumble more often. Then Gray Wing shows Storm to the land of Clear Sky’s camp, which they are stopped by unfamiliar guards. This means Clear Sky is cautious about getting his cats hurt by rouges or hostile kittypets, like how no one was there to help Bright Stream. Soon after he falls in love with Storm, who is having his kits. But then while hunting, Jagged Peak falls and shatters his leg, leaving him limping.

Now this is a part where many people, like me (before I re-read it again), are like, “What in the world Clear Sky?” But this is deeper. He doesn’t know how to deal with things that are big, He probably thinks it’s his fault that he got injured and he doesn’t want to feel that pressure of being a horrible brother again. So he think the best idea is to ship him of with Frost to Tall Shadow’s camp. He also did this with Bright Stream’s death, I think.

Then Storm is close to expecting, Clear Sky wants to settle as much as possible, so she can’t get hurt. Remember, Clear Sky lost his mate along with his two unborn kits, so he doesn’t want that to happen again. But when he establishes borders, and Gray Wing accidentally kills Fox as he attacks him, Clear Sky rages, and Storm said she had enough. She probably doesn’t know the backstory behind Clear Sky, so she goes off into a old twoleg house that no cat or animal makes their home of.

Later the house is destroyed, and leaves the death behind Storm and two of her kits, with Thunder strong, and alive. When Gray Wing takes the orange kit to Clear Sky, again he doesn’t want to seem he’s a bad father, so he just leaves him with Gray Wing.

So the real problem with Clear Sky, he can’t handle with big problems. Instead, he leaves them, and being in the situation. Everyone does experience this, whenever its big of a relative getting cancer, or something small, like someone dropped their pencils. But Clear Sky is the type of person, or cat, that has this a lot. Plus when you have depression, it messes you up hard.

I might do a part two.

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    • Sorry. I disagree. He is one of my least favorites and I will never like him.
      -He dated his sons ex.
      -He had THREE mates. They were all stolen.
      -He rejected his son.
      -He murdered a cat that helped raise him.
      -He tried to kill his brother.
      -He doesn’t change after Path of Stars; Moth Flights Vision comes after Path of Stars and he is horrible in Moth Flights Vision.
      -He killed Misty and was about to kill her three defenseless kits.
      -He moped around after the war and felt sorry for himself.
      He is just one of the worst characters, those are my reasons.

  • Yes, Clear Sky is my favorite cat in the Warriors franchise, mostly because his being misunderstood is relatable, at least for me, although I wouldn’t say I have depression. As said, depression does drive you to execute irrational behaviors, something I have done exceptionally often.
    Yeah, a bit specific, but it sums up on how I feel about Skystar. SkyClan is the best clan, nothing can change my opinion otherwise. I’m really excited for SkyClan to settle in with the other clans in the new arcs.

    [comment has been edited because of possible triggers for self-harm/suicide]

  • Good points, however you missed the fact that clearsky still could have hunted and taken care of jagged peak instead of leaving him to die. It wouldn’t be that hard, if Thunder Clan could do it, clearsky could have, It wouldn’t be a problem, there was enough for everyone. Also, clearsky had 3 mates, each a little after the other, meaning he was never loyal. He refused to take in his SON and raise him, even though he was completely fine with the thought of raising his first mate’s kits. He dated his sons ex, even after everyone warned him. He tried to kill his brother, killed a QUEEN and tried to kill her KITS, gave permission to fight a kit, expected everyone to save a spy for her good looks even though he was warned and he treated everyone horribly, kicked snake out even though he made a good point. He tricked Thunder, and then that one eye (I think that was his name) and was completely HORRIBLE. Just as bad as tigerstar the first. A lot of people with depression wouldn’t be this horrible.

  • nice article! I do like clear sky, yes. I mean, he did caused quite cat’s death and all, but I think he changed a bit after the battle. Yeh.